New map for the Grand Battles

We have no name as yet for this map but as you can see it’s very early in it’s development. First a fly through video and then the mini map.

Grand Battle mmap

Source WoT News and WoTLeaks.

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New map for the Grand Battles

28 thoughts on “New map for the Grand Battles

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have yet to get on the current map. So far not a single grand battle has popped up. I have it turned on and am playing tier 10’s, but I have yet to get it for like 100 battles.

  2. heinz says:

    It feels like in the last 2 years they design the maps so arty can reach hardly any places: Pilsen, Paris, Charkow, Berlin and now this. Please give us another wide open map! There are only 2 right now! Not enough I say. Not enough.

      1. heinz says:

        I hate people who do comparisons like that but you have to admit that not only arty but all lights and mediums and some TDs love wide open maps. They are more fun than corner fights on Himmelsdorf

  3. General Soren says:

    The palm forest looks pretty cool also tjogh there are two tunnels not one and one wide open passage which though it is a major choke point i feel a little wierd about this map i mean tunnels are very huge choke points i do like it though it would be an interesting add (as it will be the first map to feature a tunnel you can go through) and it would be a really cool place to play in (but i still want them to add grand battle mode available tier 6 and above).

  4. Never mind says:

    Who in their right mind would willingly go into the bowl of death? There is NO WAY IN HELL this map is balanced. WG please back away from the crack pipe.

  5. mirotordaji says:

    I hope that large blue square is a castle….seriously……only way this map will be balanced is if there is a castle on it

  6. Anonymous says:

    You can see the notes to the map maker – Corridors , here, here, here and here.
    What about everything else boss? Everything else , there is Nothing else – Corridors that’s the future. Are you telling me you play something other than Heavies!?

  7. WhiteBaron777 says:

    I like the theme, prolly too early to say how it’ll play out, other than the walled in temple complex being important due to being arty safe

  8. fireli says:

    Hello, can someone tell me if i have T54E1 researcht after patch 0.9.21 will it remain researched (able to buy) or i have to play t71-t69-t54E1 to research again so i can buy it? ty

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