Never fear, Russian bias is here!

The Obect 252 is being sold on the EU server.


You can buy the Object 252U in the Standart version or the Defender version.

Each version has 3 different Offers.


  • Object 252U or Object 252U Defender
  • 1 Garage slot


  • Object 252U or Object 252U Defender
  • 1 Garage slot
  • 7000 Gold
  • 15 Missions for x5 EXP for a win
  • 10x Personal reserves +200% Crew exp for 2 hours


  • Object 252U or Object 252U Defender
  • Tetrarch
  • 2 Garage slots
  • 10000 Gold
  • 30 Missions for x5 Exp
  • 30x Personal Reserves for 300% Crew exp for 2 hours
  • Vert Stab
  • Vents
  • Gun Rammer
  • 25x Large Repair Kit
  • 25x Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • 25x Large First-Aid Kit


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Never fear, Russian bias is here!

61 thoughts on “Never fear, Russian bias is here!

  1. Swatdennis says:

    Lol, never fear, Skellige is *also* here…. I am not getting this ‘thing’ in a month another way too OP T8 HT comes and beats the shit out of this thing 24/7…. First skorpion g, then Lib-dem, Patroit and now this thing…. Why WG?

    1. Berto72 says:

      if not afraid to ruin the game just to make money, WG probably have estimated that the game lifetime is near to end, and try to milk the cow

      1. Nighty says:

        WoT won´t be dissolved that fast as there is still no competitor in the tank game genre successful yet. Armored Warfare was the only one and it actually has….far more problems WoT ever had till now. The problem is that sales for premiums somewhen go down so there have new premiums to be invented for to keep sales going. But as there is no reason to buy a new premium when it´s as good as the previous model there would be no real reason for customers to buy the new one so……every new premium has to be a tiny bit better then it´s predecessor for to keep the new models attractive. Wargaming is facing that and as you see, improvments on normal tree tanks are coming a lot more often these months as all years before together – for to keep the trees up with the upcoming premiums.

      2. pixywing says:

        People don’t burn out of tanks and then just go to another tank game. Overwatch a fps shooter removed a large portion of League of Legends player base when they introduced dynamic queue.

        People who get sick of WoT and what they are doing are not going to go to another tank game, run by another Russian company, they are going to go play other games Overwatch, Gwent, etc.

  2. Thagomizer says:

    I want it, but I’m not going to get it as I no longer buy premium tanks from the store. They are overpriced and come with stupid paint.

    WG should be building new lines, not pushing out more and more premiums. Or, if they do insist on a new premium, if should be available in-game and bought with gold.

    1. pixywing says:

      World of Tanks has done its best to make clan wars pointless with removing as many tanks as possible from the store, which hurts the only end game content the game really has.

    1. crni says:

      premium tank has no tech tree, leads to no t10. you still have to grind if you want t10 and now you can earn easier than before. this tank is not insta win. it sees t10 A LOT and it hurts there.

      1. You can. I have two Liberties as well. Also, two IS-6’s, two T34’s and two of whatever the third black tank was.

        It’s because they are two different tanks in the game database.

  3. GrimmReaperBG says:

    I will wait for sometime, first to see how bad they will ninja nerf it, like they did to IS-5, which is collecting dust in my garage ever since they fcked up it’s gun without even announcing the change. After that I’ll buy it for gold (if available) since with such mornic decisions from WC I make an oath they won’t see a damn dime from me anymore!

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      They dont want to nerf premiums.
      IS-5 is considered a reward thus can be nerfed.
      252U is a regular premium. Theoricaly it can (and should) be nerfed but WG doesnt seem to want to fuck with anything people paid for. They dont want a SuperPershingNerf 2.0

      1. pixywing says:

        You nerf premiums by buffing tanks around it.The Pz IIj never received a nerf, but is in a far weaker state as low tier non-premium tanks got large penetration increases. The Type 59 didn’t get nerfed but is unplayable garbage due to the power creep that has occurred.

  4. abusemtex says:

    As far as I am able to overlook the reaction on YT or in the forums people will focus that turd down whenever it appears.
    And those people are damn right.

  5. Bricktop says:

    Lol misinformation keeps spreading even after some people bought it and realized it’s by no means OP. This community is retarded, it really is.

      1. Bricktop says:

        Should I say something cheesy? Like, we finally met again? It ends today? General Kenobi? Or whatever. I’m not the one that ignores arguments and goes full crybaby when stupid thing I say turns out to be stupid (>°°)>

  6. Berto72 says:

    mhhh…. if not afraid to ruin the game just to make money, WG probably have estimated that the game lifetime is near to end, and try to milk the cow

    1. whitebaron777 says:

      If that’s the case, the sandbox wouldn’t even be a thing. Don’t bother looking for a logical explanation for this tank’s existence, you won’t find one, because there isn’t any

  7. x says:

    The most unbalanced patch for a long time… WG has cancer for brains, confirmed 100%. “Educating” players to spam gold and selling retard OP premiums that can bully lower tiers into oblivion is the official new meta.

    1. DZ says:

      doesn’t take a OP premium to bully low tier tanks, if ur getting bullied by high tier tanks, and whining about it, then u need to go play checkers.

      1. Anonymous says:

        DZ you really are a fucking moron if you think 252U won’t bully you in whatever tier 6 you play. Idiots like you should kill yourself.

  8. battles are already toxicated with at least 3-4 defenders per battle.

    stop pissing off WG. i would do exactly the same thing as they do. as long as people are racing to buy every new premium tank like hell.

    just calculate how much money they made just today…

  9. Wayneable says:

    I dont find this tank to be OP, good yes.

    The lower plate is just so big, and can be hard to hide on alot of maps. And the commander hatches are easy to pen/hit.

    It is a good tier 8 premium tank that can trade shots with tier tens, and thats the way it should be. If it could not do that then we would have people in hear saying it is crap because it has no chance when fighting tier tens, and WG is just dumb for putting it into the game. No matter what WG does people will find something to bitch about, thats life

  10. sfcstorm says:

    Im so glad I moved to WOWS. They will never go out of business because WOT was to large, and they run the company 10x better.

    Every game will have some P2win aspects and WOWS definitely has some money grabbers, but this tank is literally a T9 anyway you slice it.

    I love the Rus guys trying to explain away its balance by saying it has a whole 300 DPM lower…LOL that means nothing when you chose when to engage and you are trading 440 Alpha vs the enemies 240, 300 or even 390. Not to mention your armor is a middle of the road T10s. Its weakest spot is 228mm so a Is6 cant even pen it with gold ammo for 50%.

    Now compare this vs the weak ass T34 US heavy we have been asking about for ever. T7 Armor whos hull is penned by T6 meds. A longer ROF than this tank and terrible bloom and speed and it is all because the “Massive” 400 Alpha gun that is now meh at best.

    This 252 is just so blatantly undertiered its not even funny. They literally could have had this at T9 and with a slight DPM boost it would have been best in class.

    It has more depression than the rest for god sakes also. So GOdmode turret+upper plate + 225mm “Weakspots lol” blackhole side armor that will eat shots for days+the highest Alpha by far in tier = the ultimate heavy bully that will bust the game. Hurry and buy this…Or you will be blown away is basically the message.

  11. wolvenworks says:

    if you were sittin next to me, you could actually hear my meaty hand palming my face at notable speed, followed by an “ow” as i hit my eyes too hard again while i facepalmed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    WoT is finished as a fun game. I don’t mind paying for a prem account but now its pure pay to win. Fuck Russia, Fuck WG.

  13. Honcho says:

    Met a couple of them already and will probably buy one aswell. It has changed the tier 8 and 7 games already, because lots of people refuse to take their heavy tanks into the heavy lanes or corners against those 252Us.

  14. Shai Hulud says:

    So funny, only Patriots and Libertés and Defenders and 252U… So please tell me what are you gonna do with an IS-6 or T54-prot? To slow to flank, not enough pen even with premium. WG totally fucked it up. You are basically forced to also buy such a machine to be able to earn enough money… this is the first time I really think about quitting this shit game.

  15. Nabzd says:

    Did you see QuickyBaby review? It proves this tank is plain bad. There’s no way to hide the lower plate, DPM is bad. In tier 10 games this tank is simply frustrating. Also, I killed few of them yesterday in my IS-6, no big problem.

    1. Qb is a wot fanboy probably payed to make it look not overpowered
      and I think he also isnt the most skilled player ( in my opinion Foch is far better )
      you dont even need to hide lower plate against tier 6 or tier 7
      without angling you have better armor than IS 3 upper plate and if you angle a little you get it to block all but tier 10 guns and if you find some shit to hide it and such stuff is everywhere your armor is on the level of the strongest tier ten tanks combined with alpha of tier 9 heavy guns anybody who think this tank isnt overpowered dont know how to play it or is a complete idiot
      Good luck in your IS 6 I highly doubt you will have a lot chances to kill these only if completely outnumbered and without support maybe

  16. Byxl says:

    I don’t think it’s Russian bias, as I still feel Skorpion G is BY FAR the best premium tank. I’m bluenicum and make 2,7 k avg dmg- way above my average in any tier viii tank I have.

    1. if you can afford to make nine out of ten shoots go missing while taking every 440 damage hit from the 252 you can try that but I guess the most wont even try to aim for copulas because rng
      These weakspots arent an option after already two accuracy nerfs in the last years and probably another one incoming with this sandbox trash

  17. This tank it is broken at this tier and the statistics already show it (vbaddict) having damage dealt like top ten tier 9 tanks and thats not because the player who bought it are skilled many of them are under 50 % wr
    I usually check the stats of these things in my battles to see why they dealt so much / little damage

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