Master of Orion in Early Access


Master of Orion is now available on steam for £29.99/45,99€, already shown you the trailer so here is some game footage:


Also, Collector’s Edition Trailer:




Cant wait to start playing it!

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Master of Orion in Early Access

8 thoughts on “Master of Orion in Early Access

  1. kunef says:

    just wanted to say that the 2nd video on the main page (before you click read more) is wrong :S
    Have a happy day and feel free to delete this post ^^ <3

  2. Reminds me a lot of games I used to play like Rome total war (1&2), Red Alert and Command&conquer. Strategy based games with the goal to become more powerful and destroying enemy’s. I am not really a fan of space games like this one unfortunately so I will not be playing it. However, I support the idea of bringing back old games or making new games based on the old ones as I miss those good old days.

    Like COD or Battlefield, basically they are running out of idea’s now there making futuristic games. How far can you go with that? Ww2 has been done, Vietnam has been done, modern warfare has been done.
    I really hope that someone or something will bring back those good old first person shooters like (for example) Medal of honor frontline (an absolute classic in my eyes) The music and the tension throughout the whole games is just sublime and it really made you feel like you were fighting in hell on your own against the German war machine.

    These days it’s all action and adrenaline, less tactics and more yolo and ‘all guns blazin’ gameplay. Less regard for own safety and health (not too mention fighting in or for a team) and just ‘kickin’ some ass’

  3. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Pay 50 Euro? Yea, right away, take my money.
    Or not.
    After free weekend or a lobotomy.

    MoO and MoO2 are for 5.35 on GoG.

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