New head of balancing


there’s a small update, Murazor became now the head of balancing in World of Tanks after “The Frodo of Minsk”, Veider was kicked from the team.

That’s him:


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New head of balancing

73 thoughts on “New head of balancing

  1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Who fucking cares?
    More power creep for new branches, then more nerfs for them, when next new branch incomes, to suck more $$$ from players. Doesn’t matter who is the head of that circus.

      1. WG Sucks says:

        He’s right actually. You can keep sticking your head in the sand or be a fanboy, but WG has never listened to it’s player or done anything to balance the game for the last two years. They’ve only increased milking their paying customers and letting the game slide. The NA servers are as good as dead and EU will follow shortly.

      2. I don’t care what WG does. I care what he does, and you. If the game is bad, and the company is bad, leave. Stop poisoning this community. Go and find a game community where you can contribute in a positive way.

      3. That’s a rather lame response. He tells to stop your negative contribution (if it can be called that) and someone automatically is a fanboy? And I agree with him, if you really believe things are that bad, why are you even still here? Why do you even bother responding to this?

      4. jakub_czyli_ja says:

        So feedback has to be positive or not at all? Childish approach.

        When I stopped enjoying playing WoT, I stopped playing. But since I’m kind of interested in dysfunctional groups, a game built on frustration is a really neat object to study.
        And fanboys are really funny with such childish approach, a cherry on top.

      5. I see no conflict of interest, since you’re “kind of interested” in dysfunctionallity and since your a leading provider of such, you really don’t need all those bothersome fanboys. You can just play at being dysfunctional by yourself, alone, somewhere else”.

        I would point out that there’s a difference between criticism and poisonous whining but clearly you’re way more “kind of interested” in your little dysfunctional charade.

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      If I was the balance and head of it.. Id make sure heavies have the value of armor so gold ammo would only effect non angling tanks. And sides of tanks while nenerfing med tanks armor making scouts the best view range and can see beyond the 455 limit up to 550 view range. So med tanks can’t powercreep lights… While TDs have low mobility but can’t be spotted very easily and moving the chassis would be like artillery aim time. Depends on the caliber. While get bonus exp for being snipers. Artillery, accurate but you don’t want to land the shell on the tank to damage them. You will have depending on tier a blast ratios like.. Tier 2 has a 3.20 splash, tier 3 3.90, tier 5, 4.80, tier 6 has a 5.30, tier 7 has a 6.95, tier 8 has a 8.90, tier 9 as a 10.75, and tier 10s, will have a splash of 16-13 meters, damage: landing direct shots reduces damage by a % of 68% landing the shells under the tank will do full damage, penarating shells wiill do 20% reduced damage, so you WANT to splash targets, sprawl liners depending on size will reduce the damage further. Small will have a 4% damage reduction to Artillery shells med will reduce damage by 8% large will reduce it by 12% and super heavy will reduce it by 20%, and every time artillery fires its lit up like being spotted but wont appear on the minimap at all but will render for 3 seconds if the arty wont relocate at least 10 meters every shell he fires will make the timer stack. So 2nd shot will reveal him for 6 seconds then 9 seconds then 12 then 16. Let me know about this, Then as for gold ammo if facing a heavy tank only heavies frontal armor only, reduces damage and pen by 25% so your forced to flank a heavy tank instead. This is only for shells that have the gold lining icon or gold or 5000+ creds per shell… Great counter id say.. Still working on it.. And every other tank gets a 5% damage and pen reduction so again armor is made valuable so you will see E100s use HE and high caliber guns use HE instead of gold 🙂 and aim for weak spots instead.

      1. lo a pig pen Arty player sounds like, Arty much?
        Arty is killing WOT and guys like this just don’t understand why, maybe there so a excellent player of ‘Arty camp in a bush’ and ‘Laser kill any tank from far side of Map’ like a ‘guided missile from Space Bam! and your dead back in the garage 1 shotted from nowhere
        Big smile on Arty player face ~ much skill

  2. x says:

    Who is responsible for the extremely shitty 100 yrs event? That gamemode is so bad, like it was put together by a couple 14 yr old drunk kids….

  3. Captain Dorja says:

    I love the people who make completely inane commentary as if it’s going to be taken seriously. Yeah have a temper tantrum. I’m sure that kind of emotional response will convice WG to rush right over and redress all the ways in which they’ve allegedly wronged you…

    1. Rik says:

      That’s because he spends his time on important stuff!
      Hair/beard matching is not exactly a #1 priority prerequisite to do good work…

  4. From what I’ve read about him he was a Russian Youtuber who was a fierce critic of WG. They did the smartest thing you can do if you want to shut up a critic and offered him a paycheck. Comments from his colleagues seem positive and I’ve seen him described as a hard worker.

    An opinionated hard worker, I certainly expect noticeable changes.

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    That’s actually a very smart move by Wargaming. After this guy is done “balancing” things players will scream their arses off to bring old balance back. Then Serbhole will say with bright smile on his face “see, it wasn’t that bad after all”. And that’s the difference between pessimist and optimist. When pessimist thinks that things can’t get any worse, optimist remains positive: “of course it can!”.

  6. siralexice says:

    They need to fix the shit RNG which plagues with bad luck, no pens, no hit, low damage roll and fucks your game and makes you lose. I’ve had plenty of matches with unfuckingbelieaveable bounces by light tanks, arties and sides or back of tanks hit with 200+ mm of pen.

  7. Rick says:

    BTW..kick the rest of the team while they are at it plz…now we have support that cant even open their own replays after a patch.How much worse can it get?

  8. I suppose Chewbacca could be better at balancing the game than Frodo. Now Rita has to put the audio of her wonderful Chewbacca imitation as an mp3 file to play everytime we view his picture.

    Rita…you should create a 6th sense sound of you doing Chewy for everyone to download and use in v9.16….and a 6th sense icon of this dude….or of you in a Chewbacca suit.

  9. bbmoose says:

    “Balance sucks, because the guy has long blond hair and a black beard.”

    Yeah sure, that’s how it works. WG is aware of their mistakes, the upcoming patch will add a lot of good features to the game. The last couple of patches were also pretty awesome. Shit is improving, but it will never go as fast as we want it to. WG is heading in the right direction and this Murazor dude could actually drag this game onto the right track again.

    And besides, the game is not that bad. It’s still playable and enjoyable. Arty is frustrating, but if I get shit on by those pigs, it’s mostly my own fault.

    WG knows what the issues are (arty, the role of armor and light tanks, the fucking mm and maps + their rotation). Maybe Murazor will do something about the obvious OP tanks (IS-3, TVP’s, Grille 15, etc.) and power creep in general and then the game would be just fine.

  10. Rita is just a little hater here, picking on this guy every time she can, while he prolly lol’s while progre$$ing up the ranks 🙂

    In the meantine, let’s see how this change works out. After all, things can’t really get any worse.

    The balance is stale, with many questionable decisions taken during “Frodo’s watch” (IS3 buff? E5 buff? T22 introduction? Shit tanks stay shit for 2-3 years? Lot’s of fail premiums added to the game? The list could go on and on.).

    The T8 premium tank buffs afaik are Murazor’s job, as well as Scorpion G. That’s not a bad start.

    1. bbmoose says:

      Well, it maybe just me, but I don’t find the E5 to be OP. I just unlocked it, played it for 40 games with a winrate of 32%. I’ve only managed to get two or three games with more than 5k dmg. I’m not a bad player, most of my sessions are blue and sometimes purple WN8 scores, but I don’t feel that the E5 is that brutal. I try to hide the LFP as much as possible, but everyone is just spamming gold at the LFP when you can’t hide it. And every hit is ammorack damage, even from tier 8 mediums spamming gold at the lower front or at your sides. When you are in a hull down position, people start shooting HE and the gunner and drive always die. However, arty will always prevent you from staying in a comfortable hulldown position.

      That winrate over 40 games will just be bad luck, but besides that, I don’t think the E5 is as brutal as everyone says. It’s a good allrounder and comfortable to play, but not more then that. But maybe my opinion will change if I get some good mm with it. Until now I only had games which were already lost before the countdown finished, if you know what I mean.

      1. Konstantin says:

        Can you elaborate why?? Nothing’s wrong with the 112 buffs. Penetration buffs for the German and Czech 8.8 guns, adjustments of OI’s were the things he was complaining about and things WG kinda fixed in the end.

        Also what’s the point of posting this picture of him with the wig? Kinda of yellow press-style, to give the readers somthin’ to giggle at.

  11. heldermartins1 says:

    Hiring a youtuber just to shut him up…. and then, put him ahead of an important department, just to get him fired, a year after? Its business strategy and putinite style, all in one.

    Do u guys ever watched some of his reviews and critics? Strange how he goes from apeshit to mind wash,.. Just a heads up.

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