Mauschen Supertest Stats

Good day everyone,

Seems the Mauschen has made another appearance in Supertest, heres the stats so far…



Tier: 9

Hitpoints: 2200

Engine Power: 1,550

Weight: 193.93t

Power-to-weight: 9.12

Maximum speed: 20kph (for.)/15 kph (rev.)

Hull traverse: 15° sec

Turret traverse: 15.6° sec

Terrain resistance: 1,726/1,822/2,877

Viewrange: 400m

Radio range: 740.4m

Hull armor: 200/140/135mm

Turret armor: 250/160/160mm


12.8cm KwK 44 L/55

Damage: 490/490/630

Penetration: 246/311/65mm

DPM: 2,044

ROF: 4.171

Reload: 14.384 sec

Accuracy: 0.364

Aimspeed: 2.21 sec

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Mauschen Supertest Stats

69 thoughts on “Mauschen Supertest Stats

  1. x says:

    Fix the Maus struggling against power crept shits instead of adding this turd to the game… Oh, that would take logical decisions, sorry for asking.

      1. jenik2398 says:

        maybe giving it a JgTiger’s gun, or better reload… Many Maus players just go full gold, because the DPM and pen are garbage. Enemy wait until you point your gun at them, and you don’t even pen…

      2. Anonymous says:

        Can’t do much with the Maus itself but altering premium ammo from its pay to win characteristic to something used during specific situations would help.

      3. Tommy_Gun says:

        Well Maus was a garbage tank because in reality you have resources (fuel) which maus used a lot. And also If you had a bunker or on this case mobile bunker (maus) you cold use aircraft to easly tak it down. Other than that maus was slow tank.
        On the other case it was invulnerable to enemy tanks fire.

        In WoT you dont have fuel limit or airtafts…

    1. Not gonna lie, I do perfectly well in the Maus without firing gold at all. It’s amazing what happens when you know how to use a tank effectively. I wouldn’t mind seeing a small buff to the rate of fire, but there are other tanks that need help far more than the Maus.

      1. pls tell me more about how to use maus, when every tard pens its turret frontally with gold, when you point your gun at them… (t54, t62a, obj, 140, and other mediums)

      2. Wait until they fire to point your gun at them, or just take the hit, fire, and angle the turret again. With the low RoF on its 12.8cm gun, your turret should rarely be facing the enemy for any extended period of time. It’s not that hard.

      3. Onicorn says:

        gyeprefos the gold is not a problem since they can easily pen with the regular shell as well. The trick on how to use the maus is trading since it has the best HP pool of every tank in the game. You’ll take a shot but it hurts you less and the alpha is good enough to make it an option.

    2. I don’t think they will buff the Maus at all. Mostly because if you look at vbAddict, where you can see the average win rates of all the tanks, the Maus scores above average compared to other tanks.

      This is because the Maus actually is still good at its job, at sidescraping around corners, bouncing more gold than Fort Knox holds, and occasionally returning a shot.

      The tanks that will probably be nerfed is the AMX 50 B and the 113, with their higher than average win rates, and the IS-4 and IS-7 will probably be buffed. Because these tanks have actually been powercreeped horribly.

      1. Hoping it will be an additional tank and not a replacement, the current maus line is pretty fun in that “taking candy from kids” with a riot shield kind of way. Maybe it will be a line that emphasizes side armor more than the VK45.02B

    1. Nighty says:

      Last time we saw it it has had a derp-gun mounted, now it has the normal KwK45 lenght 55 mounted that the original Maus also has.

    2. Shiftyone, I seem to recall it might go something like this: make the VK 4502 historical (I think the tier 9 armour is NOT historical), make it tier 8. Put the Mauschen in at tier 9. So the line would become Tiger P – 4502 – Mauschen – Maus.

  2. wheeledtank says:

    I’d like to point out that, with terrain Resistance included, this thing only has 4hp/t…

    Is the Cupola weaker than before? Looks like it is, but my memory can’t tell

    1. Ion7 says:

      Looking at the model and stats from last time, to the side armor is weaker (sides of cupola included), the turret traverse and overall mobility is much worse, and it gained 30m view range. Plus the different gun.

    1. They have to replace the fantasy tanks with fantasy tanks to make the arcade game more realistic, look, it even has a relative realism to tank travel with 9 hp/ton and 50% worse ground resistance than the average tier 9, it won’t even make it to the enemy cap circle before 15 minutes are up without a push from a train of type 4 heavies.

    2. Because ot has a historical armor schematic on paper, as does the Mauschen. Mauschen as shown here has LESS then the specified amount in its schematic while the vk4502b has a shit ton more. Historically it should be 100mm hull front and 80mm everywhere else, just like the vk45.02a

    3. wremisekrummels says:

      for the same reseon as the AFK panther… WG wants to made the tanks “historial” , no paper tanks…. but paper stats are allowed, balance purpose. You like the old tank? WG dont care, eat the new one, or die.

    1. Because the historically documented armore thrashed that of the Type 4 overall when it was first tested:
      Hull armor: 200/185/160
      Turret armor: 240/210/210

      What’s being tested now is far more reasonable

    1. CuriosityKilledTheCat says:

      ….or you combine the first half of “moisture” and the word “can”. Together it sounds like “Mois-can”, which would be a typical slang pronunciation for small rodents in the Cologne area…. 🙂

      1. That is a Tiger 2 prototype, The VK B was also (meant) to be a Tiger 1 improvement, with 1 version having the turret at the front, the other at the rear. Designed/proposed by Porsche I believe?

      2. The VK45.02 P was a project by Porsche as an improvement on the the VK45.01 P (Tiger P), this improvement was the Tiger II, however the VK45.03 H proposed by Henschel was what became the Tiger II after the frontal hull armor was improved from 100mm to 150mm.

        So the VK45.01 P and VK45.01 H were both designs for the Tiger 1

        The VK45.02 P and the VK45.03 H were designs for the Tiger II

  3. CelticArchangel says:

    Well the VK-B has yes to appear in HD, so that’s a possible sign. I know MANY still need to be done but combined with other factors, it’s possible.
    The Maus is also getting a BUFF to its frontal armor last I saw in testing. 200 both top and bottom and thickened cheeks to help with power creep. That’s not FACT but it’s been in testing. Seeing as the tier 9 here is getting reduced lower plate thickness, it looks like the VK-B may be going bye-bye. It’s currently stronger than the Maus

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      I can’t wait for that artillery gun on my type 5 heavy and 270 frontal armor and 280 turret frontal xD because screw you gold spammers

  4. Anonymous says:

    nobody reads the Q&S it was confirmed a few months ago that the whole maus line is getting reworked/buffed as they are not happy with it

  5. peter says:

    this thing is heavier than maus by a few tonns, worse ground resistences and engine power, probably less mobile than t95. why does it get 10mm more frontal turret armor than maus?

  6. Dorneles says:

    Yey! Lets hope for the best. not that i dont like the VK… but he would be an awesome tier 8, mauschen tier 9 and the vk B an awesome tier 8 premium poopie.

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