(Nebelburg) in HD + Soundtrack (1.0 WOT)

Take 2 on our previous post HERE. This map destined for Grand Battles only now has its own soundtrack which plays throughout with some changes. This was the first of the new grand battle maps to get improved textures. Our Thanks to WoT Express  for hosting on YouTube. Enjoy.

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(Nebelburg) in HD + Soundtrack (1.0 WOT)

3 thoughts on “(Nebelburg) in HD + Soundtrack (1.0 WOT)

  1. mirotordaji says:

    that looks really nice……but I have a question: WoT is running just fine on my PC….but when I play WoWS I get a lot of micro lags,screen freezes,ect….(especially in high tier battles)……how will this impact my PC? will it require new graphic card? or maybe to improve my internet capacity(speed)?

  2. MozzaBurger says:

    Is it just me or they did quite a bit of change to all sorts of cover so you don’t get sniped to death at 550m by the invisible TDs?

    I hope it’s not just an impression.

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