0.9.14_1 Micropatch


Tomorrow, 18 of March there will be a micropatch in all WoT Servers which will fix some technical issues, got the times for you:



-05:00 to 05:45 CET


-No information given (What the heck is going on in NA office?) Just expecting it on normal server restart time I guess…


-05:00 UTC+8 (17 March, 2016, 21:00 UTC)


-6:00 to 6:25 (GMT).


Same as NA.

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0.9.14_1 Micropatch

17 thoughts on “0.9.14_1 Micropatch

      1. ThE_MarD says:

        Heyyo Rita, I take it sadly no patch notes yet? Hopefully it fixes my crashing issues.. Happens randomly to me or I black screen when returning to garage

  1. Anonymous says:

    WGNA is run by chimps. They did absolutely nothing concerning the T22 scandal over here. The ones who did it actually laughed on the forums about it.

    1. WileyCat says:

      yeah its true i even intercepted 9 matches of rigging by sneaking in one of there teamspeaks and pretending to be someone else lol

      send all the evidence i had in and nobody got banned

      na mods ingame let you curse like a white supremacist when your in the same matches as them

      victor needs to kick there asses

      1. Daryl A Northrop says:

        Racism and anti-muslim bigotry is openly tolerated in the chat on the NA server. It is disgusting. I am ashamed at the behavior of my fellow Americans. WG needs to punish them.

  2. lordsunhawk says:

    WGNA didn’t even bother to have a St Patrick’s Day Event, heck, they didn’t bother to have a Pearl Harbor Day event in WoWS on the NA server. The entire marketing and CS department at WGNA pictures can be found next to ‘incompetent’ in the dictionary.

  3. Han_Fastolfe says:

    something broke the logon servers around 2.30 am UK time – so presumably fixing that delayed the micropatch – maybe tomorrow? Ps – maybe this patch will change the name of the game engine from BigWorld to BugWorld 😉 (Sorry Brauer – had to nick that from you lol!)

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