Maus & Other German Super-Heavy Changes

Good day everyone,

Following the changes made to the top-tier Japanese super-heavies, the German line will likely be following suit, as part of an overall effort to refine the role of super-heavy tanks while trying to make sure they don’t over perform.

So far the only one discussed in detail is the Maus (though the Mauschen will be looked at as well). In short, it’s role as an armored fortress will remain preserved, with the only real armor changes being to the bottom hull, going from a very incorrect 250mm to its original 50mm.


From supertest, the key stat changes are:

Hit Points: 3200 ⟶ 3000

Reload Time: 12 sec. ⟶ 13.3 sec.

Rate of Fire: 5.214 ⟶ 4.705

DPM: 2,555 ⟶ 2305.3



More likely than not some more detailed stats will be coming up in the future.


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Maus & Other German Super-Heavy Changes

43 thoughts on “Maus & Other German Super-Heavy Changes

    1. Anonymous says:

      It did not deserve the nerf. You and your gold-spamming kind just need to learn how to fight a superheavy tank.

      After all, its called a SUPERHEAVY for a reason.

      1. Nafre says:

        That nerf is for the belly of the maus but lower plate. You won’t really get to shoot at it unless you lob HE underneath the tank or manage to overmatch it with a 150+ cannon

      1. heldermartins1 says:

        Dont even try to go there. This wot121 is just a troll. He’s been AFK, maybe thinking of new ways to bow to the new eastern “master race”…

  1. I’ve played the Maus once or twice since the most recent buff but I’d much rather keep the HP (Hell when the game launched it had 3200hp) and DPM (Always been the primary issue with the vehicle) and lose the extra armour.

  2. Looks fine to me.
    -The DPM was what made the tank overperform. Not only did it have the armor but it also had insane rate of fire allowing it to survive alone against multiple ennemies and hold a flank on its own. Now the tank will have a harder time holding on, because it’ll take too long to kill multiple ennemies alone.
    -It keeps it’s much needed armor. The turret front weakspot was a broken weakspot. You couldnt angle it enough, gold could pen it everywhere, and unlike a LFP you cannot hide a turret. With the new armor values gold still goes through but not at all angles anymore (and let’s be honest, if people are capable of switching to gold for a bat chat they will never fire AP at a Maus ever in the first place).
    -The bottom armor nerf will remove it’s imunity to HE shells from arty especialy, but also from Type5.

    Keep in mind that, unlike the Type5 which has an OP artillery derp gun, the Maus only has a normal gun. It actualy needs to pen in order to do dmg. So the longer reload combined with bounces or non-pen shots are enough of a nerf already ; and since the tank does need to expose itself to aim, the armor needs to stay as it is. Type5 on the other hand can just peek-a-boom a 700dmg shot without aiming and go back to hiding for 25s, which means it needs a front weakspot so the ennemies can damage it during the 2s it’s exposed.
    If they nerfed the Maus’ armor, it would go back to useless tier X heavy getting owned by everything. With this nerf however it’s still capable of tanking a lot of shots, but without dealing insane amounts of damages back. That’s not the perfect balance but that’s still much better than what we have now. And now arty will actualy want to fire at the Maus because they’ll do more than 10dmg per minute.

    1. Vidar Hook says:

      I do agree with what you said, however I would like to see the rather specific parameter “dispersion during turret traverse” nerfed. Currently the maus can snapshot better than any tier 10 vehicle in the game since it is tied in this parameter with the T100 LT.
      I’d also like to see the back of the turret be pennable by tier 8’s since flanking currently isn’t an option for some tanks.

      1. linktoinsanity says:

        Back of the turret I agree with, but with the other nerfs, the dispersion on turret movement can be left alone. It was overbuffed before, taking away all the buffs with drop it right back down to being as bad as it was, which is pointless.

  3. Bellow me says:

    I love how the Maus was finally useful and people are calling for nerfs, yet the slovak cancer at tier nine and ten ain’t nerfed, the soviet hover tanks ain’t getting nerfed, and the arty cancer isn’t getting removed. How fucking unfair is that?

  4. Bricktop says:

    How about you give us back option to track and damage it with on shot? So it can be, you know, outplayed instead of goldspammed to death?

  5. Backslash says:

    Wargaming need to stop this buff/nerf ride. The Maud was one of the first 10s I got, and I could never play it with all the gold flying. They buff it and now I’m somewhat better. Now they are going to need it again? A Maud is a very easy tank to kill when you know how to deal with it. Because you can’t spam gold when its slightly angled is not op, and the dom makes up for the fact that it can’t keep its turret facing its opponents. If wargaming keeps buffing and merging tanks at a whim, why play the game anymore as the tank you were grinding for is now useless?

    1. Hooli_Gun says:

      “A Maus is a very easy tank to kill when you know how to deal with it”???

      2220 WN8 noob here,still dont know how to deal with it except firing gold at it,hoping it pens.
      Ofc theres allways the other option,you know,flanking it on Paris,Kharkov,Stalingrad,Mines,Abbey,Erlenberg,Himmelsdorf and every other shit Corridor map WG has created…..

  6. Mikosah says:

    No, WG, you have it backwards! The armor buff is the problem, not the DPM or the hit points. The fundamental problem in modeling durability through armor thickness is that its guaranteed one of a few issues. The first is that it forces gold spam. If gold spam still goes through, then all that armor is worthless. If the gold spam doesn’t go through, then the armor is game-breaking. Modeling durability through hit points instead avoids all these problems.

  7. Im very very happiliy surprised.

    It’s not being over nerfed. Item fact it looks extremely balanced. This is what the original buff should have been like.

    There’s still better ways to do it but for WG this is actually quite decent.

    The best way to deal with the ridiculous game bakce at the moment would be just removing gold ammo. Instead giving players a choice of the same shells but with normal prices. Higher pen ammo should do less damage. Very simple. Effective. Then all the tanks armour can be nerfed to compensate for the lack of gold ammo. Then people can play with normal ammo instead of the current meta to spam gold or go garage.

    1. Anonymous says:

      But if you so less damage with the high pen ammo, tanks like the type 5 and maus are going to be even more ridiculus. Imagine a objekt 140 with 240 alfa against a 3000 HP maus, it would take Forever to kill :/

      1. But that’s the entire point of those tanks. Any superheavy that dies fast isn’t a superheavy.

        Of course I also mean the armour should be nerfed to the original meaning the Maus would be pennable with standard ammo. So someone who wants to aim can do the damage but if you want autoaim easy pens you lose damage per shot as well as of course dpm.

  8. Wahnfried.III says:

    The issue has always been gold ammo. Maus 240mm was perfectly fine against standard AP. Penetratable with proper aim but impenetrable when properly angled. 20mm more have not changed that in principle, the biggest difference is that 330mm cHEAT is no longer a 50 % chance which is why you have legions of medium lowbobs crying in the forums. 260mm flat is still autopen for the majority of gold ammo it faces.

    The nerf could have been possible much worse but then it is a exceedingly thin line in the Maus case. Even this somewhat moderate nerf may very well put it back into the useless POS territory.

    Even with the buffs, it was no match against the more powercreeped tanks at tier 10. The Czech Autoloader and russian mediums were vastly superior tanks overall and since they are not nerfed, this difference yet again increases.

    At this time, I would recommend nobody to grind for it. Chances are high, it is a useless turd again.

    1. Really? you lose 200 HP and 1.3 second longer reload… thats a light nerf overall.

      Your just a another status report drama queen… i think maybe the maus is not the “useless turd” here.

    2. Yup. Idiots keep complaining about gold however go on the forums see the shitstorm the batchat gold nerf created.
      It’s like these morons don’t even know what they want or they want whatever the opposite WG wants.

      1. Yeah but thats because it’s done like always retardedly…because WG.

        Let’s put this simply. Gold is pay to win. It ruins game economy and absolute demolishes game balance. Half of the tanks in the game are useless without it. For some of these tanks its an intended weakness due to being strong in ither areas. For some they are simply not able to fight many same tier tanks without it. The other half of tanks gain insane imbalanced in game advantages with it. It is broken.

        But you cannot nerf the gold shells on a single tank. In this case the batchat. All tanks need to have gold changed at the same time as a patch which balances armour on tanks for standard shells. Current meta means you have to spam gold if you want to be competitive. Thats just a simple fact of current broken meta.

        Over the last year or 2 we have seen the effect of this broken gold ammo. We have overfbuffed Maus and Type 5 for example as well as many other ridiculous tanks like Defender.
        But if you use gold ammo on them it’s easy game. If you don’t then you can’t do shit.

        If these tanks were unbuffed and gold ammo didn’t exist this game would be a million times more balanced than it is now.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe how many of you here are calling for the Maus to get even more nerfs.

    Its not a hard tank to beat with anything, you just can’t 1v1 facehug it. The thing is a Superheavy, it was MADE to fight like that.

  10. Great, so can someone fucking tell me what was the point of those 200 hit points in the first place? was 3000 not enough? I can understand the armor buff, it’s suppose to be a super heavy tank, but why give it tier 10 medium tank gun handling as well, and an extra 200 hp on top of that.

    It’s the T110E5 situation all over again, eventually they will realize they overbuffed it and it will get nerfed back down. So what exactly is the point of this whole song and dance…

  11. Jabster says:

    Dont shout too loud, or u might make wg think of making maus gold tank!
    +then u have people with 100games driving your top tank vs 40,000game enemy
    Add that to enemy all “randomly” having better wr +youll complete, wgs idea of “fair” mm

  12. zonda says:

    let me tell you this, you can always cry for a nerf but they can never nerf the player’s skills so it doesn’t matter if you’re incompetent you can’t do shit to that tank. i wonder why don’t they nerf the defender or the chrysler krap,i would love to see that happens.

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