New French Heavy Tank? AMX 65t!

Hello, some exciting news today!

Introducing a new French Heavy tank, the AMX 65t!


AMX 65t – The first of a new line of French heavy tanks (2nd branch)! It will be going on supertest with 190mm of armor on the front of the hull and up to 250mm on the front of the turret (It is French, what do you expect!). This is a tier VIII vehicle, and word on the street is Wargaming has said to release info on the tier 9 and 10 as well, soon™. No official ETA though has been announced for the new tree.

Tier: VIII

  • HP: 1400
  • Engine: 1000 hp
  • Mass: 65 tons
  • Power to weight: 15.38 hp / t
  • Max speed: 40 / 20 km / h
  • Hull turning speed: 25 °/s
  • Turret turning speed: 29.2 °/s
  • Terrain resistance values: 1.534 / 1.726 / 2.397
  • View range: 360 m
  • Radio range: 750 m
  • Hull armor: 100 / 80 / NA mm
  • Turret armor: 250 / 80 / NA mm

Gun: 100mm SA47

  • Alpha Damage: 300 / 300 / 415
  • Penetration: 232 / 263 / 50mm
  • Rate Of Fire: 6.844
  • Damage Per Minute: 2053.1
  • Reload time: 8.767 s
  • Accuracy: 0.329
  • Aiming time: 2.19 s
  • Depression/Elevation: -8 / +13

Gun: 120mm SA46

  • Alpha Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
  • Penetration: 257 / 325 / 65mm
  • Rate Of Fire: 4.74
  • Damage Per Minute: 1896.1
  • Reload time: 12.658 s
  • Accuracy: 0.384
  • Aiming time: 2.59 s
  • Depression/Elevation: -8 / +13



Seems like French Heavy players are getting some love after all!

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New French Heavy Tank? AMX 65t!

74 thoughts on “New French Heavy Tank? AMX 65t!

    1. you should, 190mm of armor at that angle with pike should be awesome at tier 8, of course it will probably play as T110E5 at lower tier (good guns, good armor from the front, good mobility but if you get flanked you are dead)

      1. BattleBudgie says:

        Which is practically paper in T8. I feel like this will be the shitty brother of the Löwe. Same playstyle, but does everything a bit worse.

      2. this is why: “It will be going on supertest with 190mm of armor on the front of the hull and up to 250mm on the front of the turret”
        I also noticed it after posting but since we can’t edit here I couldn’t correct my post

    1. well if they listen to him more seriously the french would have gotten a 2nd and 3rd heavy branch a long while ago, he himself said he could easily build 2 more lines (last year on a Q&A translated here, well on the “old” blog)
      I know he mentioned different AMX-50 proposals as the second line top tiers but the third was not specified, propably a Super Heavy line with FCMs and other more “obscure” designs (obscure as in mostly unknown to the public, something only someone who had looked for it would know)

      1. Yeah, I wish that was the case, but… eh, I suppose this is better than nothing.

        What I’m hoping they’ll do is implement the tier 8-10 first and then add in the tier 2-7 vehicles a few patches later once all their stats aren’t screwed up. The French tree could use some more love, especially seeing how many tanks they actually built – AMR/AMC 35, FCM 2C, etc. Plus, they’ve got a plethora of cool prototype designs to choose from if need be.

      2. on the link you posted it says the balance team screwed everything from tier 2 to 7 right? well, their job is only to give numbers to the vehicles parameters and since they will first go through supertest, as well as internal testing, and after that there’s also the public test
        I think there’s plenty of time for them to make those tanks “respectable” again

    2. Hunter_Steel says:

      Not really a huge loss. I just want some love for my Chinese Mediums. WZ-120 not yet in HD is really depressing D:

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      You mean this and the AMX 50 100?

      GJ, you missed the strong turret, not excellent mobility and non-autoloading guns completely.

      Unless, of course, you wish to claim that for example T57 heavy and T110E5 share the exact same playstyle. In that case you represent a rather interesting minority in the WOT community.

      1. Didn’t read it’s stats, judged it only via screenshots, but you make a point now I admit. But, at this point… Tier 8, with normal gun, 40 km/h, and I am not losing my mind over it’s armor… Don’t know why would I need this? Or anything like this after it… Pretty much the same like with Leopard 1 and now the AMX 30B. I have Leo, it is awesome, so why should I grind the other one out? Especially in this tank’s case, when maybe, just maybe, if it’s armor and weaponary continues the same way, then there are already many more better candidates to get hands on, instead of this one…

      2. Teknokraatti says:

        That’s a question I really don’t have an answer for. However, with these stats it would be a solid T8 heavy (Doesn’t necessarily mean OP or better than IS-3, which is an excellent tank) with generally comfortable characteristics and 2 very good guns. If you don’t need one, fair enough. If it gets introduced with these stats, I will certainly get one, as it looks pretty fun.

  1. Anonymous says:

    257mm pen at tier 8 and 325mm gold pen with 400 alpha… at tier 8

    Are you quite sure this is a tier 8 heavy tank because that’s a tier 10 gun.

  2. Teknokraatti says:

    This seems pretty damn strong. Strong turret, not completely useless side armour, good DPM combined with good stability, very high DMG, pen and nice shell velocity. Gun handling is bad, but not atrociously so. Excellent premium shell too. Decent gun depression too.

    Also mounting the 100mm will give a tank that has one of the best in-tier and class accuracy, DPM and pen. It will basically be a Löwe in serious steroids with that gun.

    Pretty much the only negatives seem to be weakish hull front, relatively sluggish behaviour (Most probably top engine is not much of an improvement so the traverse stays slow) and weak acceleration due to high terrain resistances. HP is very low and VR is bad, but I’d expect some nerfs to the tank before it reaches live. Anyways, this is looking mighty interesting already.

  3. Nocomment says:

    Think you Hit a 9 instead of a 0 on the Hull armour description or possibly the other way around in the stats ?

  4. the model seems a little bit different from the old one supertested 2 or 3 years ago (more specifically the turret wich didn’t have the rounded “bulge” on the rear, it was pretty much cilindrical from the top to the hull) and it seems that it will be a bit more armored, although only from the front, like many have stated it could be done (from SS on the FTR blog to even Yuri P.)
    I remember the old “unofficial” french tech tree with the second heavy and second medium line but on both there were 2 tanks that recently have received a different “fate” in WoT, the Somua SM that was always classified as a medium since it started being “requested” and now will be a heavy and the AMX M4 1949 that was, if I’m not mistaken, one of the top tiers (I think it was actually tier 10) on that line

    now I wonder if the future of the french tech tree will have some slight similarities to this tech tree proposal:
    I googled some and at least found drawings of some of the most unknown ones

    1. Slakrrrrrr says:

      That’s one that I made about 4 years ago! I honestly have my doubts that the French tree would ever get that flushed out (not to mention the tiring of some vehicles in that proposal are now way off of what they should be), but there certainly is enough content for a complete medium tank line, as well as second heavy and tank destroyer lines.

    2. yeah that is the tech tree we did on the french forum. We have researched archive for every tank, we have every blue print and photos for nearly each tank (and all of them are historical) yet WG doesn’t give a shit

  5. Someone says:

    Gun is great, the turret armor looks nice, but that cupola will make it useless at close range. Decent mobility, enough side armor to withstand HE shells.

    All in all, a good T8 heavy. Considerably superior to Tiger II.

  6. Infernal969 says:

    This tank seems sweet. I just hope WG doesn’t fuck it up again, give us 2-3 tanks and call it a new “branch”. Especially since we’d have to grind the goddamn AMX M4 again.

    1. EndlessWaves says:

      Yeah, fingers crossed there’s going to be a tier 7 as well. It’d be much more attractive if I could start it on the Arl 44 rather than the AMX M4.

    1. zombietropa says:

      That’s still in super testing, and we won’t see the AMX 65T for a while yet. Most likely see the 1949 the patch before the new Fr Hv line is introduced, as WG like putting in a premium for each line.

  7. Hmmm. Pasholok said that there WAS all new branch from 2 level up to 10. But balance department erased all, except tops. So for me its dead weight in WOT client – I didnt want to purchase again ‘completed” tank fit – and play 200 – 300 more battles without skilled crew. WG made all that peoples didnt buy again sold tanks – so why should I do it?

    And FreeXP is way overpriced – so WG good luck – and happy 100K world online on Christmas.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Yep, WG is completely retarded with their crew system. 75% crews are pain in the ass and 50% is just a joke. Almost no one is paying gold for crews. They would make way more money once people had actually any incentive to buy old tanks they liked (shitload of credits + gold for garage slots). But they are not going to like them if they are to suffer through training of another shit crew.
      But hey, what do I know, I’m didn’t create this ‘glorious’ game that is slowly dying out due to all the wrong decisions.

      1. Shrike58 says:

        Which is if you get a rental tank with 100-percent crew you sure as hell repurpose them to another vehicle! This is speaking as someone who tends to keep tanks if they were fun at all after promoting their crews. Also, speaking as someone who could pretty much afford to spend anything on this game, I do love a retraining sale!

  8. Shrike58 says:

    Part of me would be bummed out if the low-and-mid tiers were skipped, part of me would also be just as happy to skip them! Though I suspect that I’ll have to revisit the AMX M4 in any case, which I don’t remember that fondly.

  9. vladceltroll says:

    Damn, this thing looks really ugly xD

    Otherwise, it looks semi-decent. The gun seems to be the main strenght of it. Frontal armour (at least on the turret) is strong enough to give IS-3 drivers some good headaches.

    Just as I predicted a few months ago in a forum post: they are American heavies with German guns.

  10. Xee says:

    This is power creep. With obvious exceptions, there’s rule that specific classes get gun levels related to it’s tiers. Lights get -1, meds +0, heavies +1, TDs +2. That’s only tier 8 tank with tier X gun. I guess it was made to make it for the looks, but still.

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