Murazor Q&A


Murazor, has answered a couple of questions which I’ve translated together with my comrade Ctacello:


-Are there any plans for the Panther 8.8 or any other Premium vehicle with low statistics? -Yes we have some plans for Panther 8.8.

-Will Rampage make a comeback? -Maybe in the future, after the global rebalance.

-What about the Type 59? -No plans for now.

-Can you tell us something about the global rebalance, like its development stage and when we will see it? -No dates yet (RG: It’s planned to come around this summer, at least the more detailed info on it)

-Does WG works slow as you anticipated or is just how it looks from an external point of view? -Many departments are working inefficiently, it’s a management problem.

-What will happen with the KV-5? How will it be buffed? -Plans meant for the KV-5 are not yet finalized, I cant tell you how it will be changed.

-Tell us, why WG is not paying enough attention to the Chinese tanks? They all suck! Why all the Chinese tree and mostly the top tiers (113 and 121) wont get buffed??? -113 and 121 got buffed recently.

-Is WG really working on WoT 2.0? Why? They should concentrate only on WoT… -We are 2 different teams.

-When will maps like Malinovka, Prohorovka, Fiery Salient, Westfield, Redshire be removed? -We have no plans for it right now.

-Will CZ tanks get nerfed hard like the T-22? -We haven’t decided on the CZ changes yet but I think they will be nerfed (Murazor thinks that tier 9 and 10 must be nerfed and 8 lvl must be buffed)

-Why wont you give the Lowe a DPM like the Tiger II! -Player keeps on whining various reasons he things Lowe sucks -Maybe in the global rebalance we could do some changes to the Lowe.

-Will 88 l/56 APCR get buffed from 171 to 191? -Not in 9.15.

-Murazor says that the Patton 59 buff was his work.

-Do you have plans to visit Russia in 2016 (in WG events like Igromir)? -Maybe I will go to Igromir.

-When you will be back home (Russia)? -I will be living in Cyprus for the next few years (RG: Shame…)

-Can I sell you my account? It has: T-34, IS-7, Bat. Chat. 10k 52%+ -Tomorrow I will ask Kisliy, maybe he can buy it, thank me later.

– Murazor what will happen next? – We all die, but not at once.


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