New Maps: The Ridge and Secret Place B


2 new maps just got leaked over SuperTest:

The Ridge

-Very much naked, still lacks textures. Whether it will make into live server it all depends on how the tests will go.


Secret Place B

-Do not mistake with “Secret Place” map that I recently posted. And just like “The Ridge” is very much lacking textures as well.


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New Maps: The Ridge and Secret Place B

18 thoughts on “New Maps: The Ridge and Secret Place B

  1. SlayerBR says:

    Secret Place B looks much better than the Secret place map, and the ridge looks nice too, but its a bit of a corridor map and we got really alot of corridor maps already

    1. SlayerBR says:

      anyway, can’t wait to these new maps to hit live server, cause the current map rotation is pretty boring

    1. Agree about looking artificial. There is already to much of that, especially with loads of hillsides having strange banks along their edges to stop you shooting off them. If you are going to have artificial features make them obviously ‘man made’ rather than dressing them up as ‘natural’. And make the man made bits credible – for example WHY are all those random trucks on the viaduct, blocking the ‘Main Line’, but nowhere else?. Plus what do those ‘zig-zag’ roads, built with a lot of effort, achieve? It just feels wrong otherwise.

      eg. A Germanic Schloss type mansion in the middle of that lake rather than the rock, with obvious artificial ‘picturesque’ landscaping, with a dam and some sort of boat access? Maybe replace one or more of those rock arches with a man made ‘ornamental’ bridge to make a nice circular walk for the local landowner?

  2. Anonymous says:

    ok, i can see camper nest at each base in The Ridge, combine with large and flat ground, look really hard for HT to push to base if something with big gun hidden behind that bushses

  3. Secret Place B looks pretty dope. Although the one side gets a mountain to hide on. Ridge however, I feel like it won’t be the greatest. They obviously will make changes. But it looks like the heavies will not be able to leave the city. Cool stuff Rita

  4. The ridge looks impossible for light tanks. There’s nowhere to get good spots, there’s nowhere you can go for sneaky flanks that wont be flooded with bigger tanks, and there aren’t even any good sniping bushes for those times when you’ve got nothing to do but wait for something to happen somewhere.

    Secret Place looks amazing tho

  5. Anonymous says:

    The ridge looks way too LOL for me. Too much open flat terrain. A stupid fountain (with four even less usefull bridges) and another idiot lake in middle of the maps usefull what for? I do not undertand those things really. After so many years they still have those bright ideas about maps? I think they hired some 5 years old kids in that department.

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