Milos Jerabek Q&A

Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A from Milos Jerabek, Polish Development Director:

– As you can see by the example of the Swedish tanks, we are currently engaged in the development of new functions/mechanics. At the same time we are working on a few things. Unfortunately, I can not tell you more, but we will work on the tanks, which are not copies of Soviet and German models. We want to introduce the new elements of the game and make it more interesting.
As you know, we worked on the “sandbox”, which is very important for us. We have suspended this test for some time, because we are finished, some of its elements. We collected the views of players, and tried to bring it to perfection.
As you probably heard at WG Fest,  which we have just returned from, one of the main priorities for us is to correct artillery. Something we will be in the first place.
We will continue working on the balance of vehicles, based on the opinion sent by playing in the “sandbox” and can say one thing: in the first half of the year will present a few new things. Appear to start in the sandbox, so that we can check whether you like the idea and whether things need to be corrected, and after, we introduce them to the main servers. We do not want to go crazy. We have your opinion and believe that we must improve and play together.

– I think all of you have heard announcements on the WG Fest. We’re finishing work on a new balancer and other things.
Stop, right from the start. Between themselves, we call it “Balancer 2.0”, but do not know whether we can to communicate with the players call him “repair mechanism” or simply “the new mechanism”. I would say “fix.”
As you heard in the WG Fest, we are working on “corrected” balancer. Refinement balancer, this is one of the most important things on our list. As a player, I understand that this is one of the most important parts of the game. That he is the team with which we have to play. Currently, the system relies on the template 3, 5, 7 (referring to WG’s new mechanic of 3 top tier, 5 mid-tier, and 7 bottom tier tanks per team). This model is designed to ensure players enjoy the game and even more features at lower levels of the game machines. Our sick theme: if almost all tanks are 10-mi, and you – one of the two players on the level below the machine, you will not be able to do something useful. When the team is 7 lower-level machines, you have a chance to fight and really enjoy the game. At the same time, introduce changes to LTs. Now the branches will not come to an end at Tier 8, and will stretch to 10. Enter a host of new tanks, which certainly will be interesting to the battlefield. The game will undergo a slight change. They will be balanced a little differently, because you know that MTs have quite a good view range. We have to take the new LT otherwise, not so much as to the AMX 13 75, which is a passive spotter. You become more mobile and will need to move more.

– At the moment, working hard to patch the graphics, which are associated with the new graphics engine. For us it is an overriding priority, especially in regard to the maps. We know that a lot of maps are problem areas, and it is for this, at the beginning fix its plan, make sure that it comfortable to play and only then proceed to detail.

– We are currently working on several new maps, as well as correcting some old. You’ve probably heard about them from participating Supertest, in particular, on the Czech map Pilsen, which adds the finishing touch. We hope to soon present it to you. The same operation is performed on all the problematic maps available on the server, and those that will appear on it in the future.

– Training of new players and work hard to keep them in the game is a very important issue. We are working on new training systems.

– The main objective for 2017 is to correct the most important problems of WOT. Balance, artillery and maps.

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