New Caernarvon and Super Conqueror Renders

Good day everybody,

A short while ago, some renders were posted on the site of 3D modeler Alexander Galewskija (his other work can be seen here, including other WoT related work), showing some interesting additions for the Tier 8 and 9 British heavies.First off, the Caernarvon may be getting a replacement for the Action X turret.

Perhaps more interstingly, the long discussed Super Conqueror may be making an appearance, of sorts (first popping up on FTR and then coming up every now and then from the rumor mill). This consisted of adding burster plated to the Conqueror turret and and hull (this and various other proposals for the Conqueror can be found at Dave Lister’s blog).

Some historical images:

And the renders:

Note: these renders have since been removed from the modelers site, so there may very well be something to these.


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