Militracks 2019 Promo Video


Here’s my promo-esque video from the Militracks event at the Overloon War Museum, Netherlands that I had the pleasure to attend!

I am quite impressed with how much Overloon has grown in a few years and it brings me tremendous happiness that these days tank museums are communicating much better than they use to and lending armour to each other’s shows!

On a personal level, it was lovely to finally meet some of you in person but also so many vehicle owners, historians and fellow content creators!

For those who didn’t come this year but are tempted to, I am letting you know in more advance that I am most definitely attending next year and I sincerely hope to see you there!

Have a great day!


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Militracks 2019 Promo Video

One thought on “Militracks 2019 Promo Video

  1. NoComment says:

    Visited there way back in 1984 and yeah its changed a lot. It was a small collection of items scattered along a path round a wood. I think I remember a panther and a sherman. (though it was long before I had an interest in tanks)

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