Murazor Q&A


just finished translating a Q&A from Murazor with Ctacello’s help, its been a  long day:


-Soon, there will be a new interesting German tank.

-”I Can’t talk about Italian tanks atm.”

-The Swedish tanks will come in the end of the year, its no secret.

-The Krupp-the Steyr Waffenträger will be released before the end of this year, just not sure when.

-The Scorpion wasn’t originally planned to become permanent in the store.

-Ranked battles are being worked on.

-We have been conducting some work on a mode to train noobs.

-Panther 8.8 needs fixing, its has some specific problems like gun elevation.

-SU-76i will never be sold again.

-AMX M4 mle 49 is ready.

-On the rebalance, work continues.

-About Light Tanks, some interesting information will be coming in the next few months.

-The T-54 Prot. needs fixing too.

-The new mode has been already presented, I like it, its very cheerful and fun and I think you will like it. The map is also very beautiful like all the maps in the game but with some extra atmosphere. It’s a very creative mode.

-”Marathons will never be in-game”

-There is confidence in the upcoming Personal Missions.

-Tier 3 and 4 Light Tanks won’t be nerfed.

-Kirovets-1 and Object 777 have been shelved.

-FV215b will be replaced eventually.

-The AMX 13 57 needs some tweaks too.

-There are no plans to fix the commander/loader situation on the Skorpion.

-A nerf for the Skorpion is not planned.

-There is an idea to simply make slow tanks faster, I’ve talked about this with Slava Makarov.

– Murazor agrees that the VK 45.02(A) is a problematic tank.

-The Lor 40t replacement is a much more comfortable tank to play.

-Tier 5 premiums are problematic and need to be solved.

-IS-6 is currently better than all other tanks of the same tier but not as much as the M6A2E1.

-Strv Suspension will happen.

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Murazor Q&A

60 thoughts on “Murazor Q&A

  1. lallau says:

    hey rita, i’m not aware where i can ask questions to WG, so if u can tell me, thanks. You can also ask them:

    Why you (WG) dont make monthly changes on the game (if they really want to sell their ‘e-sport’ flag) in order to bring real dynamic to the game, some tanks feel like garbage after the time and effort you spent on that line just to find out that there is OP tanks at tier X and that my ‘selling point’ is not that good (huge damage), feels just that i’m being punished for trying to focus on one style (jg.pz E100)

    1. Maybe the events like we have on Console, earning points or XP over a certain amount of time to complete ops and earn premiums, EG the Motherland, the AMX CDC and the Hammer

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        It’s not the term “marathon” that confused me. PC players did have those in the past as well. Maybe he meant that there will be “no more marathons”?

    2. Kyros says:

      Marathons will most likely not appear anymore. Thats the right statement.

      For snowflakes:
      Marathon = The Missions WG give to be able to get a Tier 8 or less premium Tank. Like the T26E4, the T34, the IS-6, the WZ-111 missions that you missed.

  2. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    – Murazor agrees that the VK 45.02(A) is a problematic tank.

    uhh… why? The tank is perfectly fine, its great if you play it right

      1. Anonymous says:

        We’re talking about the tier 8 tank, the one that’s pretty much a Tiger II that’s worse in every way except acceleration.

      2. Melvin says:

        Iirc the vka was the one with tissue paper armor and had someokay mobility, the top 105 on it is also the one before Tiger II’s top 105
        I fail to see how it is gamebreaking
        Vkb is obviously strong with that frontal armor

      3. you have it backwards, VKa and VKb both are only meant to have 80mm of frontal armor historically, neither of them should be at tier 8 or 9, they should be one tank, VK45.02 (with 2 hull configurations) at tier 7 at most, WG just fucked up the German line about as hard as they fucked up the US turreted TD line

      4. Uuuhhh says:

        They actually have a tier 7 vk45.02b. It’s the vk45.02 (p) b7 with the historical armor and the 8.8 L/71gun. It just hasn’t really been discussed, but it’s on the armor inspector app. Hull is 80/80/80 Turret is 100/80/80.

      5. That is because there was a time when the VK45.02b was going to be replaced with a historical prototype for the Maus call the Mauschen, when that happened the VK45.02b was going to become a premium tier 7 HT with historical armor.

        However everyone complained about the Mauschen’s armor (Hull armor: 200/180/? Turret armor: 250/200/? ) and the planned swap was scrapped. Even though the armor is actually worse then the Type 4.

        Strictly speaking they could merge the VK45.02a and b into 1 tank but have different hull (A hull front turret, B hull rear turret), drop it to tier 7, introduce the VK100.01 “Mammut” into tier 8, have the Mauschen at tier 9 and then the Maus at tier 10

    1. димо says:

      don’ t you think it needs better gun depression, a bit more speed and some more armor… well too many things lacking

  3. Tyrud says:

    “A nerf for the Skorpion is not planned.”

    Are people really already asking for nerfs on this tank? I doubt they’d ever nerf a premium that just came out, as then the incentive to buy it wouldn’t be as high.

  4. Anonymous says:

    -Soon, there will be a new interesting German tank.
    -The Krupp-the Steyr Waffenträger will be released before the end of this year, just not sure when.

    let me guess….

  5. Xavier says:

    “-IS-6 is currently better than all other tanks of the same tier but not as much as the M6A2E1.”

    Good to know. When I encounter an M6A2E1 once every 3k battles, I’ll be sure to know that its better than the IS-6, which I see multiple in every battle

      1. wolvenworks says:

        but then ppl will buy it and it’ll be something like the Type 59/E-25 zergs again….do you REALLY want Aliens flooding t8 battles?

    1. Blizzard36 says:

      Yeah, IS-6 has been outperforming pretty much everything in tier and class for 2 years. And yet hasn’t been pulled from the store? No, no Russian bias here! They’ve even bypassed 2 viable replacement tanks in the IS-5 and IS-3A. Just can’t bring themselves to kill the cash cow I guess.

    2. The reason the Mutant M6 performs “better” than the IS-6 is due to the fact that only super veterans drive it. So on equal footing, noob vs veteran, who will win?

      Unfortunately I started playing WOT too late to get it.

      1. SomeGuy says:

        As someone who has an Mutant, it’s okayish. If you’re top tier, you can dominate with any help at all from your team (hull sides and rear are paper, and gun doesn’t reload fast enough to stop dedicated flankers). If you’re bottom tier, most T9 heavies and TDs will blow straight through your front armor with gold. It’s certainly not a bad tank by any means, but I’d strongly debate that the IS-6 isn’t better.

  6. Synvy says:

    “Strv suspension will happen”.


    “Strv suspension will hap…”

    😐 …

    “Strv suspenn…”

    WAT? Doesn’t sound WG at all

    1. Comrade Jonboy says:

      Umm… what’s hard to understand? The pneumatic suspension of the swedish Strv (S-Tank) that tilts the entire hull in order to aim up or down over ridges. He says they’re going to actually implement it this time, unlike with the STB’s which have a similar suspension in real life but not in game…

  7. Muhamad Adhi says:

    -IS-6 is currently better than all other tanks of the same tier but not as much as the M6A2E1.

    Premium tank, maybe.
    But including regular tank? My IS-3 says hi. Managed to bounce many shot from a clueless IS-6 while my BL-9 cut him like a butter.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      a T34 can outkill an IS6 too, given that i have a cover to hulldown, and that IS6 is stupid enough as usual to not flank

    2. whitesample says:

      IS6 is a pedo tank which is currently good on tier 9 despite having 175pen.
      ISS 3 is unbalanced because russian bias:
      (Trollish armor, is small, bouncy turret, good soft stats, decent rof, 390 alpha)
      T34 is fine, as long as you arent trading with them and their turrets.

      Now… the most game breaking tier VIII heavy tank: The Lowe. (its actually very baaaaaad, you can say that it can do anything… well, its the same now for the skorpion panther and the autoIS3 given the pen values they have… also, ANYONE can snipe nowadays so accuracy is useless on it and the ROF is horrible)

  8. ApolloF117 says:

    “-There are no plans to fix the commander/loader situation on the Skorpion.”
    can’t find where is the problem in there

    someone halp, or is that a problem if i was killed a skorpion with 1 he shot and killed everything in it? i was also in a skorpion 😀

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s cause the crew layout doesn’t work with the german TD line (I think especially the Borsig) because they have both and commander AND loader

  9. septfox says:

    “-Tier 3 and 4 Light Tanks won’t be nerfed.”
    Of course not, they’ll be “rebalanced”…and it’ll just so happen that they’ll be worse off. ‘specially the Luchs.

    “-Tier 5 premiums are problematic and need to be solved.”
    The Matilda IV is an easy fix; give it the gun penetration values that your silly pubstomping premium KV has, a ground resistance buff, and maybe a mild speed limit boost to reflect its slightly-less-mediocre-than-the-Matilda II power to weight. Boom, suddenly it can actually hurt almost everything it meets reliably and doesn’t show up when everyone else has already died uselessly.

  10. Synvy (Tea) says:

    “Strv suspension will happen”.


    “Strv suspension will…”.


    “Strv suspension…”


  11. qqq says:

    “The map is also very beautiful like all the maps in the game…” This guy is either high/drunk/blind/all of the above or there has been an error in the translation.

  12. malkowitch says:

    “-A nerf for the Skorpion is not planned.”
    Ofc it is not. You have to sell it a proper amount. Then suddenly you gonna notice its OP.

  13. what about a comments about the Game issues like Server Lags, Countdown errors etc…
    Would be much more helpfull than sitting it out and promoting new stuff, when the whole game is not working.

  14. Talking of special German tanks are we going to get a german rudy. Give us a Sven Hassel 131 penal bat Tiger tank, with Sven, Tiny, Porta as the crew. Could even have Stalin the Cat or Rasputin the bear. Premium consumable could be on of Porta’s cooking delights.

  15. Anonymous says:

    -AMX M4 mle 49 is ready.

    Good. Maybe we’ll see it in the shop within the year?

    -A nerf for the Skorpion is not planned.

    Lol, why would they nerf it when it’s probably selling like pancakes, you meet them so often in high tier matches.

  16. Anonymous says:

    what about the personal missions; i am pretty far with the t55a ( only have to do the mission 15s; what if i dont make it on time?

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Tier 5 premiums are problematic and need to be solved” – What does it imply? Is it too weak or too OP? My dear Chi-nu-Kai. What is wrong…

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