May 29th Digest Q&A

Good day everyone,

Bit slow today, but there is a digest Q&A taken from around the RU community.

Does Tier X and all of the machines in it really need to be revised and added to? Why make new tanks, if you can make existing ones playable?

As stated earlier, all our decisions go hand in hand with statistical indicators. If we see that, according to statistical indicators, that a tank is lagging behind or over performing, then we will work on its processing.

Swedish PTs have “marching” and “siege” modes. Do you plan to introduce the same for other machines (because these modes have too much influence on the gameplay)

So far this is a feature of this nation, at the moment. We are considering options with other tanks (for example, STB-1), but not in the short term.

Will LTs be nerfed with their unreal armor-piercing capabilities? As a consequence – mediums are no longer needed, because their guns are practically the same as LTs. 

Changes to the Tier X LTs will be made if such a need arises. For now there is no need.

Will the mechanics of projectiles be redesigned to have at least some resistance to weakly armored targets?

Not planned.

Will they ever nerf the amount of protection given to TDs with open turrets, such as the Borsig or Grille? Seems strange that machines with such such a huge cannon on such a tiny hull, has better safety than a medium tank with 150-200 mm of armor in the turret front.

Not planned. It is not clear why you are tying the thickness of the armor to the hit points/survivability of the tank. World of Tanks is mostly an arcade game that has a setting in the Second World War. (In other words, not a realistic simulator)

Will there be a balance of drum autoloaders versus tanks with normal loaders? The autoloader usually wins one-on-one, so is there a plan to introduce something like “jammed gun” to balance this? Historically the American autoloader programs were held up due to issues with the mechanics, which means there is an argument of “normal” loading being more reliable than the drum.

Interesting idea, but for them there is a special section on the forum. This type of loading already has its advantages and disadvantages, if it is necessary to cause damage in a short time – the drum is better, but alas, the drum and shell sizes are pretty big, so these tanks trade off burst damage for having to go a long time without being able to fire.

Is the nerf to SPGs planned? Artillery in the last patch has become much more reliable to the players (in my opinion, even too much). So far, with the right equipment, they move pretty well, have decent gun stats, and are able to work a lot more with the team. Maybe it’s time to nerf the aim time after moving or traversing?

The changes in the technical characteristics of the equipment must be justified. If we see anything after more data comes in, then we’ll make any necessary adjustments.

Is it planned to increase the “autobounce angle”, as well as remake the mechanics of calculating the armor to improve overall survival and the role of armor in the game?

If you’ve followed the news carefully, you should know that this kind of change has already been tested on the Sandbox server. We are looking at and finalizing adjustments.

Do you plan to alter the damage to modules and crew? Now the first-aid kit / repair can be used several times per battle, which negates the significance of the failure of the modules / crew, tk. It becomes useless.

Not planned.

Will the chance of injury / damage / evasion of the modules or crew depend on the ratio of “armor thickness / caliber”?

Not planned.

Will the mechanics for terrain resistance be changed? I understand that for each pair of tracks they have their own value, but it somehow does not seem right that some heavy tanks have an overestimated dynamics, like that of a MTs or even LTs.

You forget about the power of the engine installed, or several other things that can affect it.

Will they make guns collidable objects? Doesn’t need to be damageable or transfer damage to the hull, but when a 5-meter-long cannon rolls over you magically from around the corner of the house, it’s strange. In addition, the rotation speed of the tower will become a more significant characteristic, and in some places it will be necessary to add the tank to the “marching state” to drive, for example, in a narrow lane.

There won’t be such a thing. This has already been said repeatedly.

Is it planned to make the destruction of the tank more spectacular and spectacular?

You want an even more spectacular and spectacular view of the destruction of the tank? At the moment it is not planned.

Is it planned to introduce partial deformation of certain zones of the tank and the subsequent degradation of damage over this zone (the “healthy” texture is replaced by “killed” when X amount of damage amount hits a certain area)?For example, completely removing the turret in the Patton after multiple hits.

An interesting proposal, we’ll see.

Will the “X-ray mode” be added to the hangar? For example, include this “X-ray mode” in your account with a premium. It’s not very convenient to switch between the client of the game and the pages on the Internet all the time, and studying the paper projects of the tank is not as exciting as the opportunity to view it with the help of the “X-ray mode” feature. All the same, players use “X-ray modes” and other things such as “calculating the penetration into a specific point on the fly” right in the battle, downloading third-party modifications that are not determined by the client of the game.

There are no such plans yet.

Hello, there’s now a system for restoring sold equipment, however a lot of that equipment was sold before the introduction of this system, though the developers mentioned that in the future it will be possible to restore the technology sold 3-4 years ago, how soon will this be put into action?

Wait, everything has its time.

Hello developers, will it ever be possible to combine AP and APCR in a single autoloader drum? In advance thanks for the answer.

No. With the current mechanics it is impossible to combine them.

In view of the fact that the tanks of the USSR do not have an automatic loading device (ie drums), is it worth waiting for the introduction of a full-fledged branch of Soviet autoloaders? (For example, the K-91 tank project, created under AF Kravtsev) Respectively, charging, with its own specific gameplay?

Not planned at this time.

Based on your answer, in the game, there are currently 2 completely different mechanics for one type of projectile. Will the mechanics of getting damage from tanks using mostly high-explosive shells (KV-2, FV215b 183, Japanese heavy branch, etc.) and other large-caliber tanks be refined/altered?

Not planned.

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