Master of Orion Voice Actors


oh boy, oh boy! If before I was midly interested over Master of Orion this video makes me want to play it by yesterday!


This is the cast:

Troy Baker (The Last of Us): Klackon Advisor and Psilon Emperor

John Kassir (Tales from the Crypt): Alkari Advisor and additional voices

JB Blanc (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy TV Series): Bulrathi Advisor, Meklar Advisor, and additional voices

Misty Lee (Star Wars: Battlefront): Silicoid Advisor

Sara Cravens (Halo 5: Guardians): Additional voices

Sumalee Montano (Fallout 4): Terran Advisor

Kat Cressida (Fallout 4): Mrrshan Empress

Nolan North (Uncharted Series): Darlok Emperor and Sakkra Emperor

John de Lancie (Star Trek: The Next Generation): Human Emperor

Dwight Shultz (Star Trek: The Next Generation): GNN Anchor

Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation): Narrator

Roger Craig Smith (Regular Show): Sakkra Advisor

Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street): Terran Emperor

Fred Tatasciore (Family Guy): Bulrathi Emperor and Silicoid Emperor

Nika Futterman (Star Craft II: Legacy of the Void): Darlok Advisor and Mrrshan Advisor

Alan Tudyk (Firefly): Psilon Advisor

Jean Gilpin (Halo 5: Guardians): Klackon Empress

Kari Wahlgren (Rick and Morty): Human Advisor and GNN Anchor

Mark Hamill (Star Wars saga): Alkari Emperor


I suppose Mark Hamill is the favorite to many of you but I couldnt contain my excitment over Michael Dorn and John de Lancie (he was amazing in Breaking Bad)!

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Master of Orion Voice Actors

33 thoughts on “Master of Orion Voice Actors

  1. DoctorBest says:

    Welp, I hope they don’t try to compensate a mediocre game with these amazing voiceactors, wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. marianr87 says:

    Oh no Rita, you posted something that is not directly related to World of Tanks. Somebody that can’t click 2 times per minute close the page will have a fit. :p

      1. marianr87 says:

        I know, I’m just being sarcastic. I’ve seen some people complain that Rita has too many articles unrelated to WOT like it’s very hard to scroll past and click on something else.

      2. marianr87 says:

        I bet that even if you categorize the articles the worse of the moaners will not even observe it. Moaners gonna moan. 😛

  3. DecoNoir says:

    Hm, Micheal Dorn and Mark Hamill would be easy to figure, but interesting to see Robert Englund doing voice work. Good to see ol’ Freddy gettting gigs!

  4. lafie says:

    As I said when I first saw this, if a voice cast alone makes a game good this game would be excellent.

    Still remains to be seen if WG manages to make a better MOO than the last one anyone else made. <.<

    1. Lee Michael Brindley says:

      MO3 was a great game admitterly only if you use the mod improvements that basically fix the game, vanialla as released was pants kinda of like Empire Total War is only really playable with Darth Mod..

  5. Silas001 says:

    Tudyk is favourite for sure (little Firefly-Fanboi here).

    Anyway didnt/dont know much about MoO, but this vid kinda made me wanna play that game. XD

  6. Stanley degenring says:

    Who cares about mark Hamill
    With Dwight Shultz ,Michael Dorn and Q himself John DeLancie that’s all that’s needed

    1. I go as far as even download shitty games and play them just to hear my favourite voice actors. In Fallout 4, I carried dapper clothing in my inventory to wear the moment I would glance and talk to the character that is voiced by Tim Russ (guy who played Tuvok in Star Trek).

  7. Ravenhull says:

    I just hope that there is some cutscenes with DeLance and Englund verbally sparring with each other as the two rival human leaders.

  8. Daddo says:

    Am I the only one who is excited for John De Lancie being there and not for his role in Star Trek? Human emperor to have the same voice as the Discord, the lord of chaos, one of the best villains the TV has ever shown us and definitely the funniest one. This is really the best choice they could’ve made 😉

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