Micropatch 9.15_5


there will be a micro patch incoming tomorrow, these are the times:



-Not given


03:30 Pacific Daylight Time (10:30 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.


-Not given


  • RU8 – 3: 00- 3:25 (GMT).
  • RU9 – 3: 00-3 : 25 ( GMT ).
  • RU10 – 3: 30-3: 55 ( GMT ).
  • RU3 – 4: 00-4: 25 ( GMT ).
  • RU2 – 4: 20-4: 45 ( GMT ).
  • RU6 – 5: 00-5: 25 ( GMT ).


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Micropatch 9.15_5

44 thoughts on “Micropatch 9.15_5

  1. I’ve said it many times before and I keep saying it until someone at WG gets it: TELL US WHAT IS IN THE MICRO PATCHES!!! How unprofessional… How hard is it to put a news item on the website with the details? Users want to know, get it?

      1. Anonymous says:

        in game chat…..when you change it so all can read it….it does not switch back automatically to team chat…..you must switch it back…..if you forget or start another battle then everyone can read what you write to your team ( plan , position…)

      2. Coco says:

        That’s not a glitch, that is a feature of the 9.15 patch. Read the patch notes.
        That being said, I do agree that it can be annoying, after having been used to the previous system. The only situation where it seems to make sense to me is when you are platooned and don’t have voice comms, so you don’t have to switch every time you want to tell your platoonmates something. But I always have voice comms when I platoon so it’s not useful to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Praying it fixes my issue with 2+ crashes every battle, even in safe mode. Before you say ANYTHING, AT ALL about fixing it: I promise you, I already tried it.

      1. Da_Zohan says:

        NA had some issues with clan icons I believe. I dunno about RU since I don’t play there, and EU is running smooth as silk, so no need for any patch to fix what ain’t broken. Well….. It is WoT, so they may break something to create the need for an other patch.

    1. K4l1n says:

      GMT+5 again…so this is why EU peeps were playing too yolo.All the daft terrorists are using our servers 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the almost useless information. We will receive a micropatch, but it’s purpose is, the changes are?

      1. *ding-dong*… opens the door…yes, good afternoon, I need to come into your house to fix something…err, what is the problem? ..Well, I won’t tell you, but you must let me in…

        would you let this person into your house? No way!

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