Maus Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

Seems that the Maus is getting some much needed love in supertest. Heres what we have so far:

– DPM increased from 2057.7 to 2555
– Reload time reduced from 14.288s to 11.507s
– ROF increased from 4.199 to 5.214

– Accuracy increased from 0.364 to 0.345
– Aim time reduced from 2.21 to 2.01

– Reticule Bloom Changes:
* Turning the turret: from 0.058 to 0.048
* Forward hull movement: from 0.211 to 0.192
* Hull Traverse: from 0.211 to 0.192
* Turret Traverse at Max Forward Speed: from 0.92 to 0.77
* Moving at Max Speed: from 4.22 to 3.84
* Turning While Moving at Max Speed: from 3.16 to 2.88

– Camo when you shoot increased from 0% to 0.41%
– Camo when you move increased from 0% to 0.19%

Fixes to the collision model.


Thats all for now.

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Maus Supertest Changes

49 thoughts on “Maus Supertest Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    well i sold mine about a year or 2 ago because it was pissing me off i mean you would get to the fight about a minute behind your allys but when you get there you get 4 or 5 shots off and thats your game and i can say if all these changes (mainly reload) go in to effect i will 100% get it back πŸ˜€


      probably deconoir’s mistake. He must have confused maus with mauschen there is no way in hell WG would buff maus

  2. Deano95 says:

    i sold mine about a year or 2 ago. i sold it because it was pissing me off that about 80% of your games would be arriving to the fight about a minute behind your allies then once you get there you get maybe 5 shots off and then thats the end of your game it really sucked. if these changes mainly the reload buff go in to effect i will get it back in a heartbeat.

  3. not great at all,really bufing up a super tank why the f…k whould they do that ,im guessing to many maus fanboys requating because tank wasnt eficient enough already,in that case remove that crap they made on the hellcat and bring its original stats before 8.6 back

      1. The Maus certainly needs a buff, but I cannot agree that the Hellcat wasnt overpowered. The turret traverse was good, the accuracy was good, it had a gun far better than anything ever fitted successfully to a Hellcat, it had a gun mantlet most tanks struggled to do anything but bounce off, and maneuverability that meant all most people ever saw was a brief glimpse of a turret as if fired and backed away, or as the thing circled tanks shooting them to pieces. It wasnt the only OP tank, but it was really far too good for its tier. Its win rate was very good for even average players, I even saw one good player using a Hellcat in tier 8 strongholds and regularly topping the team list for damage…and this was a top 400 clan so the rest were hardly slouches even if not all unicums.

      2. ThePegasus1979 says:

        Someone who thinks Hellcat wasn’t OP must be a hyperpotato. I never played it before the nerf, just played it 130 games since i started that tree 5 months ago….and perform that good with it that I think that in its current version it is still a bit OP. Can’t even estimate how insanely OP it was pre-nerf.

      3. Infernal969 says:

        Chill, guys, this guy was trying to argue the other day that E25 is balanced.
        Sometimes you can’t go through concrete.

      4. A tank or gun or whatever in a game is overpowered when it can do most things better than all the competition.
        There is a difference between a bit too good and just plain outright OP. For some reason people love to throw the ‘OP’ around.

        The Hellcat and E25 do not fall into that category. Even before the Hellcat nerf other tier 6 td were much better for different situations. All have better armour, most have better DPM, most have higher penetration and alpha. Not to mention the 0 armour and high speed meant most noobs sucked in it but it had a high skill cap. Good players would excel much more than they would in other tanks that had lower skill caps. This is why tanks like this excel in the right hands…but they aren’t OP.
        The same goes for the E25. Rate of fire, camo and mobility are it’s advantages. But in many situations in this current meta other tier 7 td’s are just flat out better. Nearly all have better armour, all have better alpha and penetration. Tanks like the SU-122-44 are also just way better than an E25 having an even better DPM with much higher pen and alpha while also having armour that can bounce (and yes the 122 armour is more than capable of bouncing most tier 5 and 6 tanks and even many tier 7 tanks, if you can’t do it learn to play).

        People need to stop accusing every other tank of being overpowered and underpowered. Some tanks are good and some are not good. But that doesn’t mean they are OP or UP.
        Another thing to note is here like I mentioned earlier the skill cap has a massive influence. WT E100 is a perfect example. In the right hands this tank can pretty much annihilate everything. But looking at global stats for the tank most players died before even firing 3 shots from their first clip. Tanks, guns etc in all games should be balanced on the majority of players skill level. And lets be honest, WoT players mostly suck. This is why a high skill cap tank can do exceptionally well in a good players hands. Doesn’t make it OP though.

    1. Hellcat is still an outstanding tank, now it just doesn’t feel like you have verticle stabilizers equiped and you can’t circle strafe heavies, only drive bys. The problem with the hellcat or any tank at tier 6 is that they’re all compared against the Cromwell but if you go into a 1v1 tier 6 td tourny, everyone will bring the hellcat.

  4. I think most people will say the Maus is under powered or at least not overpowered. Wargaming can’t exactly change the armor model which the tank had going for it on paper and buffing the mobillity would severly nerf the E100 and Type 5 heavy enormously. In a world of un ending gold rounds, it really crippled the tank. Now it’s going to be a tier X tog II so yay?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “– Camo when you shoot increased from 0% to 0.41%
    – Camo when you move increased from 0% to 0.19%”

    FINALLY, this is a much needed buff, now the enemy noobs can only spot me from 444m and not 445m haha….wait….

  6. It looks like this is the counter-balancing result to the Tier 9 MΓ€uschen wich is also on Supertest with nearly the same gun-stats as the current Maus.

  7. crazytony0 says:

    I don’t like this buff.

    Maus is underpowered I don’t argue that, and yes I have a maus wich is collecting dust.

    But,… maus is doing bad because of gold rounds and penetration creep. So while this buff will help, it will not solve the core off the problem and that is gold rounds.
    Back in the old days maus worked, becaus its armour worked.

    1. Frijoles108 says:

      I agree. Ill put up with the gun if the bullshit gold and he dont do so much dmg to the tank even when properly angled

    2. Smitty says:

      Totally agree. If anything the armor needs buffed more than the gun stats. It’s meant to be a lumbering beast that’s hard to pen but the gold and penetration on the guns now negate the armor for the most part.

      Buffing the turret cheeks and the silly lower front plate would go a long way in making this tank fulfill the role it was meant to. If they buffed the armor I’d be fine with the gun stats to keep it balanced.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t played my Maus in 3 years but if these changes go ahead it might actually be worth hitting the Battle button.

  9. Frijoles108 says:

    Well its about damn time. There are two things that will get me back into world of tanks.
    1. Get rid of gold shells, limit how many you can have, or make them only gold purchaseable.
    2. Make the maus actually useful. The he ammo destroys it, which makes no effing sense

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel like there was either an error or WG intentionally made the E100s, VK B, E75, and Maus’ lower plate weaker in game than it says on tank inspector, because looking at the lower plate on the Maus in TI it says its around 330mm effective when looking at it from around 50m away at gun height, un-angled, but tier 9 heavies still go through it with ap when im angling. ( Same thing goes with the other tier 9 and 10 german heavies, VK B has the strongest lower plate in-game but i still see people aiming at it and going through)

  11. Nyx_Sky says:

    Fucking wargaming. Just give the maus a better dmp, give the e 100 more pen and a fucking derp gun for the Type 5, with 40 pen. That logic is awesome. Will the Type 5 receive camo or dpm buffs like these?

  12. arb777 says:

    First T10 i got was the maus, and before gold ammo became available for credits and so many more high pen guns were introduced it was ok. (you were slow and your gun sucked but atleast it had armor)
    At this point there arent many options on what you can buff on it, because most of them either wouldnt change anything or would change too much and make it too hard for other players. I still take my Maus out for a spin every now and then and the department it feels the worst in (and needs that buff the most) is the firepower.
    If you compare all the T10 heavies based only on their guns Maus falls behind every single one of them in terms of penetration and DPM. It is so bad that there are tier 8 heavy tanks that outclass the maus. The Type 5 heavy has a bigger caliber gun and yet more DPM. some of the lower calibers like the T110E5 has 25% more DPM, Even the stock E100 has it better. It has even gotten to the point where i have removed the rammer and instead use vents/spall liner/toolbox and i am even considering dropping the vents and taking optics, as the DPM difference is too large to catch up to the counterparts and that means i might aswell be playing like a suicide scout.
    I wonder if they will remove the 0mm armor weakspot from the maus πŸ™‚ . (yes there really is a 0mm hole in the hitbox and tier1 tanks can pen you there if you suck and arty can pen you there with HE if RNGesus decides it must happen)

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