MTLS-1G14 Supertest update

This update consists of a Tankinspector stats screen shot of the currently in game tank and one in Russian and one more render screen shot. I overlaid the Russian captions with captions from the English version.

now the render and original Russian stats from WoT Express.


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MTLS-1G14 Supertest update

16 thoughts on “MTLS-1G14 Supertest update

    1. DIADTEC says:

      It’s either going to be an ultimate seal clubber like the pz 2 j in a $100 bundle or completely lackluster. Either way a filthy purchase

  1. mirotordaji says:

    what is so special about this? it is not a new tank…..Jingles did a video on it about 5 years ago…..and it fired both of its guns even back then

  2. We got this little monster over on console for free a few times now and it is fine even at tier 4 in a lot of situations and can pen a few fives with its premium rounds. If you get to be top tier however it simply shreds most tanks to pieces (in its current form). Looking at the stat changes though, it seems they are taking away what makes it so special in the first place: the burst potential.

  3. This was given out for free on WoT Console few weeks ago as a xmas gift tank for completing a simple mission. It’s an ok tank. Looks like the supertest stats have made it faster but nerfed the gun dpm. On the flip-side the Console version of the PZ2J has nerfed armor complared to the pc version, think its like 80/50/50 (front/side/rear) on Console and like 80/80/80 on pc?

  4. DickHerMax says:

    So all the “dual gun” thing will be about it being only visual? No any change to the mechanics?

    Or are you guys using a couple of patches outdated Tank Inspector which does not even support Bonds/Directives for now to scan on tanks with newly implemented/redone mechanics? 🙂

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