NEW! Map of Minsk (WoT) – First Look.

This is a freecam look at the new Minsk map. The author comments that it is very difficult to balance the two flanks due to the asymmetrical river course through the map.Unfortunately the commentary is in Russian but the visuals are very good. Our thanks to Vspishka for uploading the video. Enjoy.

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NEW! Map of Minsk (WoT) – First Look.

20 thoughts on “NEW! Map of Minsk (WoT) – First Look.

  1. Will there be an option in the Settings to turn of this City Map? and the ‘improved HD Kharkov’ and the new Berlin HD map ~ WG trying hard to reduce the player numbers again with more shit corridor brawling small Maps >> WG never learn always fated to always fail over and Over with obsessive brawling shit for Heavy Tanks

    1. Have you seen at least the minimap ?!? Actually only 1/3 is city map. The rest of the map is open. WTF … just shit on everything for the sake of shitting ?!?

      1. MaelstormShellShock says:

        Don’t know about you, but to me, they seem like just killzones for camping tds. You’ll prob be forced to go to the corridor places… What do you think?

      2. NA WoT player w/32k battles & 59% WIN average says:

        Damir, you need to take another look at the mini map. Yes, it has open areas, but those areas will not really be apart of the main push on this map, since both cap circles are NOT in the middle, but far right on both sides which connects into the City portion of the map…. So, you need to carefully look before you post.

      3. Well, Lakeville comes to my mind. Bases are located left but valley is not the main battleground. Also if you win valley, base is still defendable from capping. So game play on New map could be similar not only right side, because Bases are on the right !?

      4. Anonymous says:

        Damir, your comparison to LAKEVILLE would be correct, EXCEPT for that BIG MOUNTAIN on LAKEVILLE that separates the two different fronts. Also, LAKEVILLE’s second flank behind the mountain is nicknamed “THE VALLEY OF DEATH,” for good reason, usually does NOT swing the battle.

    2. SquishyStar says:

      I don’t know, I like how WG is trying to merge city maps and open maps together in this one, although I reckon that the cap circles could be shifted a liiiiiiiiiittle bit more to the left.
      Otherwise a large portion of the players (especially newbies) may get motivated to go right to the city instead of the left portion of the map (in my opinion).

  2. Anonymous says:

    It seems odd to me that they chose such a ‘modern’ look on the map. It will be weird to drive around in pre ww2 in the 1970 settings.

  3. SquishyStar says:

    Wow, doesn’t look bad at all! As always, nice attention to detail~
    Not sure what to say about its balance as it might be controversial for some to say the least, though I like the fact that there are opportunities for lights to spot heavies from the center, hence not making it another fully open / 100% city map. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    bet they were badly fighting about whether to spell it Minsk, Miнск or Минск. as always, soviets won

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone but me counting the number of consecutive CITY MAPS being released/re-released into WoTs PC? 4-5 CITY MAPS vs 0 OPEN MAPS…. what the? FYI to WoTs: Tank battles in WWII did NOT all take place in cities….. Just a historical note for you map developers. And if you cared, (not sure you WoT developers do), players, (thats us, the PAYING CUSTOMER) like NEW MAPS, but NOT an unbalanced number of CITY MAPS that favor top tier heavily armored tanks, and no one else. Thank you….

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Currently in the game:
      4/5 city maps (depends if you count Siegfried line, since half of the map is unusable because glorious map design, comrade)
      12 open maps.
      Fuckload of mixed maps.

      Removed lately city maps: Kharkov, Pilsen, Stalingrad

      Cry me a river. Or learn to flank. Or cry while flanking.

  6. NobodyCaresAnyway says:

    And of course, this Soviet Map is perfectly intact and untouched by WW2. Meanwhile i can safely say that the Berlin Map will look like the Surface of the Moon. Propaganda once again.
    (Regarding Propaganda: Did you notice that every shown Photo of Soviet Tanks in the “Remembering Kursk” Mission-Marathon is intact, while every single German Tank is destroyed?)

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