MoO: Account Sync Test


for those who have been playing Master of Orion, you may have noticed that the only way to access the Pixel ships in the content area is if you sinc/link your Steam account to an Wargaming account:

Screenshot taken by  Boarder664.

There have been players wondering and complaining that they are being “forced” to sinc so Ectar, a CM for EU/EN wrote an explanation:

“To help clarify this – During development we are testing out account linking and granting an associated reward for doing so. Since pixel ships are the only optional content available right now, we’re using that for the test. This isn’t the full release of MoO it’s early access and things will be tested during that time. If you don’t wish to participate in the test by linking your account that’s understandable, however atm it’s the only way to test the system. Sadly it’s not possible to get the pixel ships any other way currently, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be available normally in the future (for example other early access phases).”

Hope this helps.

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