MS74 Series 2A torpedo boat: War Thunder Naval Forces

Good day everyone, today we have been shown another addition to the Italian naval forces in the form of the MS74 Series 2A torpedo boat. This is a lesser known torpedo boat used by the Italian navy and has a unique story behind it too. These boats originate from captured Yugoslavian torpedo boats which were seized in 1941. After some testing by the Regia Marina they were deemed superior to the MAS 500 series used by the Italians and immediately ordered 18. These boats were split into 2 families (each consisting of 18 boats), a 1942 series and a 1943 series which we see being added in this devblog.

In War Thunder the MS74 Series 2A comes as an all rounder, being armed with 4 torpedoes: 2x 533mm and 2x 450mm, 5 20mm cannons: a Breda 20mm in the bow and a Flakvierling 38 located to the rear and finally 12 depth charges. In terms of speed it can reach up to 35 knots and can easily get itself into a good position. However it should be noted it as with all torpedo boats it has a very limited complement, in this case of 19 crew and so it can be taken out of the fight quickly with well placed shots.

So with this addition we can expect the Italians to be coming to the Naval Forces CBT soon as they now have all the elements to take part in the test, these being: a destroyer, a torpedo boat, a fighter and a torpedo bomber.

Hope you all have a good day and will see you all again with the next devblog.

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MS74 Series 2A torpedo boat: War Thunder Naval Forces

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  1. Joe Colangelo says:

    You never see or hear much about Italian equipment, But this Torpedo boat I would love to know more about. all the techs.

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