New Kharkov in Supertest

Good day everyone,

So a new version of the Kharkov is supertest. Among the changes are an increase in size to 850X850m and a more expansive open area:

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New Kharkov in Supertest

14 thoughts on “New Kharkov in Supertest

  1. Nope says:

    That would be a good change to this map. They should do the same to other tiny maps, which basically are good for tier 3 tanks but nothing else. Me like 🙂

  2. So a nicer more fun Kharkov?

    So WG is turning this ‘shit City Map’ into a map where its not ALL about dumb Heavy tanks, just think I mean think! you actually need to think now in Kharkov ~ not mindless brawling in a big OP Heavy tank endless an farming all easy kills, lol!

    and .. you can now defend both bases, to think a City map where all classes now can have some fun, whatever next – thinking and looking at the mini-map next? (nah never happen

    1. wolvenworks says:

      it’s kinda hard to think when every noob in the APAC region who plays hightier loads gold, just because they don’t have enough brain cells and/or balls to flank and/or rush…their lack of honor disgusts me.

  3. This looks like AIDS more shit TD and arty campfest. The only thing they had to do was add another ring of building so 3 heavies cant lock down the entire map anymore. But nope already shit map made even shittier.

  4. Mikosah says:

    If changes like these give light tanks a purpose in life, then I’m cool with it. The corridor meta can’t last forever.

  5. Anonymous says:

    balancing some of these tight city maps to allow all tank types to play is the right direction Wargaming…. well done!

  6. Thander_Tank says:

    I agree, if all maps had land types for all classes would be much better, this is now a map for heavy, and campers, it seems complete, I’m sorry if I’m wrong …

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