Micropatch 9.14_3


To introduce the April’s Fool even there will be a micropatch on April 1’s morning these are the times for each server:



-EU is sleeping under the banana tree, no times or warning was given to players.


03:00 Pacific Time (11:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour


10:00 UTC+8. It will take approximately ~ 45 minutes.


6:00 to 6:45 (GMT


-11:00 ~ 11:45 (약 45분) (45Minutes)

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Micropatch 9.14_3

26 thoughts on “Micropatch 9.14_3

  1. siralexice says:

    “scheduled maintenance” they login screen says in EU right now. So when exactly did they announce the schedule? Thank God I just got my mission for the personal reserves completed.

      1. As for me playing more than 1-2 years I can get my hands on the Ltp or Pz2D (Yaaaajj)

        What a joke, especially the Pz2D. That thing is sooo bad and I got it fot free just by logging on and now I can get it when I spend €100?! I dont have the ltp and don’t want it.


    1. Level Zero says:

      easy enough
      – you spend 100 euro
      – you get an extra mission depending on your time you alredy play WoT
      – you have to go into 1 (one) battle, no matter whether you win or loose
      – you have new tank in your garage
      for me it was the MicroMaus 🙂

      Wanted this thing so badly for a long time.

    2. Renarde Martel says:

      The condition is playing 1 match. I went and got it because it’s one of the few rare vehicles I don’t own, plus I was almost out of gold and premium time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is taking things to the next level: WTF WG!!!!!!100 euro for 30k gold and I get a free baby maus?…….nah…..not worth writing and getting upset about…..I just give up…….just pretend next 30 lines are me cursing and whining about WG…

  3. Me says:

    Normal Hotchkiss H35 is three times better than that famous “mini-maus”. With its ROF (less than 2 seconds reload), it can rip that shit to pieces in 10 seconds. Same armor, only lower speed.

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