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Good day everyone,

Something we haven’t seen in a while, a Q&A! This comes from a video posted on Murazor’s personal Youtube channel, so not anything official from WG, but it does contain some relevant info.

Is Murazor able to change the game himself?

People mistakenly assume that I am the head of the balance department. And although I had my part in turning some of the foreheads in technology trees and had a direct impact on some aspects of the game – I am not responsible for global changes in the game itself. This is what Slava Makarov does.

What is behind some changes? For example, why did Japanese heavy tanks receive high-caliber howitzers?

Japanese heavy tanks were not very eagerly played before this change, and the main reason was to encourage players to play them and give them uniqueness. We decided on this type of weaponry in reference to the Japanese Navy. Many people have rated these changes as bad and not many players want to have these tanks as opponents, but I believe that the only thing that is so strong in them is the armor in certain places. My experience with these tanks is that they will only fire once before they are destroyed by enemies. A certain death is, for example, a medium tank approaching our side – because these tanks do not cope best in a face-to-face battle.

Will the tanks with preferential MM be changed?

Here I must strongly emphasize that I have very little to say when it comes to final decisions regarding changes in these tanks. Personally, I am concerned that the limited MM must be removed from all tanks with preferential MM, buffs. Such E-25 does not need changes, on the other hand KV-5 needs more armor and it works better if it has to fight against tiers X. Both of these tanks have limited MM, but each requires a different type of balance. Of course, changes in vehicle statistics are simple to implement, but there is also a legal aspect to such changes. It’s best to ask Slavy about it.

What exactly do you do at WG?

What I do is an interesting subject for conversation, it is worth mentioning here that the name of my positions and what I do in WG do not necessarily go hand in hand. I answer questions, make minor decisions. Maybe I will make immediate decisions in the future.

How was the Object 268 v. 4 introduced?

My only connection with this tank is its appearance. I was tasked with finding a potential replacement and decided that this vehicle looks potentially easy to balance, and by the way looks good. I had nothing to do with his balancing. I played it and I personally do not claim that it is an OP – rather that it is unusual. Looking at the WR statistics, I can say that it is a good vehicle, so you know, as you know after the supertests – it will be changed. His playing style will not change, but the main features of this vehicle will be deteriorated. I do not understand why this cry and gnashing of teeth in connection with this tank. Good frontal armor, but easy to pierce from the side. No vehicle is a problem and many maps offering tunnel gameplay.

Have your views changed since you work in WG?

Yes, since I see how it works from the inside. Although it’s not that I think the game is perfect or something. I believe that it has become better. A lot of people say the opposite, but it seems to me that it is better than it was, especially after the introduction of version 1.0 – the game has been refreshed. Some maps are not the best balanced – welcome to a real world where nothing is perfect.

If you could change one thing in the game, what would it be?

If I had to make a choice – I would bust Tiger II. E-100 has a good armor, E-75 too and Tiger II is a pile. It does not fulfill its role as a heavy tank. His armor is historical, so too drastic changes could be a challenge.

In conclusion, I will add that – with some exceptions – tier tanks 8, 9 and 10 are competitive and have truly tragic tanks at these levels. Many people ask about WZ-111 5A and Super Conqueror. WZ is a very good tank in the hands of a good player, but it is easier to penetrate its armor than the IS-7. Super Conqueror when hull is unfeasible, but as soon as reveal sides or bottom plate can be easily excluded from the game. The same FV 4005 Stage 2 – very sensitive to fire. Balancing such a huge game is extremely difficult. It’s like trying to do something impossible, though we can try. The same applies to premium ammunition. If we took her, it would probably be a great cry. For such a large company such a step is very dangerous. As a result – global changes can take longer.


Translation from Reddit

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Murazor Q&A

49 thoughts on “Murazor Q&A

  1. DickHerMax says:

    TLDR version:
    — I don’t know much.
    — It wasn’t me.
    — I don’t see any problem with that.
    — Things are now better, not worse, you fools!
    — Welcome to the world where nothing is perfect, so blame life, not us.

  2. “If I had to make a choice – I would bust Tiger II. E-100 has a good armor, E-75 too and Tiger II is a pile. It does not fulfill its role as a heavy tank. His armor is historical, so too drastic changes could be a challenge.” – Wrong. The Tiger II’s turret is not historical. 40mm in game, 42mm in history. Try again.

    1. Even with the 2mm difference, the Tiger 2’s armour profile is mostly historical. The same with most of the vehicles in this game before the Murazor (or he claims otherwise) and the rest of the balance team decide to make armour a balanceable stat.

      This change caused a shift in balance. Tanks that should not be armoured gets over-armoured. The one thing the fucktard balance teams should have done from the very beginning before even touching the armour stat was to fucking rebalance premium ammo.

      Despite many defenders to this broken mechanic, premium ammo was never a factor when this game was balanced since Closed Beta. The change to allow it to be bought for credits turned this true and true pay to win item, with all the negatives such an item gives to any game, into a broken mechanic which tossed balance out the window.

      Armour as a stat should be returned to how it was before where it is kept as historical as possible. This gives a fixed baseline to balance vehicles up from. There are many hard and soft stats that can be changed to accommodate armour as a fixed historical value.

      But back to the Tiger 2, what should be done is to not fuck with its armour. What can be done is to revert the engine nerfs it, and the other German cats received. Mobility should be something most vehicles would have a good amount of apart from those that are super armoured. But vehicles like the Tiger 2 without excessive armour should get better mobility. If other vehicles in this game can get unhistorical modules that buffs its ability, then so should the Tiger 2, and other German cats get unhistorical upgrades to its engines.

      Alternatively, buff its gun characteristics. Improve DPM and gun handling.

  3. Infernal969 says:

    1. Obj. 268 v4 is not OP, but we’ll nerf it because “stupid” players whine too much.
    2. We made shit maps because life is hard.
    3. The problem with KV-5 is obviously the armor, not the pisspoor gun.
    4. I die in the first minute in my Type 5.
    5. If a S.Conq., WZ 111 5A or 268 v4 is OP you should flank them with your Maus, why do you expect us to balance things?
    6. We know Tiger 2 is a turd but refuse to do anything except buffing the most useless stats.
    7. We take forever to do anything, because we are afraid of making Victor slightly less rich.
    8. Slava Makarov is the one ruining the game, not me!

    And nothing about the thing that completely ruins the game – the absolutely retarded 3/5/7 MM.

      1. Yomir says:

        english is my fourth language that I learned. Don’t expect everyone to be a master at it right away.

  4. Nameless says:

    Yes, I can agree with him that the Obj. 268 v4 is not OP.
    Having 57% global WR is nothing compared to their initial guesstimate of 75%.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Never before have I seen someone so out of touch. It’s simply a miracle he is in the same dimension as us, considering he must be coming from another one where, somehow, the 268 v4 is balanced and Type5s are not cancer!

    1. Karasu says:

      Have you been around long enough to know the history of how that guy – and others in WG – have been replying to their playerbase over the years? With utter disrespect and generally being assholes.

      With attitude such as theirs, one simply can’t expect but to get same sort of disrespect back. They certainly have earned it.

      …And what has been said here in the comments is completely true. Most of us have tried to be constructive, positive and give them a chance. But over the years bitterness, sarcasm and insults is what you get for being a) such an asshole towards your community and b) obviously incompetent and oblivious of your own product.

      TL;DR: Every salty comment he gets is well earned.

  6. hhahahaah says:

    I play the superconq like a complete retard in solopubs and pull 60% @ 3800dpg. in every other tank I have to work my ass off to achieve this.

    ITS BALANCED DOE!! THE SIDES R EZ TO PEN DOE. yeah? who cares. i’ll dpm your sweet ass while you shoot me. I don’t care, I can trade and win. but lets not talk about that.

  7. bbmoose says:

    I simply don’t get how ignorant those guys at WG are. How can they not understand why everyone complains about the Bobject and the Type 4/5? Shit like that makes high tier gameplay stupid and dumb, especially in the current corridor meta.

  8. Shadow hunter says:

    “I do not understand why this cry and gnashing of teeth in connection with this tank. Good frontal armor, but easy to pierce from the side. No vehicle is a problem and many maps offering tunnel gameplay.”

    This is why the game has been going downhill since 2011

  9. Dez says:

    Who is this Murazor? I dont want be rude but this Murazor monkey…. oh god… please dont post something what he said… he is more cringe than Grinch

  10. banjoman150 says:

    How to balance KV5: Give it APCR with 219pen as standard and 260 heat pen. Frontal weakpot turrets get 200mm frontaly and 160 at the sides. Lowerplate gets nerfed from 180 to 160mm.

    Accuracy buff to 0.38

    Remove preferencial MM

  11. “Is Murazor able to change the game himself?”

    “This is what Slava Makarov does.”

    Okay, Purge him first, then Purge Murazor for calling him out… Nah, that would be too 1936, but WG, you need to change some things, this QA is worse then a day in the House of Commons, when questions are asked, you make them being answered by someone who actualy has, you know, WG, knowlage of what is meta in the game and… maybe plays the game himself… goddamn, this QA is freaking comedy GOLD… oh, no, that is ANOTHER PROBLEM WG WONT FIX, SHIT…

  12. Erastmus says:

    This guy shows that they are totally disconnected from their own game.. and from reality too, by the sound of it.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      what’s wrong with reality disconnection? it’s an essential skill for game development. being too grounded in reality will not give you game ideas.

  13. Anonymous says:

    He said flank the obj 268- v4! Does he even play the himself? That TD traverses and moves like a light tank, what kinda moron this guy is?

    1. wolvenworks says:

      well it’s murazor….he has the licence to shitpost….basically, your arguement is mostly invalid in the face of murazor

  14. Anonymous says:

    No offend , but guy who wrote this is an idiot … 268 v4 has awesome side armor .. id rather shoot at the maus .. At least he said that some maps arent quite balanced .. here , ill help you .. fjords , sand river assault .. i got brain damage after reading stuff that guy wrote so i cant name more maps 🙂

  15. wolvenworks says:

    “The same applies to premium ammunition. If we took her, it would probably be a great cry”

    let them cry. then you know how many people stay for the tanks and gameplay, and how many left because they cannot “skill” other better, more competent players in hightier. in the opinion that removing gold shells would make hightier less of a daycare and more of an actual manly battleground.

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