Micropatch 9.15.1_1 and Server Downtime


in a few hours, there will be a  Micropatch and these are the patchnotes:

  1. Fixed the issue where the spectator was in an MS-1 tank, which did not participate in the battle, prior to the beginning of the battle.
  2. Fixed the issue where the statistics for the Historical Battle mode were not present in the Statistics tab.
  3. Fixed the issue where object markers on the minimap were bigger than in AS2, after the transition to AS3.
  4. Fixed the issue where several minimap quadrants were highlighted at once if a player rapidly pinged multiple quadrants one by one.
  5. Fixed the issue where the Combat Reserves (Airstrike and Artillery Strike) activated in a Skirmish or Battle for Stronghold were sent back to the Depot.




-02:00 Pacific Time (09:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.


-From 06:00 to 06:45 CEST


-Only date of month given, no hours.

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Micropatch 9.15.1_1 and Server Downtime

26 thoughts on “Micropatch 9.15.1_1 and Server Downtime

  1. “SEA
    -Only date of month given, no hours”

    God I love being on this server… But on the other hand they actually informed us of it for once… An improvement I guess?

    1. always two of them are says:

      I am using this version of XVM, ATAC, and XP for crews and it works for me by simply renaming the folder.

  2. Honcho says:

    And what about the bugs on EU1? The start and end of a game seem to take forever. I lost a defense mission yesterday because the last surviving teammate was killed 15 seconds after the defender timer ended.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s supposed to take 5 seconds after the timer ends to end the game, but that extends by another 5 seconds if any additional tank was killed. So, if 2 or 3 tanks dies after the timer ended, it would do that…

  3. i know this may not be the right place to ask, and specially not the right thread/post from rita, but this is the most recent, and the question i have, i will probably forget in a few minutes if i dont ask now – the question is – does cannon fire sounds different depending on the shell type used? after seeing a lot of talks about tanks shooting different ammunition, it made me wonder if it does…

  4. siralexice says:

    The patch was not announced in any of the WoT official websites.
    For EU server I can confirm it was only after 8.00 local time that I could log in.

    That’s OK, I will give more of my money to AW, they actually give advance notice.

  5. Keller says:

    What about the one to two second lag after repairing something before I can use it? How about having to hit f1 twice before chat works? As always, fixing the fence after the horse is long gone.

  6. Kallecrash says:

    Maybe this isnt the best place to say it. But if you prewiev the localized voices in WoT you can sometimes hear Swedish!

  7. So, when are they fixing the bugs that anyone actually noticed. Dynamic platoon spam, double gun firing sounds, pre-battle arty strike being invisible, yet still knocking down trees and breaking cover. That’s what I noticed within my first 3 battles of 9.15.1 anyway… How could they miss obvious stuff like this?

  8. Shrike58 says:

    This has been the most annoying patch for me EVER due to connectivity issues of the sort that I’ve really never had before….and yes, I’m running plain vanilla until Aslain is back from vacation!

  9. I wish WG would have fixed that fucking chat. You have to click in the message area to get a curser to type. God dam thing was never a problem until last two updates. You would think that would fix what is broke rather than change things and break more…… noob programmers.

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