New Map “Airline” In Supertesting

Fly through video and minimap. Enjoy.


Source WoT Express.

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New Map “Airline” In Supertesting

23 thoughts on “New Map “Airline” In Supertesting

  1. Lion says:

    Another corridor map… impassable lake with cliff edges all through the center… no bridges… and a nasty unreachable hidden corridor along the complete south and west sides that goes cap to cap… with entrances only on the ends and only one place to access it in the middle.

    I dislike it already.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shocker WG put out a map with a huge dead zone in the middle and corridors on either side. The map development team have the creativity of a sack of potatoes.

  3. Torgar says:

    The 2 current maps in supertest are honestly pretty crap looking. Im all for new maps but would rather see some removed ones come back fixed up. Northwest, Pearl River, and Hidden Valley were 3 absolutely great maps. Northwest and Pearl River were the better 2 with lots of playable area. They were always fun to play on.

  4. Macbeth says:

    Unusable area? You can spot through it, you can shoot over it, you can drown enemy tanks in it. I like this map. It’s different. If you want full open map, you have fiery silent, malinovka, prokhorovka, sand river… . Why do you guys always complain?

    1. heinz says:

      Nice “…” You have there but there are no more open maps. Out of like 40 maps there are 4 open maps and one is a renamed copy

      1. Macbeth says:

        El halluf, murovanka, highway, steppes, westfield, redshire…there are plenty of open maps. Yet if you look at vbaddict heatmap you’ll see that nobody really likes open field. Everybody is hiding behind buildings, rocks etc. I think that existing maps are good. Maybe they do need a bit rebalance in terms of advantage of one of the starting points. But “corridor” maps have to be part of the game.
        This game has it’s flaws, but maps are definitely not one of them.
        Premium ammunition is more serious issue I think. No point in driving slow well armored vehicles.

      2. heinz says:

        Ok Murovanca is an open map but El halluf, highway, steppes, westfield and redshire are fairly open maps consisting of corridors and instant death zones only and that is the problem. Of course everybody is hiding behind cover on these maps because of the premiums ammo spam which is a problem as well. What we need are asymmetrical maps with loads of corridors and without instant death zones. That’s what i mean when i say “open map”. A map where the team does not rush the same position in every battle and then camp/corner fight there.

  5. Robopon says:

    Only one corridor for heavies with a lot of arty cover but also with possibilities to flank. A lot of open ground for campers to farm stupid enemies and for lights and arty to farm stupid campers. What’s bad about this map, again?

    1. Lightball20 says:

      They said they wouldn’t release any new maps. They still need to start the base supertesting of them to check balance to make sure neither side gets some super advantage over the other before they put in the effort of making proper graphics for it and all the little stuff.

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