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Something we haven’t seen in a while, a Q&A! This comes from a video posted on Murazor’s personal Youtube channel, so not anything official from WG, but it does contain some relevant info.

Is Murazor able to change the game himself?

People mistakenly assume that I am the head of the balance department. And although I had my part in turning some of the foreheads in technology trees and had a direct impact on some aspects of the game – I am not responsible for global changes in the game itself. This is what Slava Makarov does.

What is behind some changes? For example, why did Japanese heavy tanks receive high-caliber howitzers?

Japanese heavy tanks were not very eagerly played before this change, and the main reason was to encourage players to play them and give them uniqueness. We decided on this type of weaponry in reference to the Japanese Navy. Many people have rated these changes as bad and not many players want to have these tanks as opponents, but I believe that the only thing that is so strong in them is the armor in certain places. My experience with these tanks is that they will only fire once before they are destroyed by enemies. A certain death is, for example, a medium tank approaching our side – because these tanks do not cope best in a face-to-face battle.

Will the tanks with preferential MM be changed?

Here I must strongly emphasize that I have very little to say when it comes to final decisions regarding changes in these tanks. Personally, I am concerned that the limited MM must be removed from all tanks with preferential MM, buffs. Such E-25 does not need changes, on the other hand KV-5 needs more armor and it works better if it has to fight against tiers X. Both of these tanks have limited MM, but each requires a different type of balance. Of course, changes in vehicle statistics are simple to implement, but there is also a legal aspect to such changes. It’s best to ask Slavy about it.

What exactly do you do at WG?

What I do is an interesting subject for conversation, it is worth mentioning here that the name of my positions and what I do in WG do not necessarily go hand in hand. I answer questions, make minor decisions. Maybe I will make immediate decisions in the future.

How was the Object 268 v. 4 introduced?

My only connection with this tank is its appearance. I was tasked with finding a potential replacement and decided that this vehicle looks potentially easy to balance, and by the way looks good. I had nothing to do with his balancing. I played it and I personally do not claim that it is an OP – rather that it is unusual. Looking at the WR statistics, I can say that it is a good vehicle, so you know, as you know after the supertests – it will be changed. His playing style will not change, but the main features of this vehicle will be deteriorated. I do not understand why this cry and gnashing of teeth in connection with this tank. Good frontal armor, but easy to pierce from the side. No vehicle is a problem and many maps offering tunnel gameplay.

Have your views changed since you work in WG?

Yes, since I see how it works from the inside. Although it’s not that I think the game is perfect or something. I believe that it has become better. A lot of people say the opposite, but it seems to me that it is better than it was, especially after the introduction of version 1.0 – the game has been refreshed. Some maps are not the best balanced – welcome to a real world where nothing is perfect.

If you could change one thing in the game, what would it be?

If I had to make a choice – I would bust Tiger II. E-100 has a good armor, E-75 too and Tiger II is a pile. It does not fulfill its role as a heavy tank. His armor is historical, so too drastic changes could be a challenge.

In conclusion, I will add that – with some exceptions – tier tanks 8, 9 and 10 are competitive and have truly tragic tanks at these levels. Many people ask about WZ-111 5A and Super Conqueror. WZ is a very good tank in the hands of a good player, but it is easier to penetrate its armor than the IS-7. Super Conqueror when hull is unfeasible, but as soon as reveal sides or bottom plate can be easily excluded from the game. The same FV 4005 Stage 2 – very sensitive to fire. Balancing such a huge game is extremely difficult. It’s like trying to do something impossible, though we can try. The same applies to premium ammunition. If we took her, it would probably be a great cry. For such a large company such a step is very dangerous. As a result – global changes can take longer.


Translation from Reddit

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