Mauschen Supertest Stats

Good day everyone,

Seems the Mauschen has made another appearance in Supertest, heres the stats so far…



Tier: 9

Hitpoints: 2200

Engine Power: 1,550

Weight: 193.93t

Power-to-weight: 9.12

Maximum speed: 20kph (for.)/15 kph (rev.)

Hull traverse: 15° sec

Turret traverse: 15.6° sec

Terrain resistance: 1,726/1,822/2,877

Viewrange: 400m

Radio range: 740.4m

Hull armor: 200/140/135mm

Turret armor: 250/160/160mm


12.8cm KwK 44 L/55

Damage: 490/490/630

Penetration: 246/311/65mm

DPM: 2,044

ROF: 4.171

Reload: 14.384 sec

Accuracy: 0.364

Aimspeed: 2.21 sec

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