MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator


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Be careful if you have a missus and she is around, she may feel cheated if she catches you watching this:

-From Rheinmetall Defence

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MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator

28 thoughts on “MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator

      1. ZEUS67 says:

        Yes, it is a 140 mm but so far no western army feel the need for such monster gun. Yet.

      2. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

        140mm gun was scraped a long time ago(back in 1990s). It would require autoloader mechanism because 140mm round is a lot bigger and heavier then 120mm one, so manual loading, if possible, would be slow and impractical. This would require a new turret, and because of all that extra weight a new suspension system and probably new more powerful engine. So practically a brand new tank would be needed. Currently Germans are working on brand new high pressure 120mm cannon that supposed to be around 20% better then 120mm L55. Thats a short term program, in long terms this new gun will be replaced with newly developed 130mm gun that supposed to be around 50% better then currant L55. This gun is being developed as part of “Main Ground Combat System 2030+” . BTW this video shows MBT revolution an urban warfare oriented upgrade proposal for Leopard 2A4 so its good old L44 on that video lol

    1. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

      Believe it or not but there is fundamental problem with T-14 Armata. It’s coled Armata because Armata is an platform for a MBT, AFV and a engineering vehicle. T-14 is basically An shorten version of T-15 AFV with unmanned turret on the roof. How good is frontal armor we can only guess. But in the end its not and what is most important was not designed as a dedicated tank. Its part of Armata family and as such they most probably need to go for some compromises in order to make it work. It’s a good and cost effective project. Just not a down to last bolt and nut a dedicated MBT.

  1. This is a Leopard 2A4 equipped with an armor upgrade for the turret and hull front and sides. Just look where the gunner’s sights are situated in the turret. Starting with the Leopard 2A5, they are using a new turret.

    And sorry to disappoint you, but that gun is the standard 120mm L/44 smoothbore. It’s nothing new. Newer Leopards use the 120mm L/55, this video (and demonstrator) has been out there for a good long while now. Still cool.

    1. legoguy3632 says:

      It appears just to be a test bed for the upgrade system so yes, it’s probably just an older Leopard brought up to newer competition but they might be getting at something similar to upgrade newer Leopards as well in the future.

      1. When I said it’s old, I really meant it’s old.


        It dates back to 2010. It pioneered the advanced armor you see deployed on Leopard 2A6 nowadays. And it looks a lot like the upgraded Leopard 2A4s Singapore has. It’s a cool-looking tank, but it’s not the next iteration in the Leopard line. And it certainly doesn’t have any prototype gun. It was just a tech demo for the new, modular armor.

    1. exocet6951 says:

      There was an Armata demo video from the press a few months ago.
      The journalist and tank’s driver were both amazed that the tank had a steering wheel.


  2. jenik2398 says:

    That gun looks like a toy… It is still the 120 L/44 ? I thought that every new tank has got the 120 L/55… (and the famous 140mm is more than 25 years old: Pz 87-140, but Rheinmetal is still working on it, so Let’s find how the Leopard III would look like)

    1. Corvi says:

      Well i wouldn’t call it a toy with over 800mm RHA penetration at 2000m with normal APFSDS .. Thats plenty enough to punch through everything that crawls around the battlefields these years.

    2. legoguy3632 says:

      I think the M1A2 is still using the L/44 and the Type 10 is using a gun based off it (but different enough to fire different ammo).

      1. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

        Yes but Americans are using depleted uranium ammo thats have significant more penetration then German tungsten ammo so in the end they have similar firepower from shorter barrel.

  3. kilo_india_alpha says:

    It is planned to use the L44 as a gun on support vehicles for instance in cities. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that there is a need of all around armored support vehicles and not tank killers.
    And a gun that is 1.32 meters shorter makes it a lot easier to turn the damn turret in forests and on narrow roads.

    1. It is a demonstration, you retarded inbred, and you could it see in the hangar, in the field and even firing. Go back to your cave in Putinistan and don’t forget to lick on Putin’s balls.

    1. Uggala says:

      Dropping nukes near tanks to take them out with the EMP blast is a bit… i don’t know how to word it…. inefficient? 😉

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