New Game Mode in Testing

Good day everyone,

A short post here, a new game mode that had made rounds in internal testing. A bit of an expansion on the old Domination mode, featuring capture and repair points, as well as respawns. 

As best as I can make out, an attacking team needs to move up to secure 3 of 5 control points, while defending team tries to prevent that (seems self explanitory). Small territory capture points can also be captured, granting access to respawn and repair areas. These capture zones work more or less like the current ones in game, 100 points, and more tanks on the zone will lead to a faster capture.

Source: WOTExpress

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New Game Mode in Testing

34 thoughts on “New Game Mode in Testing

  1. Charcharo says:

    I hope this one has the old T-22 sr, in its nerfed form, as a possible reward.

    I want it because it looks cool. Not for its stats.

    1. El Diablo says:

      Why not just go over to China server by kongzhong and but every premium and reward tank ever (including type 59G and unreleased tanks like object 777 and I think the non wgl 13 57 and blackdog. Oh and the mtls 1g14)

  2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Arcade gamemode nobody really liked coming back ; meanwhile still no info on PvE and Historical Battles which have been wanted for long.

  3. Ion7 says:

    What we need is a 5 minute mode where most kills wins. Simple as that, existing maps with no caps and possibly no repair costs.
    As for this game mode, eh. Not the biggest fan of the mode, but the concept is cool. And the map too, three tunnels with tanks on either end–creative.

    1. It’s an interesting idea to have 5 min games, great if you only have a short amount of time on hand. But there are a host of balancing problems. If games are decided on kills, there will be a lot more draws because of the nature of random mm, teams will normally be evenly matched, thus punishing good players when both teams lose because the score is 5-5 or 10-10. Even the highest damage/hit point team being declared winner is more dependent on which team has more heavy tanks rather than skill. Also, repair costs decrease gold spam and other inflation problems, some of the credits not spent on repair costs will generally find their way funding heat/apcr spam and that makes the player community less happy than with standard ammunition.

      I like the goal of having fast paced action, but besides dividing the community. The complexity of the matter means it would be easier to just suicide your tank on blitz or at low tiers on PC. Great thing is that you almost always make a profit, no team work expectation, and blitz can be played on the go.

      1. Ion7 says:

        As you said in the end, this would be great for lower tiers simply because of the lack of teamwork and profit. At higher tiers however, even slightly lower repair costs across the board would encourage more aggressive game play. WG experimented with shell drop off and dispersion to shorten the range of combat, but some vehicles still need to snipe. If you now have an e100 on your team not afraid that he could lose 20k form leading the charge, there is no reason to sit back and camp. For more skilled players the gold spam would likely increase from this; but for many HT and lesser players, the cost would mostly equal out. They would be getting destroyed more often, but not losing enough to discourage the tactics.

        This is, however, quite similar to blitz. If I wanted a fast paced game where I didn’t care about profit, I would go play that. That’s why I feel some sort of game mode would work best, sometimes appearing to spice game play up.

        With Rampage, I feel like this is too far in the wrong direction. WoT is 15v15 combat, not some other game regardless of what you do. The level of teamwork required to too much for random battles. Now, this on a smaller scale such as: Two to three control points (Blitz, War Thunder, & WoWs have this) would be interesting; or one team defends (Mabey on Ensk) for 5 minutes and the other attacks, then they switch rolls.

        Overall, Rampage is going too far and personally, I would just like to see a couple of new game modes; just tests some out at least. How hard is it for WG to move around cap circles as opposed to making this fancy diagram for an already unpopular idea? I ranted on too damm long, thanks for the input LUCASGREENCHEESECO.

      2. I’m glad you agreed with some of my thoughts 🙂 lower repair costs at high tiers certainly would encourage less camping but I have a feeling quite a few players will still sit back rather than move up because of either the threat of artillery or unspotted tank destroyers could rapidly decrease their chances of winning or just make them feel cheated for losing health with no immediate rewards. I make quite a bit of credits from some tier 8 premiums so I don’t really worry about how much I spend in tier 10 fights, I just focus on staying alive and winning at any cost. Otherwise, I can think of quite a few people I know who would play nothing but tier 10 games if they were more affordable. Just doesn’t work for world of tanks when you need players in every tier of the game to keep things ticking which is a terrible shame.

        The main deterrent to heavy tanks like the E100 is just premium rounds, most of them just don’t move up because they can lose 750-1800 health from a premium round. This problem multiplies if you have a platoon of Grille’s or Strv’s in a corner gunning everything down. Hopefully the new scouts will be able to prevent this and get things flowing.

        Very true on team work problems for the Rampage modes, I can’t think of a solution, Completely with you on getting some more variety to maps and new game modes would be amazing. Hopefully wargaming know what their doing haha, happy tanking ION7

  4. Uuuhhh says:

    Domination was really fun, but only when they tested it. After it came out, the mode was boring and vacant. Hopefully they solve that problem, or just make this a special event.

    1. Encounter and Assault would have died the same way for instance if they had people queue in separate lines from their friends/clanmates. Good rule of game design 101 is never divide your player community.

      I share the same hopes that wargaming have learned their leasson UUUHHH haha :3

  5. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    Noob question from a console player here. Why do certain tanks or events get released on only one server? Why aren’t they sold on every server so that all players can at least get the chance of owning all the tanks, not just a select few?

    1. Hmm by different servers, do you mean different player systems or the difference between RU, NA, and EU servers? But essentially every system and server has their own team in charge of managing new content they get incomplete material from a central hub of development. Depending on how many people are working on a project means how much content they can get rendered and organized with events to go into the game. Main problem is probably legal issues of not copying someone’s patton’d tank design or other garbage like ironing out bugs that could occur over thousands of computers.

      But as for different game systems like console and PC, the two games are fundamentally different with their own unique game mechanics and ecosystems. I believe the benefit of this is that you can have more diverse experiments from one server to another so if you implement a plague tank to one server, you can call the stops and redesign the problem to solve the issue. The AMX M4 1949 had this issue when it was first released to the russian servers. It was woefully underpowered and made their customers unhappy so it never made it out to other servers until it was redesigned as the Liberte.

      Hopefully all this helps you understand the situation Rad Frood 25. But as Charcharo does point out, a great deal of it is probably wargaming’s own stupidity getting into the mix as well. Kind of the eternal dilemma of any company.

  6. Honestly, a mode where it’s 2 teams in a massive playing field and u can respawn again and again after u die would be interesting. Kinda like CT, Planetside, or Halo….just in tanks….

  7. OrigamiChik3n says:

    That’s purely my opinion but most of the “Special” modes got stale very quicly. Chaffee Death Race was fun. Football 2014 was fun but they managed to ruin it somehow with 2016 edition. Second 8-bit mode was not only rewarding in terms of crew training but silly fun as well. Pretty much everything else was “get the medal never touch it again”. I’m a sucker for medals, but even i could only suffer through “Convoy” mode enough to get one half of them. From my perspective these are waste of time and resources more often than not.

    On the other hand it’s not such a bad thing that WG occasionally offers some variety. And at the same time their ideas are not outlandish (giant stoned snail and S(hit)T(ank)-1 walker mecha anyone?). In most cases anyway. Yes yes, i remember steel balls of Stalin event.

    1. My theory is that since friends and community are needed to invest players into a game mode, because most of this community is invested into random battles. Dividing the player base with a special game mode is the essential killer because of separate queue lines.

      But as for special game modes, they were pretty cheaply made compared to pubs, very simple, mirrored maps with few dynamics to shake things up especially with a limited tank pool to choose from. Chaffee races for instance, fantastic mode, might have worked long term if all tanks were allowed to death race like in assault or encounter. More balancing problems but that’s the easiest solution to stopping things from getting stale.

      This new game mode can work, but it needs to be implemented like Assault and Encounter even if a few players dislike it so much to leave the game, the value of the new players it might bring in have to outweigh the losses. The way I like to think about it is that assault and encounter would have failed if they had been implemented as “special” modes as well.

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        But you also have to remember that “Rampage” was brought in with a patch 9,10 (i think) as a supposedly permanent thing. Thanks to a combination of dumb decisions, that led to unprecedented match rigging, the mode was axed with the next patch, reward tank nerfed and a host of players banned. The mode itself was meh. Not interesting enough to keep me hooked for long. In the end it’s only merit was the reward tank. And since i was not even remotely skilled enough to get one fair and square i had absolutely no incentive to play Rampage.

  8. Partybooper says:

    On a sidenote:
    Is it just me, or does the minimap looks freakin’ huge? Looks like a 1.500 x 1.500 m map (at least) to me…

  9. None of your business :P says:

    Did anyone else see the article that went up for a few minutes on EU about the new game mode: Frontline? 30v30 or something like that.

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