Maus & Other German Super-Heavy Changes

Good day everyone,

Following the changes made to the top-tier Japanese super-heavies, the German line will likely be following suit, as part of an overall effort to refine the role of super-heavy tanks while trying to make sure they don’t over perform.

So far the only one discussed in detail is the Maus (though the Mauschen will be looked at as well). In short, it’s role as an armored fortress will remain preserved, with the only real armor changes being to the bottom hull, going from a very incorrect 250mm to its original 50mm.


From supertest, the key stat changes are:

Hit Points: 3200 ⟶ 3000

Reload Time: 12 sec. ⟶ 13.3 sec.

Rate of Fire: 5.214 ⟶ 4.705

DPM: 2,555 ⟶ 2305.3



More likely than not some more detailed stats will be coming up in the future.


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