New M41 Bulldog Stats

Good day everyone,

As announced in the recent Sandbox iteration, the M41 and T49 are getting their current top guns back. No stats for T49 have been released yet, but we have some for the M41:

HP: 1,000
Hull Armor: 25/25/19 mm
Turret Armor: 25/25/25 mm
Hull Traverse: 56 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 50 ° / s
View Range: 400 m
Speed: + 68 / -24 km / h
Penetration: 175/210/38 mm
DMG: 150/150/185
Accuracy: 0.4
Aim Time: 2.1 s
Magazine Capacity: 10 shells
Magazine Reload: 36 sec
Reload: 2 sec

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New M41 Bulldog Stats

34 thoughts on “New M41 Bulldog Stats

  1. skivster says:

    I hope it stays that way. A little buff to the drum reload speed would be nice, but still its better than having no autoloader

    1. I think that, if anything, 210mm HEAT pen is completely unfeasible against tier X.
      Otherwise the bad gun handling is probably enough to offset the autoloader’s inherent OPness.

      I am hoping they are trying to pull people away from the annoying autoloader and to the single-shot gun.

      1. skivster says:

        It worked for the past bulldog, when it was tier 7. It seen tier 10s like 70-80% of the times, and you could do dmg non the less.

      2. And here we go, the first one crying that a SCOUT tank damage heavy tanks frontally. Oh if there would be only a way for SCOUT tanks to earn exp if they can’t pen tier heavy tanks frontally.

        Oh yeah i got it, either they spot, or they use their amazing mobility and try to get behind a heavy tank. I’ve heared rumors that heavy tanks have weak armor on the side and rear

      3. Don’t patronize me, please, I love playing my lights as much as anyone else in the game and am fully aware of their strenghts and weaknesses. For all I care, you can keep your Bulldog with tier 7 stats and do whatever you want.

        My point is that current tier 8 lights have 250mm HEAT pen, not 210. First, it’s HEAT, which makes it very unreliable against spaced and sloped armor. Penetrating many heavies’ turret sides is next to impossible with 210mm HEAT pen unless you are looking at them straight on.

      4. skivster says:

        Heck yes Mizu, I often detrack, then gtfo from the fighting area, to flank, cause chaos and give the opportunity for our heavy pen tanks to rip and tear RIP AND TEAR. The pen is good, the dmg is also good. I would just like tot have a teeny tiny buff to the drum reload speed

      5. Rex says:

        >this gun won’t work at tier 8
        You know these tanks are just being moved a tier up so they can add tier 10 lights and its going to have the same 8-10 mm?
        I play both the ru251 and 1390 with only regular ammo but then again, I learned on the old chaffee.

    2. Vegalyp says:

      I average 1.5k spotting and 1.5k actual damage in my Bulldog currently. I don’t run any premium ammo. I do just fine in Tier X games, the Bulldog doesn’t need any extra pen against tier X’s. You just need to need to learn to adapt the Bulldog in a Tier X game.

      1. And you need to fight Maus because?

        If you are left with 1 vs 1 against Maus and you have no other choices you’re fucked either way, just like it should be.

  2. The_Right_Arm says:

    Maybe they’ll change the exorbitantly high HEAT round cost for the Bulldog. I get that they don’t want people HEAT spamming 10 round clips at people, but still, 5600 credits per shot for only 150 dmg is stupidly high. I don’t fire gold in my bulldog very often if at all, but if I’m forced to dip into the HEAT clip I carry in the tank, I always feel punished for doing so after the battle when I lose a ridiculous amount of credits thanks to it being a tier 7 light with premium shells that cost more than the premium rounds on many tier 10 tanks. Just feels wrong to me.

  3. StevoMS says:

    Apart from a full clip reload, why would you play the amx 13 75 over a bulldog with its autoloader? Its got worse pen, clip capacity, damage per shot, shell velocity, worse speed and wrs p/w ratio, the bulldog also has better gun depression so can someone remind me (apart from the full clip reload speed) why you should play an amx 13 75 over its american counterpart?

  4. Mikosah says:

    Consider that in the sandbox, the Bulldog can stack the autoloader and a rammer to bring the reload time lower than 30 seconds for the whole drum. That’s insanity! Yes, the single-shot has 170 alpha now, that’s nice and all, but that 10-shell drum is still game breaking.

    I think the answer is to let the Bulldog keep both guns, forbid it from running a rammer, make the autoloader have a more conventional 6-shot drum, but make the reload time for that drum appropriate. Maybe buff the reload time of the single-shot a little.

    1. Bulldog in the live server can’t run a rammer, is this something new to the sandbox? The 10 shot autoloader is a strength and achilles heel. Personally I prefer the single shot gun in pubs because it is more reliable but the boost to the single shot’s alpha should make it clearer that there is a choice between the two guns. To give a clearer idea of what it looks like now, kind of like driving a slightly less mobile, less armored LTTB but with 10 degrees of gun depression.

      Can’t give the bulldog a 6 shot revolver clip otherwise you make the T71 obsolete. The drum reload at the moment keeps the DPM on par with the AMX 50 100, T69, and Emil, so it’s pretty appropriate.

  5. PKW says:

    I still don’t get it. I am completely OK with T49’s 152mm gun because that’s what the tank is about in the real life. But historically where on the earth this auto-loading cattle feces even came from? It was not measured even in Hunnicutt’s. Did WG discovered them together with the original blueprints of T28 prototype, Conqueror GC, anything start from O-Ni and the good old E-50M?

  6. Antiless says:

    Tbh I’ve been playing M41 without the autoloader for some time and it is really good. Amazing gun handling, accuracy and gun depression make up for the burst damage, and you’re not out of the fight for 30 seconds or so.

  7. HARK0NEN says:

    I am still wondering, what will happen to T71 tier7 US light tank? Will it stay at tier7? If no, what will replace it? cause that tech line is quite strange already (t7 is LT, t8 is MT, t9 is MT and t10 is HT, because WG logic)

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