Murazor Q&A


Murazor, has answered a couple of questions which I’ve translated together with my comrade Ctacello:


-Are there any plans for the Panther 8.8 or any other Premium vehicle with low statistics? -Yes we have some plans for Panther 8.8.

-Will Rampage make a comeback? -Maybe in the future, after the global rebalance.

-What about the Type 59? -No plans for now.

-Can you tell us something about the global rebalance, like its development stage and when we will see it? -No dates yet (RG: It’s planned to come around this summer, at least the more detailed info on it)

-Does WG works slow as you anticipated or is just how it looks from an external point of view? -Many departments are working inefficiently, it’s a management problem.

-What will happen with the KV-5? How will it be buffed? -Plans meant for the KV-5 are not yet finalized, I cant tell you how it will be changed.

-Tell us, why WG is not paying enough attention to the Chinese tanks? They all suck! Why all the Chinese tree and mostly the top tiers (113 and 121) wont get buffed??? -113 and 121 got buffed recently.

-Is WG really working on WoT 2.0? Why? They should concentrate only on WoT… -We are 2 different teams.

-When will maps like Malinovka, Prohorovka, Fiery Salient, Westfield, Redshire be removed? -We have no plans for it right now.

-Will CZ tanks get nerfed hard like the T-22? -We haven’t decided on the CZ changes yet but I think they will be nerfed (Murazor thinks that tier 9 and 10 must be nerfed and 8 lvl must be buffed)

-Why wont you give the Lowe a DPM like the Tiger II! -Player keeps on whining various reasons he things Lowe sucks -Maybe in the global rebalance we could do some changes to the Lowe.

-Will 88 l/56 APCR get buffed from 171 to 191? -Not in 9.15.

-Murazor says that the Patton 59 buff was his work.

-Do you have plans to visit Russia in 2016 (in WG events like Igromir)? -Maybe I will go to Igromir.

-When you will be back home (Russia)? -I will be living in Cyprus for the next few years (RG: Shame…)

-Can I sell you my account? It has: T-34, IS-7, Bat. Chat. 10k 52%+ -Tomorrow I will ask Kisliy, maybe he can buy it, thank me later.

– Murazor what will happen next? – We all die, but not at once.


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Murazor Q&A

70 thoughts on “Murazor Q&A

    1. commanderINV says:

      because girls are not bros they dont get the jokes and they make the boys fight for her in the tank, MOST of all , boys dont like to take orders from a girly commander 😛

    2. jetcannon says:

      Well, it’s because they’ve been made different skills: “Brothers in Arms” and “Sisterhood of Steel”. As to why THAT was done, presumably they don’t want you “cheating” with your skill activations, i.e. you want the girls to give you an extra 5%, then you’re going to need a full team of them! 😛

      1. I already know about the different name skill, but in the end they are the same thing.
        its terrible at some points, Ive got a amx 13 90 , uses 3 crew members, 2 left, so I cant use it on any other tank, unless you use em for a shitty low tier.

      2. jetcannon says:

        Well it’s down to you what tanks you put the girls in, and if that doesn’t make for an easy 5-crew setup then there’s not much else to do except maybe train them for some other tank and wait to get the other girl crew members for it from other missions. :/

  1. Snow says:

    “121 and 113 got a buff a while back” what buff? .5 degrees more fun depression? Like that’s a buff at all

    1. KhaelaMensha says:

      Uh… didnt the 113 also get an insane 10% dpm buff? Like, it’s one of the highest dpms of all tier X heavies now.
      I’m too lazy to look up all the buffs right now, but it was more than just the depresh :p

  2. booh says:

    -Are there any plans for the Panther 8.8 or any other Premium vehicle with low statistics? -Yes we have some plans for Panther 8.8.
    /// isnt that the one with the broken hitbox?
    the “patched on backside” which isnt part of the damage model, but the visual one?

    “There are no crucial components in it, thats why it doesnt make damage” i heard about that matter.
    I say: if its even 1 mm of metal- it has to count.

    Or should tanks like WaffenTräger and Flakbus get a free pass, when ever you hit anything but the base (aka an module)

    – its just half assed work. Floating turret stile.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “Or should tanks like WaffenTräger and Flakbus get a free pass,”
      IMHO it should wreck the crew that is supposed to be there, but otherwise yes.
      But come on, We’ve all seen “free pass” through all kinds of tanks while WG says it doesnt happen 😀

  3. fighting_falcon93 says:

    – “When will maps like Malinovka, Prohorovka, Fiery Salient, Westfield, Redshire be removed? -We have no plans for it right now.”

    WTF??? These map are among the few maps that actually aren’t corridor maps, and people want them to be removed? *facepalm*

    1. Roland says:

      “Malinovka, Prohorovka, Fiery Salient, Westfield, Redshire” they are all camp fests, where most times if you try to “PLAY” you get rekt by 10 tanks that will remain unspotted, they are boring but they are “playable”. BUT, and a big one, if there are clickers, what a joy! They turn into the biggest shit ever, and there’s literally NOTHING you can do but camping, or pray for clickers to miss (that wont happen, since they are unbalanced as hell). They still don’t realize that the MAIN problem on maps, are clickers…. Well.. They do, but they need clickers for baddies…

      1. Klimax says:

        Are you talking about sniper TDs or SPGs? In case you are talking about SPGs, you should sometimes try to play them. You will quickly discover that hitting unmoving target is rather challenging unless you are driving one of those very precise close support SPGs (Bishop, FV304 and few others – and even techy can have frustrating number of misses if PRNG decides it hates you) There is big difference between skilled SPG player and “clicker”. Clickers need loads of luck and spam uselessly loads of ammo.

        On the other hand sniping camping TDs are just clickfests…

      2. lameminator says:

        Only if the scouts are retarded, which is true most of the time. And you better have at least 2 marks on your arties, and some op average damage per battle, otherwise you fail to prove that arties are op as hell.

      3. Reking says:

        If arties are killing you then you made a mistake. An arty will miss the circle comletely, on a fully aimed shot, about 1 out of 3 times. Maybe 1 out of 5 shots actually hits the mark. And this is all dependent on what your arty is sitting on. Is it level. You really have no clue about the game, or how terrible the camping would be without arties.

    2. Migsaec says:

      Half of Pro-howeveryouspellit-ka(and its variants) really needs a rework, the west side is just a complete campfest with the amount of bushes there, unless you have a scout ahead, you don’t see the enemy until its way too late. You’re either hidden or dead if you’re on the west flank, the moment you get spotted and you’re not getting out, you’re pretty much dead because there is almost always a few TDs sitting at the ends of the flank.
      Westfield is fine, though the east is very open on top of it facing a sea of trees in the middle(Which, with some spotting, leads to some spots in the east looking a lot like a shooting range from the trees).
      Malinovka’s only problem is that the field works only if there’s a scout brave enough to scout there, otherwise nobody touches the field, its a shooting range the moment someone is spotted across the field, with base defenders hugging the buildings and rocks.
      Redshire as it is right now is certainly better than before, though the hill/ridge is still quite a powerful location with good line of sight to places.

  4. James Chan says:

    So glad the Panther 8.8 Is getting some love, I feel like it is generally panned by the community

    1. It was nicknamed the Hitler Panther right before its release, so there is reason it is panned by a lot. That and it sucks compared to its German tier eight brothers Panther 2 and Inden panzer

  5. Th3Grimmi says:

    -Tell us, why WG is not paying enough attention to the Chinese tanks? They all suck! Why all the Chinese tree and mostly the top tiers (113 and 121) wont get buffed??? -113 and 121 got buffed recently.
    *kek, the chinese tanks are astonishingly awesome. I really enjoy my wz-132, wz-120, 121 and 113. I even had my two best battles in chinese tanks (Type59 and WZ-120 hard carry)*

    -Will CZ tanks get nerfed hard like the T-22? -We haven’t decided on the CZ changes yet but I think they will be nerfed ( if we speak about 8, 9 and 10 tier)
    *Yeah, nerf the tier 8 since it’s not bad enough already*

  6. Anonymous says:

    total off topic. 😀
    Has anyone noticed the in-garage reload time and ingame reload time are different ?
    My ELC says 9.36sec reload in garage, while the counter in game says 10.35.

  7. Laserguided says:

    Has anyone asked about accuracy buff? I mean guns should fire dead center in point blank range right? There is not enough time for a shot to go sideways when it has just left the barrel. I have missed and ” dodged” shots at point blank range; it’s frustrating.

    I also think game is less fun when you miss shots after shots. RG please asks WG to increase accuracy and decrease aim time for all tanks please.

  8. Ultrasonic2 says:

    Lowe needs more DPM and a terrain resistance reduction

    I have the panther 8.8 and am at 52% win it needs more gun depression and elevation thats whats holding it back.

  9. Major Rager says:

    -Does WG works slow as you anticipated or is just how it looks from an external point of view? -Many departments are working inefficiently, —>(((it’s a management problem.)))<—

  10. Glenn A says:

    -Will CZ tanks get nerfed hard like the T-22? -We haven’t decided on the CZ changes yet but I think they will be nerfed ( if we speak about 8, 9 and 10 tier)

    Whoever thinks the tier 8 Czech tank needs to be nerfed should be taken out back and shot…that tank is already one of the most notorious tanks in the game and quite possibly the worst medium in the game.

  11. Alex Knight says:

    I’m on T7 with the CZ line, I wouldn’t say they suck hard, but they are definately underdogs ( T34/100 -.- ). T8 looks promising, and T9, especially T10 look OP.

  12. Are they for real? WTF they plan to nerf from the Tier 8 TVP? Make is easier now even for tier 4 arty to penetrate it? Slower than it is or cripple the gun?

    As for the Tier 9 -10 they are circumstantial tanks. When they severely nerf the rest the French autoloaders, then WG can haven an excuse to nerf the CZ.

    And BUFF the armour of the LEO ******* it was made in the 60s for heaven sake, WW2 steel and 1960 steel were different at same thickness.

    1. Patata Caliente says:

      It *must* be a mistake. I am grinding the TVP right now, and it is a very underwhelming tank. A nerf would be ridiculous.

    2. Da_Zohan says:

      The excuse to nerf the tier 9 and 10 tanks is simple.
      The initial FXP crowd has obviously FXP’ed the several hundred thousand FXP needed, and it is now a Top of Tree on EU, so an additional wave of FXP’er has FXP’ed.
      Leaving the traditional grind all the modules players as the only ones without the tier 9/10.

      So, in conclusion, no more money to be made from the CZ med line. Thus, nerf.

    1. Murazor is an idiot who kept on creating hoaxes and stupid hate wagons towards Wargaming that other blogs were feeding on like mushed potatoes so Wargaming gave him a job to shut him up.He’s pretty much a dev right now and I dislike to translate the shit he says but has to be done.

      1. Patata Caliente says:

        Is that how you get a job with Wargaming? Hmmm … Tempting 😀

        At any rate, it helps to explain a thing or two.

      2. Its common in gaming companies to do this… once the person signs the contract they can no longer make the same noise as before, its a good tactic.

  13. Patata Caliente says:

    So this issue is dear to your heart, is it? Well, that’s good for you and deserves to be respected, but I think you a little more humility might be in order. After all, this is not a request programme, and you are not *entitled* to get articles you want – at the end of the day, it’s up to Rita to decide what to report about. Besides, I think you might be a tad bit insulting there. You are talking to a lady, man.

  14. “When will maps like Malinovka, Prohorovka, Fiery Salient, Westfield, Redshire be removed?” – epic LEL! At least I am glad I stoped playing this ex-fun game when the city/city-like corridor maps began sh.itting in to render all gameplay at PaB level for happy “stronk tonks”. I am glad seeing now the plans for this future Counter-Strike-With-Tanks. Who needs some realism, suitable real tanks setup and such when we can go YOLO arcade all the way?! Using camo? What camo?! We’re in city mate, where sh’it hit the fan in all tank hystorical battle! But is fun! 5 minute gameplay! LT, TD, SPG, sniper Ms? Who needs those?! Good armor Hs & Ms FTW! PaB, PaB, piu-piu! Paris map, we love ya, Ghost Town hell yeah, bau-bau, Himmelsdorf is the sweet wet ideal dream here! Again: lel game!

    1. Defrontier says:

      Just can’t agree more. If I was starting with WoT now and encountered idiotic arcade gameplay like on Mittengard, I’d uninstall the game after a few battles.

    2. * “ all tank hystorical battleS!”

      PS: anyway why is this Murazor joker even considered for Q&A sessions? He manages sublimely to say a lot without actually saying anything that’s not rhetorical or plain trolling. By this point WG not only does not deliever in terms of gaming quality but it even mocks its users/clients with staff trolls like this lad here.

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