Master of Orion: Developer Diaries #2

Hello lads,

been doing a spring clean to the house but I’m back now on the PC, anyway, there is a new Developer Diaries from Master of Orion out:

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Master of Orion: Developer Diaries #2

4 thoughts on “Master of Orion: Developer Diaries #2

  1. npc says:

    Thing is, Paradox’s upcoming Stellaris blows this thing out of the water on pretty much all levels, except perhaps visual sugarcoating and casualness.

    1. peo01 says:

      If it’s a Paradox game then the tactical part will prolly be boring as sin.
      Then again I haven’t looked the game up, so who knows \o\ /o/

      1. NPC says:

        No, you’re right, they don’t have any tactical gameplay (doesn’t fit the pausable real-time format, especially not in multiplayer). It’s pretty much just number-crunching, with a dash of RNG. So that’s definitely a difference.

        That being said, the tactical gameplay I saw from the early access MoO vids wasn’t much to write home about, either. And judging from experience with Sword of the Stars (which is probably as good in that respect as you can get), having to handle battles on a galaxy-wide scope at the tactical level will quickly tend to become, either a chore, if it’s too complex, or pointless, if it’s too simplistic. I’m not sure there’s a good balance to be achieved there for a 4X game (as opposed to a tactical space battle sim).

        Overall, I’m worried that the new MoO might not be as successful a project as Wargaming might hope it to be. While I haven’t played the original MoO series, it might be a case of realising that what made these games so awesome back then was the simple fact that there weren’t that many games then, that the industry was still in its infancy, and everything new and revolutionary. The whole thing has evolved in strides since those times.

        I guess we’ll see. But I for one am hyped by Stellaris, not so much by MoO.

      2. peo01 says:

        Well, to begin with being hyped is (albeit only in my opinion) not a good thing.
        Mind you the last two games I was hyped for were CoH2 and TW: Rome II… so I guess I just got a massive burn from pre-ordering those two, but then again “Lernen durch Schmerz” (Learn through pain) is a saying in my country.

        As for Stellaris.
        I’m assuming it’ll be “just another” Paradox game, which is great for those that like the game mechanics of those games, but they’re way too much playing with numbers for my taste.
        Which is amusing considering how much time I spent playing HoI 2.

        Outside of that there have been plenty of games that did the pausable real-time format in combination with tactical battles quite well, one such example would be Imperium Galactica 2.

        Now for MoO4, well it’s in early access, and the recent patch made a great jump towards improving the gameplay.
        That’s really all to say at this point, the first larger content patch went in the right direction, the next steps will show if WG can continue the trend or fail.

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