Micro Patch 9.16_4 WoT Servers

The W.o.T. servers will be down overnight.Maintenance will be at: EU from 06:00 to 6:45 CEST. NA from 02:oo Pacific ( approx. an hour ) for the installation of the Micro Patch.

The reason given is Bug Fixes and in addition on EU preparation for the Top Tanker Event .Here

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Micro Patch 9.16_4 WoT Servers

5 thoughts on “Micro Patch 9.16_4 WoT Servers

  1. siralexice says:

    Absolutely great, fuck up my only play time during the week and any chance to do the weekend missions for the medium tanks. I can’t play in the evening, I’m tired after work and reflexes gone to hell.
    And of course WG announces all kinds of shit in the game, but not important stuff like when servers will be down and coming patches.

  2. Barryp says:

    That’s tough for you but it must be the best time to release the patch with the lowest number of users. My reflexes are gone for good at 68!

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