More 9.17 Armor Models

A few more armor models from 9.17



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More 9.17 Armor Models

11 thoughts on “More 9.17 Armor Models

      1. Buuut it will give that bit of extra protection if you angle it to the left, which allows you to protect the gunner sight weakspot and brings your gun mantlet to the front more since it’s off to the side. After normalization, that 165 bit will likely reach more than 180mm effective, which will help against tier 7s. However, the thing is still useless in tier 9 games.

  1. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Su76i has 70-65 hull armor at the front loll the manlet has 100 to 125m lol this TD is going to be a very unstopible beast from the front pz1cs can’t hurt it now and the frontal weak point is gone xD the pzb2 shooting the front of this thing will bounce bounce bounce lol I can even say this TD is a TD version of the pz2j

    1. Pz II J has better all round armor, as it is imune to Pz I C’s and other machine gun tanks even on sides and rear, but SU 76I at least can pen most of the Tier 4 tanks and bounce more of them with the front hull.
      But I never had problems killing 76I’s, as you can track them and flank them, but there are a lot of tanks, in which playing against Pz II J means auto-loss for your team, unless you cap base or someone with decent punching gun kills it, which of course happens rarely.

      1. Lol no.

        Su76 has a very good gun. And for any decent player it is mobile enough to not get out flanked. Not to mention who flanks in tier 3 games anyway. Plus it can easily fight tier 4 tanks.

        Pz 2j has no mobility and no gun. Even with gold a pz1c can angle and bounce your shots. The armour is only good from the front. Almost any tier 3 td can pen you frontally. Any tier 3 tank with gold can pen you frontally. And yes, tier 3 tanks spam ridiculous amounts of gold too these days. Not to mention derp and arty as well as the focus of every enemy since its reputation.

      2. Ragnarokbazil says:

        So in the end it seems the new king of tier 3 is the Su76i amazing right? Even tier 4s hate you lol pz2j fighting a matilda hes panicking running away… Su76i vs matilda… Yeah matilda cursing at the Su76i as the sun is penning him at the front sides and rear lol xD it has an insane cameo ratting too.. XD like its 70%? And thats when you dont have a cameo crew on? Lol mines at 601 rating and apparently its more stealthy then most tanks today in general lol its insane xD i find that pretty funny.

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