Master of Orion Dev Diaries: Early Acess


there is a new Dev Diary from Master of Orion:


MoO was a huge passion killer for me, the game ended too soon and without warning just before I could conquer the last opponent specie, I hope they get to work that out, also, improve the diplomacy!

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Master of Orion Dev Diaries: Early Acess

8 thoughts on “Master of Orion Dev Diaries: Early Acess

  1. I think I’ve heard from QuickyBaby’s video yesterday that diplomacy is currently non-functional. But yeah, I’m coming to this game from never having played a Civ game and the 500 turn limit is killing me. :-/

    1. Chris says:

      I have never played CIV and only turn based game I have played is Xcom…but really, the 500 turns is nothing, im only on turn 411, I own 55 planets, most terraformed to the best biome possible, and basically every building possible brought on them, for no reason as I dont need 70% of them…500 was a fine number, suppose you’re lucky that with the new update if you turn excellence of you dont have the 500 turn cap, but still I can never understand why people whine about the cap to begin with.

  2. Jarkorsis says:

    Most of these games don’t really get started until 300 turns in. I hope once it gets out of Early access the turn limit can be removed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    and because of the “right” decision to use realtime battles instead of turnbased i will not buy this game. the 15 minute battles where one of the core factors that made moo2 fun. if you know you will win you use autoresolve and be done with it. only turn based allows you to outwit and outmaneuver your opponent.

  4. thwQ says:

    Real time battles are cause game will be focusing on multiplayer after release .. 500 turn limit ? you sure have not played a turn based strategy game before eh?
    Other than that, iam not the only one that thinks WG burned itself for letting the game reach broader public in its early access .. too many bugs and a lot more work is needed.
    Either they are planning on releasing many DLCs or will have to leave it to modders to make this game surpass its predecessor. In current state the game is worse than original more than 20y old .. its just an eye candy with an voice over .. quickly forgettable fluff for masses

  5. Anonymous says:

    eh, the game always end for me on turn 150-160. Spam out colony ships, because you spam colonies all the other races declare war when they meet you, clear a large galaxy with 4 destroyers and 2 cruisers loaded with rank 2-3 missiles…
    My problem is it has 0 replay value because all 3 games I’ve played turned out EXACTLY the same.

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