Murazor Q&A


just finished translating a Q&A from Murazor with Ctacello’s help, its been a  long day:


-Soon, there will be a new interesting German tank.

-”I Can’t talk about Italian tanks atm.”

-The Swedish tanks will come in the end of the year, its no secret.

-The Krupp-the Steyr Waffenträger will be released before the end of this year, just not sure when.

-The Scorpion wasn’t originally planned to become permanent in the store.

-Ranked battles are being worked on.

-We have been conducting some work on a mode to train noobs.

-Panther 8.8 needs fixing, its has some specific problems like gun elevation.

-SU-76i will never be sold again.

-AMX M4 mle 49 is ready.

-On the rebalance, work continues.

-About Light Tanks, some interesting information will be coming in the next few months.

-The T-54 Prot. needs fixing too.

-The new mode has been already presented, I like it, its very cheerful and fun and I think you will like it. The map is also very beautiful like all the maps in the game but with some extra atmosphere. It’s a very creative mode.

-”Marathons will never be in-game”

-There is confidence in the upcoming Personal Missions.

-Tier 3 and 4 Light Tanks won’t be nerfed.

-Kirovets-1 and Object 777 have been shelved.

-FV215b will be replaced eventually.

-The AMX 13 57 needs some tweaks too.

-There are no plans to fix the commander/loader situation on the Skorpion.

-A nerf for the Skorpion is not planned.

-There is an idea to simply make slow tanks faster, I’ve talked about this with Slava Makarov.

– Murazor agrees that the VK 45.02(A) is a problematic tank.

-The Lor 40t replacement is a much more comfortable tank to play.

-Tier 5 premiums are problematic and need to be solved.

-IS-6 is currently better than all other tanks of the same tier but not as much as the M6A2E1.

-Strv Suspension will happen.

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