Master of Orion Q&A


The nice lads of the Spanish language “Reporte de Batalla” blog have contacted me asking if I would like to gather questions from you for them, they live near the makers of Master of Orion and will soon interview the developers, I’ve said yes, obviously.


So shoot your Qs.


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Master of Orion Q&A

15 thoughts on “Master of Orion Q&A

  1. peo01 says:

    Are there any news of what content will be released next?
    Admirals/Governators? More ship designs? Moddability? Etc.

    How well did MoO IV sell overall, enough to keep WG interested in continuing it’s support of the game? (Yeah, unlikely to get answered and… you know… WG is the company that for some reason still leaves WoWP hanging around, so I guess yes :P)

    Tactical battles in multiplayer! (Not a question, just a reminder that atleast I miss having them)

    Will the spy system be adjusted? Right now it feels like causing a riot is the only valuable mission type.

    Anta-… *shot by Phasor*

  2. Will the AI be improved to not auto deny any request to not build near you?
    Will the AI of your Allied partner be improved to not complain when you’re building near them?

    Will the AI be improved in regards to surrendering? Currently, it makes insane demands for peace (or alliance) even if it only has one planet even if your technological level in diplomacy is better.

    Will the AI be improved to demand it’s own colonies back on surrender rather than exclusively the biggest colonies?

    Will the AI be improved to stop AI from attacking space slime with insufficient numbers over and over again?

    Are there plans to enable one to build tradeposts or neutral/demilitarised colonies on planets? ( That don’t anger your neighbour. )

    Will there be future changes to game balance? ( Currently, it feels like the population growth perk and the research perk are stupidly strong even any negative perk to doesn’t seem to do much to counter it. )

    Will new options for demands/agreements be added? Don’t build close to us should be something you should delegate over. Currently the player can’t demand it effectively from anyone but their ally while they’re threatened while the AI goes to war over it constantly if their demand is not met. ( sometimes seemingly even if it’s clearly suicidal army wise )

    Will the alliance mechanic be improved? Currently, the AI only treats fleets differently but still actively seems to sabotage their allies.

    Will it be made possible to submit additional demands to a request made by a AI player in the future? Currently, the only way to make additional demands is to deny the AI’s demand and make your own. ( which often results in the AI making heavy demands for something they wanted you to do before. )

    Currently, it feels like not having civil transports at the start of the game is just slowing down the games pacing, any chance of addressing this or is it an artificial way of balancing races with the ”population growth” perk? ( it still feels like it’s unnecessarily hampering the games opening rounds. )

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