New Aim Reticle


like it was mentioned in a recent Q&A, 9.15 will bring an extra aim reticle customization option (A full circle instead of dots):

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New Aim Reticle

11 thoughts on “New Aim Reticle

  1. qqq says:

    If they added the option to change the color too I’d have one less mod to install. Oh well, maybe in next 5 years.

  2. Berto72 says:

    every patch i ask for a white crosshair like most 1stPS, instead the damm black thin one or the others, all impossible to see in my 1920×1200…

  3. Yet, this means I don’t have to use jimbo crosshair mod anymore. Unless they’re only doing it for normal tanks and not arty. If they’re not, then I will keep using the mod

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