More 9.20 Supertest updates

More accurate statistics.

Changes for the Object 140 (T-10, USSR Medium, Elited):

– Changed the description of the tank;
– Slightly improved the armor of the roof of the turret (not hatches), Similar to the T-62A;

– Improved armor
• Turret front armor from 200 to 240;
• Turret side armor of the from 160 to 180;

– Tier 9 Cannon. (100 mm D-10T2S) was rebalanced:
• Damage per minute from 2567 to 2705.8;
• Reload time from 7.479 to 7.096;
• Rate of fire from 8.022 to 8.456;
• The dispersion m/100m from 0.336 to 0.374;
• Aimtime goes from 2.21 to 2.4.
– Tier 9 Cannon. (100 mm D-54) was rebalanced:
• Damage per minute from 2441.8 to 2355.6;
• Reload time from 7.863 to 8.151;
• Rate of fire from 7.631 to 7.361;
• The The dispersion m/100m from 0.374 to 0.316;
• Aimtime goes from 2.78 to 1.92.

Changes for the T-54 First Prototype (Tier-8, USSR Medium, Premium):

– Viewrange from 360 to 380;
– Improved armor:
• Turret front from 180 to 200;
– Aimtime from 2.3 to 2.11;
– Bloom upon Turret turning from 0.153 to 0.115;
– Bloom upon moving from 0.211 to 0.192:
– Bloom on Hull traverse  from 0.211 to 0.192;
– Bloom upon full speed turret rotation. From 6.14 to 4.6;
– Bloom upon full speed driving. From 9.28 to 8.44;
– Bloom upon maximum Hull traverse. ​From 8.86 to 8.05;
– Max gun depression from -6 to -7.

Changes for the T-44-100 (T-8, USSR Medium, Premium):

– Similar changes as in T-44 in terms of armor and modules. (100 mm LB-1).

Changes for the T-44 tank (T-8, USSR, Elited):

– Improved Armor:
• Turret front from 120 to 190;
• Turret sides from 100 to 130;

– Cannon tier 8. (122 mm D-25-44):
• Damage per minute from 1271 to 1605.5;
• Reload time from 18.411 to 14.575;
• Rate of fire from 3.259 to 4.117;
• The dispersion m/100m from 0.412 to 0.403;
• Aimtime from 3.26 to 3.07.
• Bloom upon moving from 0.192 to 0.173:
• Bloom on Hull traverse from 0.192 to 0.173;
• Bloom upon full speed driving. From 9.78 to 8.8;
• Bloom upon maximum Hull traverse. ​From 8.44 to 7.59;

– Cannon  tier 7. (100 mm LB-1):
• Aimtime from 2.21 to 2.01;
• Bloom upon Turret turning from 0.134 to 0.115;
• Bloom upon full speed driving. from 0.192 to 0.173:
• Bloom on Hull traverse from 0.192 to 0.173:
• Bloom upon full speed turret rotation. From 6.44 to 5.52;
• Bloom upon full speed driving. From 9.78 to 8.8;
• Bloom upon maximum Hull traverse. ​From 8.44 to 7.59;

Source WoT Express

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More 9.20 Supertest updates

55 thoughts on “More 9.20 Supertest updates

  1. Just Call Me Zo says:

    We needed an obj. 140 buff like I need a kick in the junk. It’s funny how the feeling is almost the same anyway.

    GG WG.

    1. Just Call Me Zo says:

      As an aside, note how all the nerfs can be reversed by adding in the improved equipment. How very curious. What’s that? Ah, a second, swifter kick in the junk? Perfect. Thanks, WG.

  2. Nocomment says:

    Good to see the Russians getting buffed for once…Such a neglected nation.
    The. The t-54 and Obj 140 were despreratly in need of buffing as they are only almost the best vehicles in the game at their teir and that just isnt good enough…

    1. cynicaldutchie says:

      Is the T-54 really getting buffed though? It looks like they are just making both guns worse. With these changes you have 1 gun that can’t hit shit and another gun that takes ages to reload.

  3. Nobeer_ says:

    Nobody have asked for this..
    When do WG listen to the community and fix the problems instead of creating more problems.
    But when it is not 3 russian mediums in the top there must be something wrong, so lets nerf the hell out of the BC so it is useless and buff the 140 so that people wont play anything else than that.. MAKES SENSE! Good job WG.

    What about fixing the most important problems like.
    Remove retarded old arty durp gun from Type4-5.
    Remove stun and insane splash from arty.
    Give the super heavies back their weakspots.
    Fix premium shells by dealing less damage and lowered costs.

    1. Vidar Hook says:

      Russian 12 year olds have been crying about the IS-7 not having the ability to push “W” and win for quite a long time now. The same goes for the mediums.

  4. Good changes to the t54. Turret still has wakspots on top and they changed guns to promote 2 different playstyles. Although with good soft stats the high dpm gun is going to still be better in my opinion. On the other hand even with these changes i still do not see a reason to play t54 over e50 with either setup.

      1. I do care because the game puts me in more situations than just brawling. All rounders are the strongest tanks in the game not specialized ones. There are maps where you cant really be that agressive and situations when you have to snipe.

  5. Berto72 says:

    Balance is like justice: blind and equal for all, but for someone is more equal than others… and for balance, mother russia rulez!

  6. jajeczny says:

    I like it. All russiam tanks get 240+ turret armor while e50m has 120 taken from panther, despite turret being copy of a konigstiger.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Of course it has 185 but cheap drama is more important. Look, big bad op Russian tenk got 2x more armor, Russia bias!

  7. SirNopp says:

    Not a big deal here but as a big fan of the POS that is the T-34-2 with the 122mm gun, with the changes to the T-44, what’s the point of it being in the game anymore. T-44 has as good of a turret armor compared to the T-34-2, better gun handling, ROF, mobility etc. Like the only good point of the T-34-2 was the decent gun handling of the 122, now that’s worse than the T-44 wtf. As I said not a big deal but seriously man, buffing a tank without consideration for another tank. Sucks.

    1. Akina90 says:

      If WG allows Type 80/85 to be in the high tiers. WZ-120 can move down to t8 and it will still be balanced becoz the Chinese MT is seriously underpowered.

      1. SirNopp says:

        This Type 80/85 tanks looks like a possible candidate for a second Tier 10 Chinese MT though. Like an alternative tank over the WZ120 where I guess it is faster but maybe less well armoured and a less potato gun good for supporting and not brawling unlike the 121. But having that play style coming from the WZ120 is kindda awkward I guess.

      2. Akina90 says:

        T-34-2 is not too much different to current T-34-1 so yea….average at best. WG should have get rid of the unnecessary Type T-34 and have Type 58 there.

        I’m thinking more about a mini branch with overnerf realife Type 80 to be in t9, and have 85 as t10. And this line will have better armour and gun handling to compensate less damage and mobility. The 121 line will be from two Type 59 variants
        The only ‘sacrifice’ is more T-54 lookalike into the game. (Not the Type 85, it’s a boxy tank)

  8. Rick says:

    We all knew power creep was here. Affirmation.Thing is it will take so long to bring all the tanks up to par, it will be unfair in the meantime.

  9. geoneo says:

    dot bother to wine the simply don\”t care all the changes this past 2 years wall to guide to the use of gold ammo and premium acount’s whe game in not any more free to play but play to win simply that and a quiz is anyone who is not effected from that bush nad tree that cut the aim sight hmmmm aimbot and flora mode users

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      Same im not going to play anymore… I might just pay low tiers wait till the Russians gold ammo is nerfed like batchat gold..

  10. heinz says:

    I reached KV-1 on tier 5 in Russian tech tree. Then I realized that Russian tanks are (mostly) unfair. I never played any battle in a Russian vehicle ever again. This just proves me right. I hate them. I have all US tanks by now and wonder what nation is next. It won’t be USSR

  11. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Im done with wg I eouldent mind the changes if they nerfed the gold prem shells like they did with the batchat. … Still 7secs… Rammed and vets improved versions…4 second reload… Yeah im going to stop playing after the beta stage of ranked..wait till gold shells get nerfed

  12. leggasiini says:

    I disagree with Obj 140 changes, but I dont think it will make it completely broken, especially when Obj 907 exists which is still going to mostly outclass the 140. There is hoping that 62A gets changes (and they IIRC said so).

    The T-54 turret armor buff IS actually something I agree with, but only if they changed the penetration on guns (AP to 240 and gold down to 280-290). I also like the idea of having two gun choices, though I dont think the DPM gun needed even more DPM.

    Mod 1, T-44-100 and T-44 buffs look great, no overbuffing here and will make them pretty good again. That is +1 for WG.

  13. Well… let me see.

    The most used and most powerfull medium tank its getting a buff… Ok.
    Mediums like Batchat, getting a nerf…
    Patton needs a buff, never got it.
    E50 m.. well… the only downside is the turret…

    121 and 113 got a buff when WG gets in the Chinese market…

    There is no justice in that, but hey! Its Capitalism, there is NO JUSTICE on that.

    1. Anonymous says:

      No worries!I am pretty sure it will get a minor buff like armor from 187mm to 250mm,the gun will get a 10 shell clip with 30sec reload and 0.5 sec between shots but the aim time from 2.7 will go to 2.9 for balancing reasons! I agree that the obj 268 needs a buff but i can not resist making fun of them after reading this post. I mean i agree! When i look the t54 stats the first thing i think is,yeah 200mm of round armor is too low. Buff it to 240

  14. apache1990 says:

    You’re missing the line for “Changes for the T-54 (T9, USSR Medium, Elited):” before the part on its turret armor buffs, which makes it look like the T-54 armor numbers are part of the 140 buffs.

  15. I’m not going to make another comment like my original on the first post. These changes for the most part are retarded. Everyone has said whay they needed to in the comments.

    My only question at this point is….t55a? Vs t54….? Lol what a joke of a balance department. But German yeah so must he shit. Worse mobility, armour and gun…lmao what a joke.

  16. Blankman says:

    Did mod.1 really need that buffed -1 gun depression? How about giving Conway a workable elevation and depression for a change?

  17. from russian meds the only problematic was the T 44 and its copies. with its underwhelming gun… but this doesnt happens.

    instead they keep balancing the tanks out of historical data/feeling and thats bad for the game. The shall stop this and return to historical data and balance through soft stats, not these monstrosities. Half of them none asked.

    What happened with the sandboxes tests btw, why they dont test them at sandbox but only in supertest ?

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      330 shpuldent contest heavy tanks frontal..raw.. Weakspots sure but no weak points? You are making the game wrong..

  18. GrimmReaperBG says:

    I am getting the feeling that some utter idiot in WG development department decide he will do exactly the opposite of what players want. And make all soviet tanks better than all the rest, despite the history and the fact that soviet tanks were nearly obsolete in WWII compared to germans and muricans.

  19. stormcrow99 says:

    Yeah, let’s buff the T-54, it’s not good enough when it can reliably brawl a Maus which is OP in its own right.

  20. sippi81 says:

    Yeah but thats nothing other tanks couldnt do also with using gold
    T 54 is a very weak tank imho even with better turret it will still underperform it needs a slightly improved gun and looking at the actual changes I dont think that it ll get one

    strange that in a russian game they let the T 54 have 48 % winrate and 1200 damage dealt a game while an E 50 sits at 54 % winrate with 1750 damage

  21. Wahnfried.III says:

    Oh so nice, lets buff the overperforming russian hover cHEAT throwers even more. Appearantly it still was not brain dead enough easy to play.

  22. bbmoose says:

    The 140 gets half the dispersion values of the Leo 1. How on earth can that be justified? The Leo is all about the gun, because it had nothing else to go for. The 140 was already better in every aspect but alpha and gundepression.

    If this is part of a global tier 10 medium rebalance, they should communicate it like that. Now it is simply looking ridiculous.

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