Motive of my absence

TLDR: I’ve got a lot on my plate atm. Getting some things done.


I apologise for my absence. I’ve been getting a lot on my plate these last few days, my cat’s wound is already finishing closing but I’ve been dealing with loss and out and about taking care of documentation like provisional driving license and searching for a car to buy.  These are things that need to be done, right now, for example, British public transports are costing me more money than a thirsty car and besides they are quite unreliable, unpunctual and just with too many messy connections.

I want to go back to studies (Military history) and also take my class H driving license (tracked vehicles) but all these things are slightly far away. I want to keep on living at this place but the school options I have are all +1 hour away plus the class H license will be all the way near London. This summer, when I started going to all these events I’ve meet really nice people that I also would like to keep a friendship with but they are all away up north, I want to be able to just drive to them to hang out, I live in a military area and you rarely get to see the same face twice around here, so things can get pretty isolated and I’m tired of piggybacking on friends every time I need to be anywhere as well.

Working on becoming a full “strong independent sassy women”.

Anyway, on the car, I usually keep things like this away from the blog but most of you are guys so hear ye. Let me know your opinion/suggestions.

Since a kid, I’ve dreamt about owning a UMM Alter. UMM is a Portuguese company that used to make 4x4s but still fabricates parts for the cars that still exist. This company sold cars for civilians and the Portuguese army, my family used to have a couple and I love them dearly. UMM happened to fabricate cars for British roads and I’ve been searching for a model to buy for some months. A now friend of mine, Tom Dooley who’s hobby is collecting vehicles knows of 2 that are being sold, took a look at them are they are really battered, could get them for a very low price but then it would require to replace many parts, get a new paint etc. It’s something I will do some day, a few years from now, but at this moment I need a car that I can get the keys for, just start it up and go where I need to.

By the way, this is how a UMM Alter looks like:

  • As you can see is had closed and open variations, armament comes separately. 🙂


But as I’ve been unable to find a UMM that’s been well taken care of in the UK, there’s another particular vehicle that caught my attention last year and that happens to be for sale.

At TankFest 2015, Jingles and I got some transport issues and we’ve met one of you, an Ex-tanker (Roy aka Dogsbody) who immediately offered to drive us to the hotel where we were staying and back to where we live and the whole time, I was enjoying how good his car felt and sounded. Well that car, a Range Rover happens to be for sale and pretty sure it’s what I will be getting.

This is the photo available so far (will be posting on social media when I get more):


Is a bit thirsty, has a 4.6 litre V8 petrol but I may get it fitted for something that will suck half the fuel. It’s in really good condition and on top of that it received some extra work. It’s an old Range Rover but I find older cars to have more charm. 🙂

My only concern is the insurance… getting some of the guys to look that form me and get me the best deal possible.

It will definitely go anywhere and can carry a great deal, can be expensive if it breaks but it’s a durable good car. My friend wouldn’t sell it to me if he knew the thing isn’t reliable.

Please have in mind, I won’t be driving it on the daily basis as I work from home, this vehicle will be mostly used for close by studies and social reasons, thing is, usually where I socialize is around tank events/farms and the roads can be quite rough at times, I don’t want a “city car” that will end up with square wheels each time I try to hang out with friends.

Also, I’m used to driving things bigger than this RR, my sole driving experience, as an adult, consists of APCs and Tanks, being in a small car really makes me feel uncomfortable and I’m seriously afraid of getting hurt if I get a small one.

-The friend is giving me a sweet deal: 1500 Pounds.

What do you think about it?

Thanks for your patience.


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