My statement on the SirFoch & Circon Novela + The Actual issue at hand


here’s my personal statement on the SirFoch and Circon drama:

and have said that, let’s not forget the actual reason this all started, I highly recommend you to watch this video:

So much for “Happy Player”…

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My statement on the SirFoch & Circon Novela + The Actual issue at hand

75 thoughts on “My statement on the SirFoch & Circon Novela + The Actual issue at hand

  1. Noidea says:

    Foch is right, the tank is shit, and WG should be ashamed for producing such a crappy product. I hear your point about him being rude and disrespectful to WG, but WGs response was way out of like. If they demand respect, they should show their costumers some respect as well. a tank like the “K-tank” was disrespectful to the players.

    1. Anonymous says:

      WGs reaction was not out of place. He bitched about a WG product and thus got fucked, as you would expect. Especially since was working with WG. You simply don’t do that. And in the end, the Chrysler may be shit, but you don’t have to buy it, right?

      1. Anonymous says:

        I wouldn’t say “working with”, more like a mutual relationship where each party benefitted without direct monetary transactions.
        Wargaming has said in the past that they encourage reviewers to be honest about tanks, game modes, mechanics, etc. Foch’s honest review was a bit more boisterous than usual which I would expect a warning from Wargaming, but instead, got a more severe reaction fro them.
        The new Chrysler K is very well armoured for tier 8s and 10s, but that thing also sees tier 6s!!!!! I don’t want to play tier 6s anymore knowing that I HAVE to use premium ammo against it. The problem doesn’t only lie with the owner of the premium but everyone who faces it. It is unfathomable to think that Wargaming tested this thing. If they were a different kind of business selling something other than internet tanks, without a doubt in my mind, Wargaming would be out of business.
        Wargaming’s actions these past few months are exactly the signs of a dying business, desperate to scrape every penny from their demographic before closing up shop.

      2. JaqTaar says:

        Him being removed as Contributor is okay. It’s kinda surprising he was one to begin with.

        The issue here is the threat of a copyright strike, which is indeed (way) out of place.

    1. MadMax says:

      QB disappointment me greatly with this review. I understand that his british roots and the fact he and his wife make a living from this, so he has to be let’s say slippery. He sais “one thing that does suck is the gun penetration…only 198” then “thankfully wg seem to have foreseen this” (the gun lowish pen)……really dude!!?? really ??!! “THANKFULLY?!” “FORESEEN?!” (after wg set it up with 198 in the first place they foreseen so they give 260 to gold, pfiu we must be thankful then we have the possibility to shoot gold and be milked more.

    2. Ion7 says:

      He said the tank is balanced by the fact that it has a big silouette. He also said the 252 had worthless armor against tier 9 & 10 so…

      1. Marian says:

        He has a point with the 252 .. weak lfp and weak (but small) cupolas make it good only against people that auto-aim .. i have no problems pening defenders, except when in tier 6s and some 7s (like vk 30.02 D with 144 pen)

    3. Poor guy somehow got drag into this pile of junk, and my god, I wish he can Jingles his way out of this
      I can already hear the scream of a thousand anti-QB people from last week XD

  2. klasu90 says:

    i hope that war gaming takes notes of this and actually starts to listen the community and get the game balanced faster it is so frustrating to see them over buff tanks (E5, maus, jap. heavys) and take 5 years to correct mistakes that are easy to fix in 2 weeks

  3. There’s a slight problem with Jingles review. His video doesn’t match what he’s saying.

    Sure, lots of potatoes firing at it so dmg blocked might seem impressive. I did the same with T29 when a E25 decided to waste all his ammo on my turret (I mean all his ammo – I had a mission done because of this).

    Lets analyse what happens in this video.

    All these tanks penned it from the front with AP:

    T8 Amx Ac48AP 257 pen
    T7 T43 146 pen
    T7 T29 198 pen
    T7 T28 HTC 181 pen
    T7 Panther 198 pen

    I rest my case.

    You know what, I think I’ll grab the Patriot while it’s on sale and forget about this POS tank.

    1. Anonymous says:

      are you out of your mind? AC 48 rolled 277 and chrysler blocked 300 damage, thus using 100mm Gun with 232 pen + on hill allowing ease to pen his upper plate, and Jingles overangled the armour abit, allowing the T-43 and T29 and panther crossed his fingers with that, if this was on flat terrain or urban, this would be free steel wall

    2. Infernal969 says:

      For each of those shots he was terribly angled. But it doesn’t surprise me that simple things go over your head. Get that Patriot so you won’t have to think too hard.

      1. It was terribly angled?
        But I thought only shit players bought these OP premiums and everyone else loathed them.

        Anyway, yes I’ll buy the Patriot because fuck you.

  4. I’m watching your video Rita.
    All I can say is the whole internet is up in arms over an idiot kid.

    QB, Jingles, yourself, Skill, Orzanel…… all adult, responsible people that have a clue how real life works.

    Yet, people elect to go to war with WG over the 2 most toxic ‘bubble kid’ streamers. Pitiful.

    1. NDGR says:

      Ofc they do, because Foch is, no matter how he tells us, absolutely right. There’s no way anybody could call those prems lately balanced. And if nobody stands up against wg, then given a little bit more time you won’t be able to use anything but prems on tier 8

      1. Look at Jingle’s video. The tank is shit. Save your money and buy something good like Patriot (or don’t). Go out and spoil your friends with a round of beers. Announce that’s your Patriot money and F WG.
        They’ll all clap and you’ll be a hero.

    2. Huguenot says:

      You have been spamming this pov everywhere and something doesn’t add up. Foch can be a toxic douche, I get. But Circonflexes, toxic? I don’t know what streams you watched but circon’s fall between drunken silliness and snark. I am incredulous that you follow either closely, given your oft cited disdain for them (after all, who in their right mind would follow someone they feel to be terrible?). The mature streamers you named are put out with wg because wg screwed up. The company has been ignoring customer opinion for a long time. Foch blew up about it, WG DFU’d in response, and other streamers addressed the issue with better tact and (hopefully) results.

    3. 1: The public has consumed any **** that WG launches
      2: Skill does not care what comes to the game, he only play and buy tanks and fuck the rest;
      3: Foch is highly toxic, but by the way it’s the only way for WG and this passive WoT community to pay attention to the **** they’ve put into the game, such as Obj.252.

  5. You say that WG would not go through with the copyright strike, that the superiors wouldn’t do it – but has there been any official retraction of the threat? Unless and until there is, that threat was made by WG, through their official representative, and remains therefore their official stance. If they wanted to retract it, it would have taken minutes.

  6. Robert says:

    Honestly I tip my hat, Rita, first really good response to this whole “comedy”.
    As you said, the key word in this whole affair is “RESPECT” (in both directions).

    And to be honest, I am very disappointed that a Sir Foch cannot appoilogize if he did wrong. He behaves a bit like a stubborn child, which in my eyes makes him lose not only his “Sir” status.

    If such things happen, both sides should appologize and shake hands, trying not to repeat such shit again.

    1. MadMax says:

      wg respect toward the players is a joke for a while now… anything else is irrelevant, people stop reacting normal when they pay and wg is making fun at them with release after release of those retarded tanks instead of investing efforts elseware….

    2. Anonymous says:

      SirFoch? Apologise?! do you know who SirFoch is? Also how many times WG has slapped us In the face with all these idiot-proof premiums, Skorpion sales, and Defender with that slope going to effective armour of 300mm and announcing the Defender is going to be ‘invincible’ tank was soon as it launches?

      Would you really apologise a company who removes weak spots from tanks and makes tons of profit from it without giving a shit about logic? ‘a bit like a stubborn child’ do you know who he is again? SirFoch only just criticized the tank and took it a bit far, it is not the only time he did this, he is known for his saltiness and rage.

      Trying no to repeat the same shit? this always happen everyday, in the general chat, TR’s etc, where is the controversy in that? only this time its a well-known Community contributor who is addressing all these P2W moves and flawed model In Chrysler K, hey I want to have a handshake too, also thousands of us who is pissed at WG for, Maus Buff, Pre-9.18 Arty (though its still broken with the ‘buffs’),victims of the Pz2j buyers and the clubbed by Pz2j, RNG, me getting banned for 24 hours on my birthday because of the over-retaliation of KV-85 shooting my T-43 in my tracks and setting him on fire unintended at the very end of the match, trying to make some points and FUCKING RNG AGAIN FOR FV 215 Cough* cough*

      if there was a game that would put me out of these hellholes of WT and WoT…

      (Also you will rarely find ‘Sir’ nowadays, and jeez if you saying that now, why didn’t you say that like 2 years ago?)

      1. Robert says:

        There is a difference between a game or content you don’t like or see wrong and being rude. As a child people should learn not to be rude just because. And this is the point. If one does not like what WG does, chose a different company, a different game. Or tell WG that they are doing wrong, but not the f-word without break.
        If any person you know will curse you with the f-word without break, you will either slap his or her face or never ever talk to that person again. It is a matter of respect and how to communicate.
        And it is a pity that people seem to think that there is a difference between the internet and their personal life in this respect.
        And being know for “being salty” (which is a pure understatement) does not give one the right to become that personal, sorry. Doing the right thing in a wrong manner will never help. And as Foch is a grown up (at least from his visual appearance) he should know. And I suspect that he also does not like to be called f*** all the time, so don’t do to others what you don’t want to receive.
        Should be selfexplanatory, but …
        Mixing up reasons and feeling never is a good thing!

  7. Thagomizer says:

    I’m starting to think my “team damage” stats are going to increase whenever the Chrysler appears on my team. I do have a problem with an overly sensitive mouse pad.

    Maybe is time to start goading these OP tank drivers into retaliation and getting them banned.

      1. Thagomizer says:

        A nice HE shell up the rear end hole might well do the trick with the Chrysler… :p

    1. trollenstein says:

      It reminds me of all those times on a map with water when my W key, for some mysterious reasons, got jammed right when I had collided with a Pz. II J or a Skorpion…. The Skorpion actually made me start playing SPGs again and I don’t know why, but my mouse button keeps slipping every time I have one in my sights and a loaded gun.

  8. Hodini says:

    There is a limit to freedom of speech, with the internet it’s easy to forget it and this is part of why we lost cross team chat.
    Not all players have the time to grind to get a maus or any T10 with the new policy they can get a good tank with the money they make in a day Job.

    Some of us do work and are old, even older the Jingles, we can afford some fun without spending time in game.

    1. CharlesBronson says:

      Not sure you are appreciating the consequences of WG pumping out OP premiums. Soon you will only be facing other OP premiums driven by other players “wanting to have fun without spending time in game”. And then you will be forced to spam premium ammo, even in your fun tank. WG will be happy and you will be happy (since you have lots of disposable income you can dump on premium ammo), but players wanting to drive tanks other that OP premiums will not be happy.

      These OP premiums is akin to good players going seal clubbing in lower tiers. Difference is they use skill and experience to bully the newer players; while the OP premiums use money to bully other players.

      I still remember the days when premiums were slightly worse than regular tanks, but generated more credits and XP; and that was the “balance”. I’ve quit this drug three times, maybe time for a fourth (and final) exit. 🙂

      1. Anonymous says:

        going at it for 6 years, hope they fuck it up so bad that i can quit this addictive shit too.

  9. Tiger88 says:

    Here is what I think why WG has gone down this lane:

    The owners of the company (Russian Mafia) were getting bored of the pace at which money was flowing in (albeit it was good from what we have been seeing in reports)

    And they demanded a higher return from their sales team.

    That team came up with the idea of increasing the credit sinks in the game by taking advantage of its competitive nature. Since no one likes to lose, they will shoot gold ammo when they have to (in order to win/keep their WN8 good etc)

    Thus began the saga of giving armour to tanks and introduction of these retarded premium tanks.

    The benefit, in order to stay competitive people will
    a. Shoot gold and thus spend a lot of money in premium tanks and premium account
    b. Buy these new tanks (Liberite, Defender, Patriot, Christler etc) just so that they too can have “epic games”

    And that’s it, WG is just taking advantage of the player’s desire to be “good” at this game.

    New META of the game has been changed to: “Either purchase these new tanks or fuck off”

    The old premium tanks that followed the golden rule “Premium tanks can’t be as good as the fully researched tanks of the same tier” have become useless in this game now and even those of us who spent money to buy those old tanks have to either purchase these new tanks or get fucked.

    I’d say this is nothing short of extortion on part of WG.

    1. What tanks are you talking about?
      The recently buffed Lowe? Or the recently buffed T34? Or the recently buffed Rev? Or the recently buffed…

      1. @PIXYWING

        I’m talking about the #5 most profitable tank in the game, according to vbaddict, T34. I don’t know that T34 you’re talking about.

      2. SpottableSky says:

        just because it a good money make doesn’t mean its a good tank overall, the patriot puts it to shame, its a powercreeped pile of shit

  10. They knew what kind of comments he made prior to making him a “contributor”. If someone calls you on BS you ask them why not threaten their livelihood. Sirfoch has a point and he made it. WOT went way off the deep end.

  11. phdrvrba says:

    To be perfectly honest I’d be totaly fine with the Chrysler K if it had a weakspot or two,and mobility of VK.B.

    But really, WG should just introduce tier 9 premiums and spare us all this OP bullshit.

  12. Mkoo says:

    I wish some western devs made a decent tank game. Now players have a choice between one of 3 shit games, each of them by a different group of rushan shitlords that couldn’t balance two 1kg weights on a scale.

  13. WG is greedy for money, the same way people are greedy for more easy matches and WN8.

    When I posted here last year, that Skorpion G is too overpowered, will make the game pay 2 win, I was widely attacked for what I said. People united to defend the SG, and nobody felt anything bad about it…

    And well, here we are now. Suddenly everyone unites against pay 2 win content, such an about-turn. I wonder what makes people so mad right now, since we saw 4 more pay 2 win tanks since Scorpion G, and no1 bats an eye.

  14. pixywing says:

    Us calling Wargaming trash for threatening to take down all of Foch’s youtube videos is overreacting? I hope you lose your entire Twitch channel Rita, anyway I have as much respect for you as Cuckbaby now.

    1. “Us calling Wargaming trash for threatening to take down all of Foch’s youtube videos is overreacting?” I never said people were calling WG trash, I only said that people are perceiving the situation worse than it actually is.

      1. SpottableSky says:

        the thing is is that WG is really dragging their game down the shitter, really, its scary but its the truth, lets not focus of foch or circon but really what the hell is going on, if WG continues of what they’re doing WoT will end up even worse than AW. It’s sad that CCs have to resort to insults to even get WGs attention because lately they don’t look like they haven’t given much of it.

      2. Rita Sobral says:

        SpottableSky Do trust me I am in the same page as you, for a long time I feel like the Rubicon promises haven’t been meet.

    2. Shiva says:

      As I read it, it was ONE video, ONE.
      They wanted he took down, due to exessive f… f… f… f…
      And his another video he did, but w/o f….
      That screamed even more for attention seeking streamer.
      I’ll treat you with respect, pixywing.
      But trust you? No.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Not all but you need to pay attention to the direction the company has been taking in the past months.

  15. somostontosnopesados says:

    The point is not how SirFoch made his statement, it is what he said and he is right, regular tch tree tanks are outplayed by the new premiums any time and the amount of gold ammo you need to even have a decent game is ridiculous

  16. JasioF says:

    Both (WG and SirFoch) are right and are wrong. I haven’t seen the clip from SirFoch, so I base my answer what I have only heard about it.

    Right: this tank is a kind of P2W (like Defender)
    Wrong: personal attacks are wrong. We have already too much hate and anger on the internet and in the real world. It’s too much, hate and anger creates more hate and anger, we should stop it. Have you seen movie Crash (2004) – see what I mean:

    Right: personal attacks are wrong. We have alreasy too much hate in the internet and in the real world. It’s too much, hate creates more hate, we should stop it. Have you sees movie Crash (2004)?
    Wrong: IMHO WG could only consider removing SirFoch from CC, but threatening with copyrights on Youtube are wrong.
    I could agree the tank is maybe too much OP on its tier. Everyone can criticise WG – it’s OK. But it is not ok if it is offensive. Please watch Crash (2004) – we should stop it – such hate and anger only makes our world worse.

  17. Peter Nunn says:

    I understand the P2W argument and the cynical way WG are going with recent premium tanks, but having seen the Chrysler in several games this morning I can confirm it is NOT idiot proof 🙂

  18. annonny says:

    Wargaming are wrong ,
    This pure and simple a money grabbing attempt yet again ,cant play it unless you use gold , cant play against it unless you use gold?
    spend ,spend ,spend.
    someone stands up and says this is wrong , and gets threatened ? ok little over the top rant but message still remains , instead of quelling the video they have made this kind of viral .
    in the west we dont take kindly to threats but wargaming tend to forget this and still think we all live in the eastern block and people dont have a set of balls or a voice ?
    this is the same with bans , ok most of the people banned deserve it but not everybody and the refusal to even say how a person broke the rules they just have is again easterblock behavior , your guilty and thats it ?
    what wargaming are missing by acting like this is the fact we all dont live in mother russia therefor have been brought up to know we have a right to question ?
    On the question of illegal mods , the biggest illegal mod is gold ammo we all know this yet its ok ? no its not and as long as there is gold in the game there will always be people who will work to nullify the advantage gainned by using said ammo , be it with illegal mods.

  19. Thaldor says:

    I am probably quite late to say anything, but as game developer WGs reaction was extremely bad. Yes, SirFochs video was unprofessional and went way over the line, but even when it was one employees emotional throw, even threatening with DMCA takedown on a video for saying bad things about the company brings that company down to the same level as Nintendo, Sega and (like a cherry on a top) Gaijin. After the Gaijin – The Know conflict I thought eastern-block companies had a good example of how to not do things and I was wrong, still there was someone who didn’t get that memo.

    As said, IMO SirFochs video was unprofessional and went too far, but as public company which collects a lot column space WG should have strict quidelines how to react these types of videos. For gamedevs that DMCA system in YT is so easy to misuse (as we have seen with Nintendo, Sega, Gaijin and few others) and even threatening with it without real claim (personal attacks and even mocking the whole company aren’t copyright cases and so outside of the DMCA) is quite the same as throwing up the finger and saying “F*** you and your content, we have this magic button that can make your life real hard” (and I’m not sure but at least few years back that company could press that button three times and delete the whole channel without questions asked). The power of the DMCA claim in YT has been a big controversy over the years and quite many companies have really long and time consuming systems and protocols to follow before pressing that magic button (some companies even refuse to press it even if they had solid reason to do that) and it’s all about the public image, go and press that button for wrong channel with even sligthly wrong reasons and you will burn.

    And yes, I know it hurts and feels extremely bad to hear from the community, that WG have spent years to build, that the content WG have been doing for months is garbage. But still WG staff that I have seen talking have been in customer service (working with the community is probably the most customer service it can get) and what is the golden rule of customer service? “Even if you had icecicle in your ass, always smile and keep it to yourself” So, in my ears saying that “sorry, we didn’t mean to say that, we got a bit emotional” isn’t going to cut it if WG is going to continue having more civilized and professional community lead than the competitor which is known to have the most unprofessional moderators (go and rant about the problems with their game even constructively, your message can be deleted and in the worst situation, you will get banned, because some russian community moderator didn’t like your opinion and wanted to show that he has the power, also longest topics and most wanted changes are nothing if it’s the will of the developer (go and look at the amount of topics and messages about planes in tank AB, you will think the arty in the WoT isn’t that big of a problem anymore 😉 )).

    1. Thaldor says:

      After watching Mingles with Jingles, I must say I’m even more confused what’s going in WG. I can believe that the Ph3lans threat for copyright takedown was without base and they would never go through with something like that (at least after this brown and quite liquidy storm) and there was a lot lost in translation in Njials apology…

      …But at the same time someone in the Wargaming is throwing SirFoch to the monsters of the LGBT-community by publicly implying that his video had hate speech and homophobia: “SirFoch’s latest claim that we’re somehow prohibiting him from making future videos involving our games is completely false – he’s more than welcome to make more Wargaming-related videos. If those videos continue to include hate speech and homophobic slurs, we’ll take the necessary and appropriate action.” ( Just what?

      Did the WG just have some kind of lobotomia and left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing. Same time they are trying to tone it down by apologising and then someone else is trying to justify the whole thing by completely lying about now removed (but reuploaded by someone else) video. Probbaly we all have seen that video already and at least I didn’t find any of it’s content being homophobic (if not calling a gun AIDS is homophobic by some easter-block standard, if they even have standards) and all the hate was directed towards the Wargaming and not even to a single person within Wargaming. I would like to include slow clap here, but I’m affraid my hands are occupied by the amount of facepalming this whole issue have caused.

  20. Mike Hunt says:

    That people get so worked up over a pixel tank in a free to play game really shows that people are primed to be angry about anything. Play some tanks and have some fun. If it is not fun, why even bother?

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