New Kanonen JagPanzer 105 Camo

Another quick post showing off some new camo, this time for the Kanonen Jagdpanzer 105 (images from the RU community)

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New Kanonen JagPanzer 105 Camo

12 thoughts on “New Kanonen JagPanzer 105 Camo

    1. Was sold a couple of years age whit 90 mm cannon, less armor than e25 less speed then e25 les dpm than e25 1 tier higher than e25.
      Not impressive at all, haven’t seen one on the battlefield for ages, that tells enough.

    2. Anonymous says:

      from what i dug up in the net:
      WG will simply replace the 90mm gun on the existing KanJpz with the 105mm and add the special camo on it,
      the camo is the same for all map types (woodland, snow, desert) like the one on the Skorp G,
      so this tank will simply replace the existing KanJpz for free (fingers crossed, its WG we’re talking about here) if you have it in your garage

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope they do simply replace the existing 90MM gun with the 105, I would like to dust mine off and put it on the battlefield.

  2. StevoMS says:

    (Knowing WG they probably will) but i hope they put this thing on sale with the camo, i wasnt able to get the regular one before they took it off sale and wanted it ever since.

  3. My worst premium tank ever, i wish i gave 39e to Unicef :/
    I have it for years and maybe used it 8 times. Last time when there was a option to trade tanks in, you could not trade this one in. WG know’s that then there will be 0% left in the game :/

  4. Tyrud says:

    I actually quite enjoyed playing this tank, even in spite of its flaws. You could tell Wargaming completely forgot about this tank, however, because when its standard ammo was buffed they didn’t bother touching the HEAT, which only ended up being like 20mm more of penetration. Basically garbage/nonsense. All I want/hope is that we get this version free (would actually like to keep the original too). I’ll be very upset otherwise, to put it lightly.

  5. LewdPrincess says:

    Yes please, sadly missed the chance to collect this to my garage. Hopefully this time I won’t pass it up, just hope that there are alternate camo patterns for woodland and winter while this should be the desert pattern. 🙂

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