Multi-Threaded Rendering in WoT

At last the Potato PC player base is slowly upgrading.

The new version of the Core engine will support multi-threading. What is it? How does it work? And what does it mean for players? Watch this to find out and leave your comments!

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Multi-Threaded Rendering in WoT

17 thoughts on “Multi-Threaded Rendering in WoT

  1. I’m running a nine year old I5 2500k, aircoolded at 4GHz, resulting in lush 58 degrees under 100% load … upgraded last year to a new GPU, GTX 1060 6GB, put a morphesII on it, wont go over 60° too …..

    Even if I push the WoT engine to the max (via drivers: max Render quality, extra AF, ingame: max details) I get heavenly figures despite, this sys doesnt seem to break a sweat within 60fps!!

    When they improve effectiveness further, I might look into running this game at 120fps with my setup.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My 2013 PC I used for work (at home) Intel Duo Core 2.4mhz & Nvidia 2GB 790 & 16GB ram
    — still has no trouble running WOT with game settings mostly on Ultra rest on Maximum a few turned off tracks smoke etc get average 80fps

    Got a new gaming PC last year maxed it out to last another 5 ~ 6 years
    Intel i7 8 core & NVidia GTX 1070 Ti 8GB Gaming & 24GB Ram, new mobo etc
    Does it run the Ruskie/ Polish fan base potato graphics of WOT any better?

    Not really .. 100fps is cool WOT graphics setting all on Ultra, really don’t look that much better imo

    upgrading a PC for WOT is pretty much a waste of money when most Ruskie & Polish players are running PC’s that are 10+ years old and most don’t have a decent GPU Card
    )) cannot blame those people btw, food & bills & jobs more important

    1. Anonymous says:

      I ran WOT before the 1.0 Update at around 140 FPS with a 1060 and an I5 4590 running at 3.3. Got 8 Gigs of ram, wanna upgrade the CPU some day, but cba really.

      Now with that damned 1.0 update that was supposed to have no changes in preformance, I run at 90, some people say I shouldn’t complain, but its still a massive drop of preformance.

  3. Prayos says:

    so its a performance upgrade for anyone who is cpu bottlenecked, which means the lowest of the lowest. my 8700k is not even passing the 20% utilization mark, load is already quite balanced on all cores. so no performance improvement to be expected…

  4. Anonymous says:

    … send new engine is running well enough.

    How about…

    Reworking the only 10 year old piece of software remaining in world of tanks???

    The CHATSYSTEM is older than ICQ at this point! it’s a broken and barely functional mess allowing for no social features other than toxicity.

    Compare this to the likes of EVE Online.

    It’s comparing a bicycle to a rocket.
    And I’m not even talking about the spaceships here, but the fact that wargaming is out of touch with functionality.

    1. Nameless says:

      What are you talking about? It functions perfectly.
      If teammate says “suck dick” I can reply back “fuck your mother.” Does it work as intended? Yes 😉

      But seriously, out of all things that need an upgrade, the game chat is least deserving. Other than the fact that there’s no global aka interteam chat, there is no problem with it.

  5. TTG1 says:

    Ah, reinventing the wheel. Multi-threaded support was added to WOT about 2-3 years ago. So it seems, they throw it out with rework to 1.0, therefore so big performance drop. (And they kept saying people to buy SSD drive, because WOT 1.0 is more demanding). Only lack of serious arcade tank competition and stealing monetary money to cyprus allows such fucked-up company to exist.

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