More Versions Of Studzianki Map in Supertest

Two new versions of the Studzianki map have gone to Supertest. one of the changes in these new variants is the addition of more artillery cover to improve heavy tank gameplay. Source WoT VK channel.

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More Versions Of Studzianki Map in Supertest

6 thoughts on “More Versions Of Studzianki Map in Supertest

    1. heinz says:

      apart from light tanks and arty, you know. if you want effective scouts you need arty. and if you want to have effective arty you need less arty cover. more cover would make the game worst for 2/5 classes (20% of tanks –> 20% of players). i think you are the kind of player who wants arty cover everywhere and then complains that his arty players are bad because they are not effective.

      did you know that most tank battles in ww2 did not take place in cities where well amoured tanks had corner fights, it was on fields with no cover whatsoever from the enemies artillery?

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