Micro Patch for WoT Update 9.20

Tonight there will be a Micropatch on the RU and EU clusters .Nothing yet about NA.

For RU the servers will be down for approximately 25 minutes from these times.

  • RU1 — 5:00 (МSК).
  • RU5 — 5:00 (МSК).
  • RU7 — 3:30 (МSК).
  • RU8 — 3:00 (МSК).
  • RU9 — 3:00 (МSК).
  • RU10 — 3:30 (МSК).

For EU severs. The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 02.09.2017 from 07:00 – 07:25 CEST (EU2 from 07:30 – 07:55) CEST due to this update.

 Patch Contents

The Grand battle, which became available in update 9.20, from the start caused a serious stir among the players. As a result, many of you are confronted with queues to enter the battle. To solve this problem, we reduced the probability of a grand battle being drawn. Due to this, wait times began to shorten in all types of random battles and queues significantly decreased.

Today, the situation with the queues has stabilized, and we will gradually begin to adjust the probability of a grand battle. On the night from Friday to Saturday will be a small update, which will launch this process. Already on Saturday, players will get into this type of battle more often.



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Micro Patch for WoT Update 9.20

7 thoughts on “Micro Patch for WoT Update 9.20

  1. madogthefirst says:

    Do Grand Battles even exist on the NA Server? I find it odd they would be lowering the chance. (I know post is not about NA)

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