New 1.1 Emblems, Campaign Medals Anniversary Camo


As Wargaming slowly distances itself from any respect for historicity, here’s a new batch of Emblems:


Campaign Medals:


And this is the 20th Anniversary Camo:

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New 1.1 Emblems, Campaign Medals Anniversary Camo

13 thoughts on “New 1.1 Emblems, Campaign Medals Anniversary Camo

  1. Anonymous says:

    The camo isn’t at all bad, actually. How do you get that?

    Probably one of the missions I haven’t read yet…

  2. SpottableSky says:

    Meanwhile in WG headquarters…
    Dev 1: Ivan, to celebrate 20th anniversary, lets give something to players
    Dev 2: How about a special camo, but make it out of potatos
    Dev 1: Gut idea comrade

  3. OopSAA says:

    Well… I like the cammo, much better then tanks driving arround like christmasdecoration or like a soccerplayer.

    These days i only see negativity on all WG does. 🙁

    1. Anonymous says:

      But you can put emblems from all those russian states on, isnt that enough? Irony off
      there is still not a single german, american, oder british emblem…

  4. It’s an arcade game, historicy is already out of the eindpw, but if you like historical skins can you not disable unhistorical elements from the menu?

  5. Jeff says:

    In all honesty, as long as there is an option to hide non-historical customization items, players shouldn’t care much. Meanwhile, any freebie like the camo in question is good.
    Also, since WoT anniversary is in April, why is it mentioned right now and why Sabaton when Dragonforce is going to play on WG stand at Gamescom?

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