New Grand Battles Map

Some new screenshots of a new Grand Battles Map. With a Soviet setting the new map will have some recycled bits of other maps. Some potential changes include a new layout for the city, as some found it to be a bit confusing, and some more cover added to the base spawn areas:


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New Grand Battles Map

13 thoughts on “New Grand Battles Map

  1. 1) even with premium account and all other bells and whistles, including over 25 tier 10s, grand battles and tier 10 battles are too expensive to play with out grinding 10x tier 8 premium tank battles per tier 10 battle.

    2) after 800 games IN tier 10 since grand battles introduction, I’ve “randomly” been matched into the BIG THREE (3) grand battles, all on the same map. That’s a boatload of tier 8 premium grinding the credits to play those games (see 1).

    3) with the fairplay policy revealing that 1/10 or 10% of players on my server are cheating (over 3 fair play sweeps) then at least six (6) players PER GRAND BATTLE are using banned mods for unfair advantages in game.

      1. whitesample says:

        On any tier 10 game where you win, you dont get any credits.
        If you “ARE FORCED TO USE PREM AMMO” because thats what this game is about, then you lose from 10k to 30k even on a victory.

        Considering that the most money you can gain on a tier 8 premium is around 50k and 80k with a premium account (which I dont recommend anyway because WG is bullshit and dont deserve any money), then for every sucessfull tier 8 prem game you can play 2 tier 10 games.

        And the worse thing is… that TIER 10 IS BAAAAAD.
        Like, everyone fires HEAT, maps are too small, and russian bias.

        So, nobody plays tier 10 a lot.

      2. Partybooper says:


        I don’t know if we are playing the same game or if you are doing something extraordinarily wrong.

        With a premium account, I can play tier 10 EXCLUSIVELY and even make a small profit doing so. How am I doing that?

        – Don’t use those useless gold shells when you have 240mm+ of penetration
        – Make over 2k average damage at least (we are talking average here!)
        – Don’t shoot those (mostly) useless gold shells except if you have to
        – Play to win, no red line camping or yolo action
        – Consider not using gold shells on scouts and any other tank
        – Don’t use food, it’s not worth it considering its price. Just play better
        – Seriously, do not spam gold, it’s not necessary in a tier 10 tank!
        – ?
        – Profit!

        Are you shooting premium shells exclusively? That’s the only way I can lose 30k… Spamming gold shells and still losing the match…

      3. whitesample says:

        @Partybooper remove your premium account and tell me how you do then, kiddo.
        I mean, you may be SPECIAL, but not everyone have money or are willing to pay money to an special enterprise like wargaming.

        You said it yourself!

  2. WG think there clever and know what works

    50% of the time WG are clueless know nothing except what there CC’s tell them some say it as it is some just take the WG money ~ whatever WG does not do anything unless its good for €€€

    Grande Battles is a case in point >>
    ~ its Tier 10 only so duh!
    ~ Tier 10 economy is terrible watch your Credits melt away fast (even winning
    ~ there are not nearly enough Maps should be at least 12 (that way the Map server gives you 4 different a day ~ another WG meme
    ~ WG are shit at designing Maps the one here is a big wide open killing ground (arty heaven) a few low hills (corridors) small town (brawling), jeez a bigger clone of what we already have

    ~ Frontline a Tier 8 mode with same size Maps (WITHOUT stupid over powered Tier 10’s
    in my clan few play Tier 10 regular if at all, nearly ALL play tier 8 (even with the shit WG €€€ 3-5-7 MM

  3. Nameless says:

    Frontline was still the best. Good combination of both a decent map AND tier 8 only matches. And you could also grind credits with your non-premium tanks which is a huuuuuuge plus.
    But nah, why keep such a good gamemode in the game? Let’s remove it!

    1. I have a name says:

      Well WG did say before it was released that Frontline wasn’t going to be a permanent game mode… “Only on special occasions” or something like that, if I’m not mistaking?

  4. whitesample says:

    The only endgame content I could like to see implemented would be dailies and weeklies.
    Like, do amount of dmg on tier 10 german TD get 20 gold.
    Block x fmg on american heavies get 30 gold.
    And such.
    That way you encourage players to play different tier 10, therefore encouraging vehicle buying and would give some people gold to buy camos and other stuff.

    That way the credits you spent on tier 10 are rewarded by “some gold”.
    And more people playing tier 10s to get gold would mean more people playing Grand Battles!
    You would have to disable the “disable grandbattles option” tho…


    Think about it WG.
    Currently nobody plays your endcontent lmao

  5. RussiansREUs/\//\/663RZ says:

    The fucking point of this shit? I play t10 tanks and get 15v15 t10s 99% of the time. Stupid RU morons.

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