Milos Jerabek Q&A

Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A from Milos Jerabek, Polish Development Director:

– As you can see by the example of the Swedish tanks, we are currently engaged in the development of new functions/mechanics. At the same time we are working on a few things. Unfortunately, I can not tell you more, but we will work on the tanks, which are not copies of Soviet and German models. We want to introduce the new elements of the game and make it more interesting.
As you know, we worked on the “sandbox”, which is very important for us. We have suspended this test for some time, because we are finished, some of its elements. We collected the views of players, and tried to bring it to perfection.
As you probably heard at WG Fest,  which we have just returned from, one of the main priorities for us is to correct artillery. Something we will be in the first place.
We will continue working on the balance of vehicles, based on the opinion sent by playing in the “sandbox” and can say one thing: in the first half of the year will present a few new things. Appear to start in the sandbox, so that we can check whether you like the idea and whether things need to be corrected, and after, we introduce them to the main servers. We do not want to go crazy. We have your opinion and believe that we must improve and play together.

– I think all of you have heard announcements on the WG Fest. We’re finishing work on a new balancer and other things.
Stop, right from the start. Between themselves, we call it “Balancer 2.0”, but do not know whether we can to communicate with the players call him “repair mechanism” or simply “the new mechanism”. I would say “fix.”
As you heard in the WG Fest, we are working on “corrected” balancer. Refinement balancer, this is one of the most important things on our list. As a player, I understand that this is one of the most important parts of the game. That he is the team with which we have to play. Currently, the system relies on the template 3, 5, 7 (referring to WG’s new mechanic of 3 top tier, 5 mid-tier, and 7 bottom tier tanks per team). This model is designed to ensure players enjoy the game and even more features at lower levels of the game machines. Our sick theme: if almost all tanks are 10-mi, and you – one of the two players on the level below the machine, you will not be able to do something useful. When the team is 7 lower-level machines, you have a chance to fight and really enjoy the game. At the same time, introduce changes to LTs. Now the branches will not come to an end at Tier 8, and will stretch to 10. Enter a host of new tanks, which certainly will be interesting to the battlefield. The game will undergo a slight change. They will be balanced a little differently, because you know that MTs have quite a good view range. We have to take the new LT otherwise, not so much as to the AMX 13 75, which is a passive spotter. You become more mobile and will need to move more.

– At the moment, working hard to patch the graphics, which are associated with the new graphics engine. For us it is an overriding priority, especially in regard to the maps. We know that a lot of maps are problem areas, and it is for this, at the beginning fix its plan, make sure that it comfortable to play and only then proceed to detail.

– We are currently working on several new maps, as well as correcting some old. You’ve probably heard about them from participating Supertest, in particular, on the Czech map Pilsen, which adds the finishing touch. We hope to soon present it to you. The same operation is performed on all the problematic maps available on the server, and those that will appear on it in the future.

– Training of new players and work hard to keep them in the game is a very important issue. We are working on new training systems.

– The main objective for 2017 is to correct the most important problems of WOT. Balance, artillery and maps.

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Milos Jerabek Q&A

55 thoughts on “Milos Jerabek Q&A

  1. Mad dog tannen says:

    lets hope secondary guns are considered. I would really love to see siege mode for the B1 AND the churchill. Also the M3 lee and Grant will benefit from the turret.

    1. I don’t really see how the B1 and Churchill would benefit from a siege mode since stopping their mobillity and giving up their turret to fire a 75mm howitzer in their hull with almost zero gun depression in the churchill’s case would be fun. I think you need an entirely new mechanic other than siege mode for these tanks and that would just be a copy and paste of war thunder’s mechanics. As cool as it might be to light up targets with tracers and mess with the bounce missions by firing borderline useless secondaries, siege mode is more in line for letting the ELC AMX or Obj 416 have their full turret traverse when stationary. Love the idea, just don’t think siege mode is the thing to use.

  2. Afrika_Korps says:

    I would like to see WarThunder type gifts for login each time and after good games.

    That to me keeps the game alive and would go a long way in keeping new players stuck to the game.

    Getting credits/camo/inscription/xp boosts etc went a long way in my case to easily put that game above wot which feels miser by comparision.

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      I agree with the camo. Camo for tanks should be obtainable for either credits (permanent camo) or through missions.

    2. Not terribly familiar with warthunder’s login gift thing but that sounds pretty patronizing to get a reward for doing nothing. Personally, getting a double and showered with some missions for the first game feels way better to just enjoy that sweet bonus xp and loot.

      The personal reserves really are evil in a good way, they really get you to play for hours at a time so a good idea for all those players who don’t buy premium accounts to keep them interested. Would definitely be fun to get some random camo rental or inscription rental as well. Permanent camo for non-gold would be nice but they’d have to make it obnoxiously expensive credits wise or no one would buy rental camo anymore. Frankly, there aren’t many gold sinks in the game so players saving up more credits means more gold rounds everywhere.

      1. Also, naming the new balancing for your game balance – second version is hardly original or better yet, even an idea. I was surprised AW went that route, myself, though.

    1. GrimmReaperBG says:

      If you follow your own logic you will come (I hope) to the conclusion,that AW stole a whole game from WC. Which ( again I only hope) is obviously ridiculous conclusion.

  3. fighting_falcon93 says:

    “We are currently working on several new maps, as well as correcting some old.”
    – It’s not about making a few changes here and there WG, you need to rethink the concept of the entire maps. It doesn’t matter if you add an open field on the right side of Pilsen, if it’s entirely cut of from the action/brawl on the left side. You need to drop the corridor concept and start developing larger and more open maps that promotes tactical gameplay instead of gold-spamming peek-a-booing in corridors. IMHO the only map that can be “saved” is Prokhorovka, and that is because that map has the right concept, but still a few problems (it’s too small and the hill is a corridor)🙂

    “Balance, artillery and maps.”
    – Not gold ammo? Still too greedy to remove it?😐

    1. I’d say a corridor here and there is not too bad, remember the original Severogorsk? You could interact from all sides, it was a bit small but fun in mid tiers. In example of bigger ones, north west was great, or dragons ridge … so many playgrounds to choose from on a single map.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Depends on, but in general corridors are bad. The main problem is that tanks that build upon support, such as spotting for LTs or sniping for TDs, it’s extremely difficult to play your class properly and be useful in a map that doesn’t offer open fields etc.

  4. Rombat says:

    I would love to see who,s gone a be stupid enogh to play arty after the nerfs they are preparing for it. Balance for arty means nerfs. It woun,t be fun to play with arty and for the whole game to deal just around 1500dmg. To freez enemy tanks with arty is not fun for arty players and is moore annoing for the other players because i rather play with half of my tank hp than to be shoot by arty for 200 dmg and be freez from that shoot…while everybody can shoot me and i can,t shoot back.
    And they will introduce for nothing tier 10 lights because is not fun to play a light without a powerfull arty.
    After they nerfed arty nobody played light tanks anymoore.
    I guess that this balance will ruin the game than fix it…
    My thoughts are after playing on sanbox…the shitbox game.

    1. Joe Blobdob says:

      Arty wasn’t nerfed on sandbox. Its gameplay was changed and it became more fun. I 3 marked my tier 10 arty and was scoring in top 3 (damage) in most games.

    2. Ron Pestes says:

      Lets face it, the only arty fix is to eliminate it entirely. Games are much more dynamic when there is no arty, a player can focus on all types of tactics without having to try to hide from arty the whole game. I have been one shotted too many times while on the move at full speed trying to keep from being hit. Arty is too random to be fair.

  5. – The main objective for 2017 is to correct the most important problems of WOT. Balance, artillery and maps.

    I see they forgot to say “unnecessarily fuck up the German HTs”

    1. zz says:

      This whole article is so shitty written… Weird sentences, or the fact, that at first glance I’ve thought that this dude is in charge of the Polish tanks tech tree… Come on, it is obvious that Milos is a Czech/Slovak name. Where is FTR when you need it :-(.

  6. New Maps and Bigger without Maintains on all 4 sides, not corridor not City not Brawling
    ~ otherwise new T10 LTs just become ‘fast Mediums without armour’
    again Maps new Maps!

    Screw the drop in Penetration and increase RNG over distance idea!! who wants to play Medium and TD’s with that dumb stupid idea?

    Cover, trees and bushes maybe small Forests think about it WG if TDs cannot spot enemy HT as there is increased cover that gives LIGHT TANKS back there role, yes?

    Of course as if WG even knows or cares about any of this – 2 years of bullshit and lies and more lies its like yeah right WG, now go away

    1. sturmi0545 says:

      I don’t think they’re lying, they are just too incompetent to accomplish a useful game design. They do not understand the problems… just not capable to wrap their tiny brains around what’s going on in the game.

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      30 slots in one game, 14 slots goes to bottom tiers, meaning there’s a 47% chance to be placed in one of them. How did you get 70%? 😮

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        No problem 😉 Personally I’d want +/- 0 MM, but it seems that opinion is not very popular 😛

  7. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    3,5,7 – you have to be a certified moron to think that all 15 players will be happy because of that.
    The only way to make players challenged is same tier MM.

    1. Lunatics from Minsk says:

      3-5-7, this would be really funny with O-I against 7 tier IV soft targets. Those WG dumbheads gone mad with this. Same for tier IX heavies etc.

    2. sturmi0545 says:

      wouldn’t it be enough to make the tier difference less steep, so that low tier can pen high tiers more easily, and that without premium ammo? High tiers would only require Dmg-/HP buffs to compensate for that.

    3. thebugmonster says:

      i have a feeling that 3,5,7 is going to be very unbalanced towards the 3 top tier. Imagine 3 t29s, or 3 e25s as top, it wont be long before stuff like that happens.

  8. Jack says:

    Milos Jerabek is not polish for sure, must be czech like DARKOM says.

    Balance 2.0 – Remove freaking premium ammo and you will solve a lot of problems with the game

    1. Thomas A. says:

      I can tank in my Type 4 well but ones those gold rounds star flying things go bad fast or I just slowly die from small 240dmg shots every 5s.

  9. eidoss843 says:

    “The main objective for 2017 is to correct the most important problems of WOT. Balance, artillery and maps.”
    I thought that was their goal for 2016

    1. GrimmReaperBG says:

      That was Kisley (or whatever the minsk tard is called) goal. Now that’s something brand new- the goal of the company 🙂

    2. Ron Pestes says:

      Yes, it was. I remember them talking about it last January. Instead they gave us stuff that didn’t matter like different sound and garage ideas.

  10. Jostiewagner says:

    The only thing that needs balancing at WG is the Balance between Monetisation Dept and Research & Development Dept. Shame it took them so long to get their heads straight and start looking at (quick-) balancing the game instead of just blatant moneygrabs, which cost them a lot of players. Shame it took so much effort by lots of people (and not just “whining” in forums) before you started doing this. I just hope for them as a company, and myself as a player, they were just in time to try and regain the trust and interest of the current (and past) playerbase…

  11. Glenn A says:

    Honestly I think they need to just forget graphics and fix the core aspects of the fucking game that are the real issues here. Artlliery alpha has been broken for a long fucking time, MM keeps getting worse and worse, map rotation is a joke, and as hard as it may be gold rounds need to be dealt with to make armor relevant again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “The main objective for 2017 is to correct the most important problems of WOT. Balance, artillery and maps.” sure… aimbot, objects down on map and thundra are not a problems… Ah, sorry they really fight cheats: the great amount of 2.000 players banned ! (with medium winrate of 48%, surelly the worst cheaters around…)

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