Murazor on 9.17 Premium Tanks

Good day everyone,

Murazor has made a few posts regarding the upcoming changes to Tier 8 premium tanks in the upcoming 9.17 update:

– First off, these are early setups.Tests may sho the need for further changes.

-“Why no changes to the Super Pershing”? Well, the SP is a budget premium, and we’re lucky that its as great as it is for 7k gold. Can a 7k tank be the same as a 12k tank? I think the answers obvious.

-So far we’re only touching tanks that have real problems that we know how to fix. There are plenty of T-44-100s and T-54 Mod. 1s for which there are no simple solutions. We haven’t forgotten them, and will test various solutions.

-WZ-111 and 112. The 111 is more agile, more confortable gun, less armor. The 112 is slow, less confortable gun, more armor. Prior to this they where nearly identical, now they play differently, which is what we wanted.

-I think the changes to the Revalorisé are clear enough.

-STA-2 is now getting a normal top speed for a ST, and a better engine. It should now match the other Japanese tanks.

– Top speed of the FV4202 is brought up to match the Centurions. We’ve also adjusted the shell price to increase profitability.

-While we’ve increased the armor values of the front plated and side armor, the Lowe can also tank with the new overmatch mechanics. The turret also, though that had been good previously. We had considered some proposals for mobility.

-Angles for the Panther 8.8 have been adjusted to -8 like the Panther 2. Fixes to the model have been made for this.







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