Tier VIII P.44 Pantera, IX Prototipo Standard B, and X Progetto M40 mod 65.

We have Supertest stat screen shots with English translation and overlay.

P.44 Pantera

Prototipo Standard B

Progetto M40 mod 65

Original Russian screen caps WoT Express. English overlays myself.


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16 thoughts on “NEW ITALIAN TECH TREE PART- 4

    1. jerryatrick53 says:

      The ROF and DPM values vary so much between using as single shot or full autoloader that they need to give both values as a single value is meaningless.

  1. Berto72 says:

    lol…. Progetto M40 mod 65 have about 1 min reload to deal 1500 hp of potential damage?
    Any other med deal the double in 1 min, Then can fire the next min. too.
    So DAMAGE per 2 MINUTES is:

    Progetto M40 mod 65 = 1500 hp

    “other” meds = 6000 hp

  2. Berto72 says:

    mmhhh no, it can deal 1500 suddenly, and start reload…
    so remain 1500 vs 3000 hp/min Vs normal loader

    TVP can clip 1200 HP and reload in 20
    bat can clip 1900 HP and reload in 40….

    i pref reload in 20 sec if have half drum, than the fact to have not half drum problem but 1 min reload if empty..

  3. Anonymous says:

    So the tier 10 needs more than a minute to reload an empty drum?? And 11 seconds just for the first shell?? The dpm of the tier 10 is simply pathetic, there is no reason to prefer this tank to the tvp

  4. Anonymous says:

    DPM is not constant. It is dependent of how you fire.

    If you fire one shell at each 8 sec you fire 7 shells that mean 2450 damage/min
    Then you don’t have to wait for all drum to be loaded.
    Each shell in drum has a different loading time. I don’t see in here this times.
    Perhaps is something like 8/10/12/14.

    So if you fire entire drum you have to wait for ~14 sec to fire first shell, or you wait 26 to have 2 shells to fire, or 36 for 3 shells and so on.

    Let’s consider fighting with a TVP.
    tvp empty drum in 5s and wait for 24s
    you need 12 s + 14s for one next shell to get tvp .

    with BC it is at the limit because avg drum damage capability is 1950, higher than current HP of the spaghetti 65. Maybe buff a litle hp+armour will make things more interesting.

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