New Effect at Battle Start In WoT HD Maps: Shelling

From WoT Express YouTube. Looks like the Arctic map.


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New Effect at Battle Start In WoT HD Maps: Shelling

9 thoughts on “New Effect at Battle Start In WoT HD Maps: Shelling

  1. Melebo says:

    I think effects like these are cool but they should make sure you do not get to see this every battle. I am so incredibly tired (and I am phrasing this very politely) of the battle start shelling on maps like Mines.

    Just make a selection of effects (add more over time) and show them like once every 10 battles tops. preferably even scarcer. Keeps it interesting.

  2. Tachenk0 says:

    I like it, it could increase immersion. But as somebody said here, do not make it happen every battle. Make it random with time, sometimes it begins at 14:30, sometimes at 10:00, or some battles it just wont happen.
    I like these battle effects a lot more than just the basic shelling at the start of every match

  3. DZ says:

    ahh, more whining over something that has no effect on the game play.. typical kids that feel the need to whine so they can feel liberalated

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how WoTs continues to work on special effects and HD maps and cannot even provide us with a stable platform in North America.

    Along with that MM is completely broken as well.

    My only hope is the new patch coming up will fix some of this, but my expectations are low.

    Wont be playing much if at all after 4 years. Will wait for new patch.

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